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Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cabin on the New Sun Princess Cruise Ship

Cruising enthusiasts and vacation seekers, mark your calendars for an exciting event! The inaugural sailing of the magnificent New Sun Princess is set for February 8, 2024. As you prepare to embark on a luxurious journey, one of the most important decisions you'll make is selecting the ideal cabin for your voyage. With a plethora of innovative cabin types, features, and exciting updates, your options are both exciting and diverse. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the various cabin types, new enhancements, and specific stateroom categories, ensuring you find the perfect retreat on board the New Sun Princess.

1. Personalized Preferences:

To begin your cabin selection process, take a moment to reflect on your travel preferences. Are you seeking an ocean-facing oasis, a cozy nook for relaxation, or a seamless connection to ship amenities? Do you have any disabilities that may require an accessible cabin or medical equipment? Understanding your desires will streamline your search for the perfect cabin. Always be sure to check if there are public spaces above or below your potential cabin if you don't want a lot of noise during your voyage! CHECK OUT OUR MINI SUITE IN THIS VIDEO: 

2. Exciting New Features for Staterooms and Suites:

The New Sun Princess introduces a host of exciting enhancements for staterooms and suites, transforming your cruise experience:

  • Sofa Inclusion: All staterooms now feature a sofa, enhancing your comfort and providing additional relaxation space.
  • Modern Bathrooms: Enjoy upgraded bathrooms with showers featuring glass doors, replacing the traditional flapping curtains.
  • Reconfigured Wardrobe Space: For Inside, Oceanview, and Balcony staterooms, the wardrobe space is now conveniently located near the entrance door, optimizing room layout.
  • Flexible Room Configurations: Oceanview, Balcony, and Mini Suite staterooms offer the choice between two room configurations, allowing you to personalize your space.
  • New Solo Occupancy Category: Inside staterooms are now available for solo travelers, providing an exclusive and comfortable experience.
  • Cove Balcony Category: Introducing Cove Balcony cabins on Deck 6, offering a sheltered and scenic balcony experience.
  • Mini Suite with Cabana: Mini Suites now come with a private balcony and cabana-style lounging area for ultimate relaxation.
  • Enhanced Reserve Collection: Formerly Club Class, Reserve Collection Mini Suites offer access to a dedicated restaurant and Cabana Deck.
  • Signature Collection Suites: Enjoy more living space, enhanced amenities, and exclusive access within the Signature Collection Suites.
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Staterooms: Thoughtfully designed staterooms cater to guests with limited mobility, providing comfort and accessibility.

3. Stateroom Categories on Sun Princess: Finding Your Perfect Haven

When embarking on a cruise aboard the new Sun Princess, setting sail on its inaugural journey on February 8, 2024, or later, selecting the right stateroom becomes a pivotal part of curating an exceptional experience. As you explore the ship's diverse stateroom categories, each offering a unique blend of amenities and locations, you'll find the ideal accommodation to make your cruise truly unforgettable.

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Inside Staterooms: Cozy Comfort for Every Budget

For budget-conscious travelers, Inside Staterooms offer a comfortable escape. Equipped with two twin beds or a queen-size bed, these rooms provide basic amenities like a flat-panel 4K TV and an in-room refrigerator. A special addition to the Princess fleet is the accommodation of solo travelers. Deck 10 boasts four inside single staterooms, specially designed with a queen-size bed to cater to individual travelers seeking solitude.

Interior Cabin Layout

Interior Cabin

This is our stateroom tour of an interior cabin on the Enchanted Princess. It may give you some insight into what to expect.

Oceanview Staterooms: Glimpses of the Sea's Majesty

Oceanview Staterooms capture the magic of the open sea through a picture window, infusing an interior space with the serenity of the ocean. In a new configuration, these staterooms now include a double sofabed and a smaller couch beneath the window, with two layout options – bed by the window or bed by the bathroom – to cater to your preference.

Premium Oceanview Cabin

Premium Oceanview


Balcony Staterooms: Your Private Oasis on the High Seas

Elevate your experience with Balcony Staterooms, offering a personal outdoor retreat. These staterooms come complete with a double sofabed and well-appointed outdoor furniture. Your choice of bed placement – near the window or the bathroom – allows you to customize your space. Premium Deluxe Balcony Staterooms feature larger balconies in prime locations, offering an extra touch of luxury. Notes about the balcony rooms: Some rooms will have the bed near the balcony and others will have the sofa near the balcony. The bed will be located in the area with the largest width on the deck plans. 

