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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Stay Healthy by Avoiding Bacteria and Germs at the Airport and on Airplanes

No one plans to get sick on vacation, but it can happen.  None of us want to NEED that travel insurance that we bought.

You've saved, planned and anticipated your big holiday, but don't be exposed to germs unnecessarily once you get to the airport or on the plane.  Use LTD's information to help reduce your risk of exposure to nasty germs, like the flu, MRSA, E. coli, and others.  

Recently published a study looking at the concentration of bacteria that grew from various surfaces at the airport.  It might surprise you that the greatest concentration of bacteria wasn't in the bathroom, but at the check-in kiosk.  LTD recommends that airlines begin cleaning these screens more often, and provide more hand sanitizer stations at the check-in area.

One of the typical Bacteria found at airports and on airplanes

The concentrations of bacteria were as follows in descending order with #1 being the greatest:

  1. The check-in kiosk
  2. The airline gate bench armrests
  3. The water fountain button

The check in kiosk was over 10 times greater than home levels of bacteria which are greatest at the kitchen sink faucet, and over 100 times greater than a toilet seat!

It's no surprise that bacteria concentrations are high on airplane toilet flush handles

Airplane surfaces were studied previously and here is the list greatest bacteria locations in descending order:

  1. Airplane bathroom flush handle
  2. Tray table
  3. Seatbelt buckles

Tray tables and seatbelt buckles made the list of highest bacteria counts on an airplane

The self check-in kiosk had almost 3 times as much bacteria as the airplane bathroom flush handle!

What can you do?

  1. Carry hand sanitizer!  It is not just for your protection but for everyone else's protection!
  2. Wash your hands in every bathroom, not just the airplane bathroom!
  3. Don't touch your face when traveling (wear a face mask if you can't remember).
  4. Carry disinfecting wipes for surfaces in airports, airplanes, rental cars, cruise cabins, hotels and buses.  LTD recommends this product but use them as directed!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Your Guide to Visit Ireland and Experience Unique Irish Culture and History

The Best Guide to Visiting Ireland is by LuxuryTravelDocs!

Don't go to Ireland without looking at this guide for the best things to do in Ireland.

Ashford Castle in Cong

LTD was asked by a member of our luxury travel group where to visit in Ireland.

Ireland is a complicated but rewarding country to visit.  There are some useful tips that LTD recommends reviewing before you travel to Ireland at The Culture Trip.  The most COMPLETE review of Ireland's sites with 100 recommendations and a very easy index to use is found at Jen Reviews.  LTD's review below is filled with many personal recommendations including photos of what personal experiences to find, hotels and photo opportunities.

But what to see?  It depends on where you are, but LTD has personally visited many sites in Ireland and based on personal experience we break it down into different interests:

1.  Do you like art?  

In Dublin LTD recommends viewing the Lost Painting at National Gallery of Ireland.  The Book of Kells at the Dublin Trinity College is a beautiful example of illustrated medieval gospels.

The Book of Kells in Dublin

The Lost Painting is a great story and you can view Caravaggio's masterpiece at the National Gallery for FREE!

2.  Do you like beer or whiskey?  

Drinking is a national pastime of Ireland and LTD recommends indulging safely, but tasting the favorite drinks of Ireland.  Guinness tastes completely different in Ireland than the USA.  Guinness is available everywhere, but a visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a must.

Guinness tasting

Next, a member of the Luxury Travel Group recommends a visit to the Jameson distillery for whiskey tasting.

3.  If you like Bars 

Pat Hurley of Fort Lauderdale, FL recommends Durty Nelly's in Bunratty established in the 17th Century.  Every village, town and city has an old bar that will be worth visiting and most will have authentic Irish music.  Don't miss the chance to listen to some local music!  LTD recommends the Prince of Wales Bar or the Drawing room at Ashford Castle in Cong.

The Drawing Room at Ashford Castle

The history of this bar, the beautiful castle and the views from the Drawing Room are beautiful.

4.  Castles!  

Of course kissing the Blarney Stone near Cork is cheeky but fun.  The castle grounds are magnificent and peaceful.

Kiss the stone but you may catch a cold!

Blarney Castle

Ashford Castle in Cong is a great place to stay or visit, and nearby Cong Village is quaint and full of history.  If you are a John Wayne fan, this town is a must-visit location.  If you schedule a dinner, entrance to the castle is included.  If you stay, don't miss the Irish Wolfhounds or the Falconry school!

