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Monday, August 28, 2017

How to phone the US for FREE international, overseas or on a cruise!

It is easy to make free international phone calls when traveling abroad.

Plan ahead to keep in touch with your family or business for FREE while away.

Have you ever heard of WiFi only calling?  LTD is sure you THINK you have.  We have all used our special apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp to make phone calls when each end of the call has the app and has WiFi coverage.  You must have family members who are computer illiterate!!!  How do you call a landline without paying those huge fees to someone like Skype or GoogleVoice OR if the person you are calling has no idea how to use Skype?

A little known secret is WiFi only calling.  Most cellular networks had this in place as of 2015.  On a cruise a couple of weeks ago, LTD had a 2 hour conference call to make from the middle of the Norwegian Sea.  The internet cafe attendant on the Crown Princess showed us how to set this up. LTD has Verizon using an I phone 6.  It was easy to do, just check your carrier on the way to set this up on your phone.  The key step needed for your carrier to allow WiFi calling is for you to enter your home address for emergency services.  Apparently this is a legal issue, and LTD knows you are thinking: "What will they need from me on a cruise ship?" Just put your home address and LTD recommends setting this up before you leave, so that you can put your phone on airplane mode once you leave the US if you don't plan on using an international roaming plan.  Your phone will make and receive calls when you are connected to WiFi.  You must have phones that are capable of WiFi calling.  Most phones on Verizon are capable of WiFi calling, but you will need to check with your cellular provider for specifics.

Here are the links for setting up WiFi calling for the major networks:

LTD is proud to say our conference call went off without a hitch and we were only disconnected once, despite being on a cruise ship in the Middle of the Norwegian Sea.  Other times we called the US while on a bus in Norway and Israel.

To stay connected on WiFi, even out on the road, use a mobile hotspot.  Over these networks you can make your WiFi phone call.