Deluxe Balcony Cabin Layout

Deluxe Balcony Cabin Bed near Veranda

A new lower Balcony Category is the Cove Balcony – these are located on Deck 6 under the lifeboats as in the image below:

Cove Balconies with Square inset Balconies under Lifeboats

Cove Balcony Cabin

Cove Balcony Cabin Layout

Mini Suite Staterooms: Space and Comfort, Redefined

For those seeking more space and comfort, Mini Suites provide a separate seating area with a sofa bed and two flat-panel TVs. Indulge in a complimentary glass of bubbly on embarkation day as you settle into your retreat. You have the option to choose between two bed placements – by the window or by the bathroom. Only RESERVE collection mini suites have access to the reserve collection dining room, not all mini suites and come with a few extra perks like upgraded bathrobes, in room wine set up on embarkation and premium location on the ship. Check out our RESERVE COLLECTION MINI SUITE! *Note that the bed position may change in a mini suite with some having the closest nearer the door and the bed nearer the veranda. Others will have the closet nearer the veranda. Always look for the widest portion of the deck plan to see where the bed will be located. 

Mini Suite Layout

Mini Suite

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Club Class Accommodations – Reserve Collection: The Ultimate Retreat

Formerly known as Club Class, the Reserve Collection introduces premium Mini Suite and Cabana Mini Suite accommodations with exclusive perks. Access to the Reserve Collection Restaurant and the Cabana Deck for those with Cabana mini suites enhance your cruise experience, offering both comfort and luxury. Note while any reserve class room has access to the reserve class dining room, cabana mini suites have smaller showers and closets compared to regular mini suites. The room is narrower and size is sacrificed for the "indoor outdoor living space in the cabana mini suite.

Cabana Deck

Reserve Collection Cabana Room

Reserve Collection Cabana Room Layout

Reserve Collection Restaurant

Signature Collection Suites: Unparalleled Luxury and Elegance

The crowning jewels of the Sun Princess are the Signature Collection Suites, embodying opulence and sophistication. With enhanced living spaces, separate seating areas, and a range of premium amenities, such as the signature collection dining room, lounge and sun deck (Part of the Sanctuary), these suites are the epitome of indulgence. Check out our review of the Sanctuary on board the Sun Princess.

Launching first on the Sun Princess, the Signature Collection Suites offer enhanced living space, a separate seating area with a sofa bed, and a range of exclusive amenities.

Signature Suite: Experience luxury and convenience in the Signature Suite, boasting the size of a Mini Suite with a shower-only configuration.

Signature Suite


Penthouse Suites: Indulge in the Penthouse Suites, featuring separate sitting and sleeping areas, two televisions, and a spacious balcony.

Penthouse Suite

Penthouse Suite Layout


Signature Owner's Suite: Elevate your experience in the Signature Owner's Suite, offering a dedicated walk-in closet, larger balcony, and separate dining area.

Signature Owner's Suite

Signature Owne'rs Suite Layout


Signature Sky Suite: Unparalleled luxury awaits in the Signature Sky Suite, the largest and most opulent suite on the Sun Princess, accommodating up to five guests.

Signature Sky Suite Master Bedroom

Signature Sky Suite Layout

Signature Sky Suite second bedroom

Signature Sky Suite Living Room 

Wheelchair-Accessible Staterooms: Thoughtful Design for All

Princess Cruises prioritizes accessibility with wheelchair-accessible staterooms, equipped with roll-in showers, grab bars, and other thoughtful features. These staterooms are strategically located across different decks to ensure ease of access.

4. Strategic Cabin Location: As you peruse the various cabin options, consider the location of each cabin type on the ship. Would you prefer a central spot for easy access to amenities, or a quieter location for a more tranquil atmosphere? Keep in mind that cabins situated higher up and closer to the middle of the ship tend to experience less motion.

5. Budget Allocation: Cabin selections often come with varying price points. It's essential to establish a budget that aligns with your overall cruise expenses and prioritizes the features that matter most to you. Remember, while a more opulent cabin might be enticing, it's important to have ample funds to relish other aspects of your vacation as well.

6. Securing Your Choice Early: With the inaugural sailing of the New Sun Princess on the horizon, demand for cabins is expected to surge. Booking your cabin well in advance not only guarantees your preferred selection but also provides you with potential benefits, such as early-bird discounts or cabin upgrades.


Selecting the perfect cabin on the New Sun Princess is a pivotal step in curating an exceptional and unforgettable cruise experience. The innovative cabin types, features, and enhancements cater to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring that you'll discover a haven that perfectly suits your desires. Whether you're captivated by the allure of Horizon Balcony Staterooms, tempted by the indulgence of Sky Suites, drawn to the charm of Veranda Staterooms, or seek the tranquility of Inside Staterooms, your dream cabin awaits you on this extraordinary journey. Begin your planning, secure your reservation early, and set sail on February 8, 2024, or later, for an unparalleled voyage aboard the New Sun Princess.


  1. I would definitely recommend a partially covered balcony. Offers privacy with great ocean views.

  2. Does the Pull out couch in balcony cabins accomidate two? Or is there still a pullman bed from the ceiling

    1. It’s only a one on the couch and one on Pullman. You can see how it looks toward the end of this video