Irish Wolfhounds in Ashford Castle

My Falcon at Ireland's School of Falconry, Ashford Castle

Dublin Castle is full of history and convenient to visit.

Dublin Castle has evidence of its witness to many centuries

 When you visit Durty Nelly's in the Shannon area, visit Bunratty Castle nearby.  Kyelmore Abbey is a peaceful and beautiful location in Connemara.  This is different than most castles in is a great site to visit, tour the gardens, hike and have lunch.

Kylemore Abbey is unique and worth a visit

Castles are everywhere, so once you decide where you will be look for the area castles.  The Travel Channel has a good review of the top Irish castles.

Dunluce Castle near Giant's Causeway

5.  Vistas!  

The views are abundant on coasts or Lakes.  Two coastal sites LTD recommends are the Cliffs of Moher in the Burren region near Shannon and Giant's Causeway near Belfast.  The Ultimate Vistas have been seen on the Television Series of Game of Thrones!  Take a Game of Thrones tour with -- you won't regret it! 

Cliffs of Moher

View from the Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway

The Burren National Park is a great place for hiking or cycling and at times makes you feel like you are on the moon.

The Burren

Neolithic Tomb in the Burren

Connemara National Park is another great location for outdoor views and activities such as cycling or hiking.  Learn and view the bogs and peat here.  Heather fields are abundant.

Heather Field in Connemara Park

Take a ferry to the Aran Islands from nearby the Cliffs of Moher.  These Islands are full of welcoming locals, and quaint inns.   This location is a great example of the history of fishing in Ireland.

Fishing Shack Aran Islands

Farm Animals are abundant in the Aran Islands

Just explore, get out into the countryside and ask questions, because the Irish are very welcoming and love to meet travelers!  LTD has rarely felt so welcome in any other country!

The locals are friendly!  He gave me his pipe.

LTD was asked to send some hotel recommendations:

1.  The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis is very charming and well situated near the town.  Ennis is great for shopping
2.  Sheedy's hotel in Lisdoonvarna has a great chef and has pubs with great music nearby and is well situated to tour the Burren
3.  The Schoolhouse Hotel in Dublin is a 10 minute walk to our recommended sites
4.  The Park House Hotel in Galway is well situated with great music across the street
5.  The Kilmurvey house on the Aran Islands is an charming old 18th century home, and is well situated to view the water and Dun Aengus, a famous Druid site.
6.  Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel is on the shores of Connemara’s sparkling Lough Inagh, and this elegant lodge boasts spectacular views.

Useful Travel Gadget for Ireland:

Electrical outlets are sparse in these old hotels.  LTD recommends the Unidapt Charger with international adapters included to charge your electronics while abroad. Click the photo below to learn more:

Imagine has some great cottages to rent for your base of operations when traveling around Ireland also.  Click Here for more information! 

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why you should visit the Best Luxury Bars in London, Reykjavik, New York and Around the World

The Ideal Bar or lounge may not be a bar near you but one of the Best Bars in the World.

Visiting the best luxury bars around the world can be a very rewarding experience and some websites only suggest lounge options for the best bar drinks.  Maybe you don't think the "bar scene" is for you, but there are MANY reasons that cool luxury bars may be interesting to you:

1.  Experience cocktails that are part of a city's history

At Duke's Hotel in London, Ian Fleming was served a new cocktail called the Vesper Martini in the 1950's.  When Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels,  this famous cocktail made it to his stories. "Shaken, not Stirred..."

2.  Enjoy Craft Spirits from the Region or Country you are Visiting

Recently when LTD was at Ashford Castle in Cobb, Ireland, we tasted a craft gin, Bertha's revenge.  BERTHA’S REVENGE SMALL BATCH IRISH MILK GIN
The gin as well as the story about Bertha the cow was intriguing:  "Bertha, or ‘Big Bertha’ as she was known, was a legendary Droimeann cow from Sneem in Co. Kerry. She was reared locally, and was bought as a calf by a farmer called Jerome O’Leary.
When she died on New Year’s Eve 1993, just 3 months shy of her 49th birthday, she had become something of a local celebrity. Over the course of her long life she had given birth to 39 calves, and this achievement, together with her tremendous age, had earned her an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. This fame was harnessed productively by Mr. O’Leary; Bertha became a regular at local fairs, and lead the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Sneem where she was engaged in raising money for local cancer relief charities." (courtesy of BALLYVOLANE HOUSE SPIRITS COMPANY)

