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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Breaking Cruise News: Sun Princess® Inaugural Sailing Faces Unforeseen Cancellation. Will more sailings be affected?

We bring you breaking news from the world of luxury cruising, and it's not the kind of update we were hoping to share. Brace yourself for the latest on the Sun Princess® sailing, originally set to embark on its inaugural journey on February 8. It is very likely additional sailings will be affected too. 

Behind the Scenes Drama: What's Happening with Sun Princess®?

Rumors are swirling in the cruise community, and it seems there's more to the story than meets the eye. Reports from a concerned insider on social media have shed light on unexpected challenges the Sun Princess® is currently facing. It appears the ship may not be ready for prime time for the next three months. Some sources even claim that Princess employees are still off the ship, residing in hotels instead of their designated cabins.

See the full notice here: 

Intriguingly, some have shared concerns about the ship's readiness. Restaurants remain incomplete, air conditioning systems are not yet operational, and crew and passenger cabins are still a work in progress. It was suggested that the ship may not be ready for months and that PRINCESS CRUISE LINES HAS KNOWN THIS FOR AWHILE.

Personal Impact: How Does This Affect You?

Now, why should you care about these behind-the-scenes happenings? Well, if you're one of the excited future passengers booked for the February 8 sailing, you're directly affected. It's with regret that we report the cancellation of this much-anticipated cruise. But we strongly encourage you to keep a watch out for cancellation if you are on any sailing later in February and even into March.

As future passengers ourselves, we understand the frustration and disappointment this unexpected turn of events brings. The anticipation surrounding this inaugural journey was palpable, and now, we find ourselves at the mercy of decisions beyond our control and cancelling reservations surrounding the ports of call on this cruise.

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Refunds, Future Cruise Credits, and Travel Plan Adjustments

In response to this unforeseen situation, Princess Cruises is committed to making things right for its valued passengers. Full refunds, including cruise fare and pre-purchased onboard services, are on the horizon. Additionally, a 50% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) will be extended for a future Princess® voyage and has already been added to our Princess Captain's Circle Account. To clarify, you will get 50% of the cost of the Sun Princess canceled cruise in your account, not 50% off a future cruise! 

Understanding that your travel plans might need a shake-up, Princess Cruises is ready to assist with up to $200 per guest to cover change fees related to your flights. Simply provide documentation of the fees here.

Fortunately for us, we booked our business class flights with points for the departure to Barcelona and with Princess EZ-Air for the return from Rome. The most expensive portion of this cruise, airfare, is easily canceled for us but may not be for those who have booked independent air plans that cannot be canceled or changed. The $200 per guest fee will only partially cover most passenger's expense incurred.

Charting a Course Forward: Your Next Adventure with Princess Cruises

To quote John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises: "Though we find ourselves in a moment of disappointment, we encourage you to look ahead. Your journey with Princess Cruises is far from over. Consider joining us on another Sun Princess® voyage, where we promise an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, relaxation, and cherished memories."

Navigating the Storm: Sun Princess® Saga Unfolds

As the Sun Princess® navigates unexpected delays, the disappointment echoes through the cruise community. Princess Cruises, recognizing the challenge, is actively working to ease the impact with full refunds, future cruise credits, and support for altering travel plans.

Our flexible approach to business class flights with points provides a silver lining, but not all passengers may share this fortune. The $200 per guest fee, while a gesture, only partially covers the expenses incurred, especially for those with non-changeable independent air plans.

Anticipating that ours won't be the only affected voyage, rumors suggest the ship may not be ready for months. We advise fellow passengers to keep an eye on emails akin to the one we received, signaling cancellations. Princess Cruises is likely implementing a rolling cancellation system, adapting to the evolving situation.

As the Sun Princess® saga continues to unfold, stay informed, stay patient, and stay hopeful for the eventual smooth sailing that awaits in the not-too-distant future.


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