Bertha's Revenge Small Batch Irish Milk Gin

3.  Unique Architecture

One of the best classic bars in New York City is The Campbell Apartment, 5 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York The Campbell Apartment is located inside another city icon—Grand Central Terminal. It was home to the offices of American financier John W. Campbell, who died in 1957.  Following his death this space was a storage closet for transit police and even a small jail! In 1999 the grand space was restored to its former glory, and now houses a chic cocktail bar.  What better place to see beautiful architecture than Grand Central Terminal and all of its history and top it off with a visit to a beautiful cocktail lounge!

Ex Tip: Enjoy the design up close by bringing a great set of binoculars!

the campbell apartment
Go to Grand Central Terminal to enjoy The Campbell Apartment

4.  History of the Location

Yvonne's in Boston is great place to visit to relive the era of the speakeasy with impeccable decor and service.  Locke-Ober was the third longest running restaurant in Boston until it finally closed in 2012.  The Greek Revival building was constructed in 1832. By 1862, the Boston City Directory listed Adrien Destre as operating a restaurant at 4 Winter Place. By 1868, F.A. Blanc was listed as running the restaurant. By 1879, Boston city records listed Luis Ober as the proprietor of a restaurant at 4 Winter Place of "over twenty years' standing." From the start, the restaurant specialized in French food and had been central to the financial, political, and intellectual history of Boston.  Painstakingly renovated and reopened as a modern interpretation of the supper club, Yvonne's is a great place to visit on your next trip to Boston.  The location, the building and the concept are historical in every way.Yvonne's, 2 Winter Place, Boston

5.  Cool decor

Maybe you have a great man cave bar at home, but there is so much more to see out in the world at bars!  Take The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium.  It is a trend all over Europe to open restaurants in renovated churches, so I encourage you to consider visiting one if possible.  Usually this equates to large open spaces with beautiful ceilings, much like Le Train Bleu in Paris which was part of an old Train Station in Paris.  The Jane shows a unique mix of parochial interior with modern decor.

The Jane Restaurant and Bar in Belgium is in a renovated church.

(c) Eric Kleinberg Photography
6.  People Watching

Paradiso in Barcelona is a new speakeasy on the scene with much buzz.  Speakeasy bars are abundant now, but have you ever been to a speakeasy within a speakeasy?  You may need to wait because of the demand to enter but you won't be disappointed in the quality of the drinks and the "patrones guapos!"

El Paradiso is at Carrer de Rera Palau 4, Barcelona

7.  Meet Some Locals and Hear Some Local Music

Some people use, but that isn't most traveling person's style...But there are great ways to meet locals.  Let's take Cuba as an example...Now that Cuba is open to US Citizens for tourism, LTD would like to recommend a great place to experience local Cuban flair.  El Floradita bar oozes history and culture.  Learn how the frozen daiquiri became so important to Cuban culture.  Imagine sitting next to Ernest Hemingway, while hearing Cuban music playing in the background and sipping a frozen daiquiri or mojito.

Feel Like Ernest Hemingway sipping a daiquiri in Havana.

8.  Nostalgia

Nostalgia is incredibly powerful and good for the psyche! Pat Hurley, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida says that two of his favorite bars are the Molokai Bar at the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale and Durty Nelly's outside Bunratty Castle in Ireland.  Pat describes bars like these as "visually remarkable" and having "the ability to sweep you away to another place and time."

9. Oh my...the View!

After the Reykjavik bar crawl, less than an hour from Reykjavik, Iceland, does it get any better than sipping on a cocktail and viewing the Northern Lights?  The Northern Lights Bar

Where are good places to research bars online before you go?

LTD recommends researching before you go to a particular destination to know location, attire, busy hours, if food is served among other things.  There are so many bars in larger cities, it can be very confusing.

1.  The Worlds 50 Best Bars is one of the most quoted websites.  However, this is a list generated by the international drinks industry.  Voting is a process involving cocktail aficionados, bartenders and drink writers. This will not be a list breaking down what you may desire except for consistently good cocktails in great spaces with great service.

2.  Esquire will publish its list of the Best Bars in America every year and obviously this is a great list for domestic travel.

3. Thrillist is a good website for particular locations in the USA and you may find more than just bar lists.  LTD feels this website is too busy to find what you are looking for and doesn't always cater to luxury.  However, it does include domestic and international cities.

4.  Yelp has a "nightlife" search option.

Finally, always remember that a nice glass of wine in your short term rental is relaxing as well.  See LTD entry on booking a short term rental for your luxury travel.

The Power of Costume at Museum Fine Arts St Petersburg, Florida

Star Wars and Lucasfilm does it again with The Power of Costume at the Museum of Fine Arts St Petersburg Florida

Travel and visiting museums can be fun for the young and young at heart!

The Power of Costume at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg Florida is a classic example of a museum visit that will delight everyone in your family.  There are great examples of the costumes used in all of the Star Wars movies.  It opens with contrasting costumes of Obi-Wan Kenobi for Alec Guinness and Queen Amidala played by Natalie Portman.
Information about the reasons for using those designs and insight into the construction of the costumes is intriguing. 
Queen Amidala elaborate costume

Princess Leia infamous bikini

Other highlights of the exhibit include the evolution of the stormtrooper costumes over the years, the design of Han Solo's costume with, Chewbacca.  It is interesting how skinny Chewbacca actually is!  
Stormtrooper costume evolution since 1977

Chewbacca is skinny!

Videos are interspersed throughout the exhibit, with LTD's favorite:  C3PO.  There is a great description on the audioguide of the clumsiness of the C3PO costume with video demonstrating the difficulties for the actor, Anthony Daniels, who has played C3PO in every Star Wars movie. 

C3PO was a very cumbersome costume for the actor.

Great sketches are displayed on the walls, showing the inspiration for many costumes, and the process used to determine the final product.  The exhibit ends with a YODA puppet, which was so detailed, that you expect it to start speaking to you.  

Yoda seemed so real.

Every Star Wars movie is represented and all of your favorite characters' costumes will be there, so you won't be disappointed.  The only disappointing thing about this exhibit is the cost:  At $25 per ticket (which included audioguide), it can be too costly for some families. 

Travel Can Be Rewarding and Healthy

Fundraising for the Navy Seal Foundation leads to Healthy and Rewarding Travel

LTD reminds you that travel like the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim is both Healthy and Rewarding.  Support Fallen Soldiers and their families.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The BABY Dilemma

Haven't we all experienced this? You have settled into your seat for a long flight and here they come...little tykes! Oh aren't they cute? Or are they REALLY cute? Suddenly, you realize, "Oh no! They may sit by me!" Comedian Mike Jacobs captures this moment very well in this video!

If you love to travel, what can you do to avoid sitting by these cute tykes?

There are not many options. Online, (LTD) has seen suggestions of getting a seat where children are not likely to be, such as avoiding the bulkhead where travelers with children like to be because a carrier can be accommodated. LTD does not think this is true. Usually the carriers are checked at the gate and most travelers do not have the status to reserve these sheets. Others have suggested business or first class seats. Yes, it is rare to see a child in domestic first class, LTD has experienced children very often in international business class. You will see in a minute that for frequent travelers, flying in a business class seat with a child is preferred to minimize the stress and keep their children from crying.

LTD likes the suggestion of paying someone to change seats. If you are worried about being next to a child (maybe you need to get some work done!), bring some $20 or $50 bills to pay someone to switch seats with you. This helps with noise and the inevitable seat kicking...

LTD recommends taking the very early morning flights. It is rare to see an infant or toddler on the first flight of the morning, such as a 5 or 6 AM flight, because imagine how hard it is for a family to get to the airport at that time!!

Lastly, remember that noise cancelling headphones are great! LTD always travels with them and downloads movies or TV shows onto our electronics -- the iPad is easiest.

There are many apps that allow for downloads:
Amazon Prime Video
are just some, and we are sure there will be many to follow in the future.

When traveling with these cute tykes what can you do to reduce the stress of having a crying child?

According to Barry Bridges on Quora: "Until you've flown as a parent with young children, you can't appreciate how uncomfortable it feels. Screaming and crying are common, but sometimes you've got to take a flight."

LTD feels terrible for these parents. There are ways to help your child fly quietly:

1. Special toys. Give your children a NEW toy that they can only play with on the flight if they are quiet. Dedicate one of their FAVORITE toys for use ONLY on an airplane if they are quiet so they have something to look forward to. Susan Stevens, from Cincinnati, Ohio, traveled often with children because she was an Army wife. She recommends using "a NEW toy, lots of books.. old favorites, plus a NEW one, a special snack...let them pack their own small backpack of what they would like to bring..."

2. Preparation. When a child is old enough prepare them for what to expect and what your expectations are. Susan Stevens says, "lots of preparatory information is important. Tell them what to expect as far as airline protocol, and your expectations of behavior."

3. Business or First Class Seat. The larger seats provide more room for toys, a comfortable area to lie down to sleep and more gadgets to distract. Dr. Judy Massengill from Tracy, California, who is a frequent traveler says: "Flying in first or business always helped. When Grace was 4 we were on the tarmac for over an hour on our way to London. She spent the whole time playing with the adjustable light in her seat."

4. Entertainment. With in flight entertainment or downloadable apps and movies there are more options then ever to keep your child distracted and occupied. See the downloadable options in this post above. A simple splitter can allow more than one child to watch the same thing or you can watch something with your child!

5. Food. Use a favorite snack that takes a long time to eat. Michelle Hunt, who traveled with her four children recommends: "if it's a toddler I would bring fun snacks that take awhile to eat. And nowadays with iPads I'm sure there are cartoons or programs kids would be interested in

6. Bottle. We all have experienced what happens to our ears when we fly as adults. If it seems like children ears are more easily affected it's because they are! Their shorter, narrower and more horizontal eustachian tubes get blocked quicker and don't clear as easily as adult eustachian tubes.
And children's adenoids, gland-like structures at the back of the throat, are larger and can interfere with the opening of the eustachian tubes. Michelle Hunt says a "bottle, pacifier, Benadryl or something to keep their nose and ears open with the change in pressure," is very helpful because, "that's usually when they would start crying."

LTD would like to see airlines tackle this issue. Suggestions are to create suggested seats for those traveling with children in every cabin. This wouldn't be hard and could allow those sensitive to this to choose the appropriate seats. Airlines could have better amenities for children, such as pacifiers, bottles, snacks, toys, etc. All it would take is for the airlines to dedicate some parents and frequent flyers to solve this problem for them!

In the meantime...KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL ON!!!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Primer on Trip Insurance

We have all been there.  You buy a trip or cruise from your travel agent or directly from the company and the question arises:  "Do you want me to include trip insurance?"  Ugghhh...more money!  Trip insurance is complicated.

Do we buy trip insurance?  Yes.  Have we used it?  Yes!  We have used trip insurance for lost or delayed luggage.  We have used it for missed trip because of injury.  We have used it for a lost cell phone while overseas.  Have we met people who wished they had bought travel insurance?  YES!  There was a woman on a tour with us recently who had health issues develop 6 weeks before our very active tour, and she did not have trip insurance.  She regretted that because she took the tour anyway, injuring herself on the tour.  A friend broke her ankle and could not go on a planned trip losing the $4000 she already paid.  One of us fell recently on a tour, but fortunately did not need medical or dental care.  This could have been a bigger issue.  LTD recommends getting a travel insurance quote and shop around.  You can find better coverage for less.  But understand your travel insurance quote and policy by reading this article.

Here are the basics:

1. Make sure the insurance policy is PRIMARY.

You send your receipts directly to the insurance Company without having to prove you do not have insurance with another provider. (For example, most Medicare plans will not cover you out if the country).

2. If you have any preexisting medical issues, buy coverage within 2 weeks of your trip deposit or it will most likely not be covered.

You must be healthy enough to travel when you buy the policy. There is a 60 day look back period to your medical history.

3. At the first sign of an illness, while traveling, call the insurance company toll free 24x7 number to ask for help finding an English speaking doctor. 

Do not ask the hotel or cruise line to do this for you, since the doctor or hospital, might not be covered if that entity is not approved by the insurance company. (Much like in-network providers) Even in an emergency situation, once you are stabilized in an ER, have your loved one contact the insurance company. They are your advocate with the hospital and can set up direct payment with the hospital. The insurance companies have detailed information on their approved doctors and hospitals in each area.

See LuxuryTravelDocs post about a Mexican Hospital Horror Story

The insurance company will arrange transport to a different hospital if they feel you are not at a good hospital. Insurance companies want you at an A rated hospital.  Put the number in your cell phone and wallet.  Leave the phone number to your insurance company with a contact at home to help you also.

4.  Read the policy!

Suicide and mental disorders are generally not covered. Do not assume if you get travelers diarrhea and drink electrolytes and miss your tour that insurance will cover your missed tour.  It is not that simple. You must be seen by a doctor, and not a family member doctor.  These must be arms length transactions and must have written diagnosis.  Keep all receipts!  Just like any type of insurance for your home or car, all claims go through a claims adjuster.

5. You may need a Medjet Policy.

On a recent cruise, a fellow passenger was airlifted from our cruise ship to a California hospital.  If you need to be airlifted to your home hospital, regular trip insurance will not authorize a trip back to the US. If you have a Medjet policy, in addition to your trip cancellation/medical policy, once you are stable and able to fly, this service will bring you back on a medical jet to transport you home. The maximum age is 75. If you are older than age 75, you will need your application approved.  Annually, a family policy not very expensive and may be an option.

6.  Know what your credit card provides.

This may not be as much as you think but may be better for some things like lost luggage.

See LuxuryTravelDocs post about American Express Platinum Trip Insurance

7.  Cost.  

Trip insurance can be costly and may run an extra 10% or more than the cost of your entire trip.  Ask your agent to shop around.  Make sure you end up with a company having an excellent rating, because you do not need to be fighting for your benefits after a crisis.  Alternatively you can utilize an online agency to find a better price.  You need to contact insurance agents within 2 weeks of booking your trip (not final payment) or you may not be able to secure insurance coverage. LuxuryTravelDocs recommends:

You secure your trip but what about your things?  To secure your things when you travel LTD recommends a security travel bag when out exploring!

Make Meaningful and Healthy Travel Happen!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Security Tips for your International Luxury Travel Overseas

Vacationing abroad should be all about having fun and experiencing a new culture, but there are also safety issues to consider.

A friend's child was pickpocketed recently in Europe.  We all know persons who have been robbed overseas.  Europe is the epitome of scams and thefts, but it can occur anywhere so it is best to be prepared and use safe practices whenever traveling domestically or abroad.  Here are some tips followed by real life stories that have happened to us or our friends followed by links to easy solutions.

1. BE VIGILANT!  If it seems unusual, don't engage anyone!

- A fellow passenger on a bus, train, street, subway, or museum drops cash, change or anything. You, the, "helpful American" stoops down to pick up the item,  while someone is grabbing your things out of your bag, pocket or whatever.  Just keep going on your way or ignore them.  Sure it sounds cruel, but this is real.

- Children run up to you and play with you.  They are so cute!!! But while you are admiring them or talking with them, someone is stealing your stuff!  Just ignore them and tell them no.

- Someone rides alongside you on a bike and cuts the strap to your travel bag and off they go.

Put the things you don't care about in a lightweight backpack - drinks, food, maps, etc.


- You are on a crowded bus.  Someone reaches into your back pocket to remove your phone you stuck there because you think it is secure on your body, while you are looking at a map.

- You are at a museum and someone reaches in your back pocket to remove your wallet while you are waiting in line for a ticket

Travelon Classic Messenger Bag

You can also tether your things to something secure when on a bus or train using wires and locks.  There are a few useful items for doing this depending on what level of security you need:



- This seems intuitive, but it is surprising how many people don't lock up their things

- No safe is provided for your room or rental, so you just leave things in plain view because you don't know what else to do

- you lock things up in your suitcase, but someone takes your suitcase from your room

Use a portable travel safe and this is LTD favorite:

Portable Safe


- your checked bag gets lost, delayed or gets diverted to another airport

- your checked bag gets taken by another passenger because it looks like theirs

- the cab driver "forgets" to put one of your bags in the trunk

- it's dark and you don't see one of your bags and leave it behind

Locking Backpack


- your bag is stolen and you were carrying all of your cash and all of your credit cards.  Now you have to cancel every credit card because they were stolen and you have no cash.  Even if your spouse has credit cards, how often do they have different credit card accounts?

- you buy an item with your credit card and the clerk on her phone takes a photo of it when she turns around to run the transaction.

Each traveler should cary part of the cash and different credit cards in one of these


- you bring your wedding ring because you have a special event one evening but there is no safe in your hotel room.  It is taken from your drawer from under your socks.

Travel Wedding Ring so you can Leave your Valuables Home


8.  Use a personal alarm for solo endeavors or for every trek!

This emergency alarm can make a loud sound to draw attention to protect you from having an emergency even at distances as far as 606.9 ft. In addition, the sounds could last 50 minutes continuous ear-piercing alarm.