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Monday, January 8, 2024

A Luxurious Escape: Unveiling The Retreat on Seaborn Ovation. Is it Worth It?

Welcome aboard, fellow wanderers! Join us on a virtual expedition into the lap of luxury as we uncover the secrets of The Retreat on Seaborn Ovation. Nestled on Deck 12 mid-forward, The Retreat transcends the ordinary, offering a haven where pampering converges with paradise. From private cabanas to premium perks, follow along as we delve into the opulent world that awaits on this exclusive cruise experience. Your journey begins here, where every moment promises indulgence and every voyage makes a meaningful difference.

Greetings, fellow travelers! Before we embark on this virtual cruise into the lap of luxury, a gentle reminder: all proceeds from our YouTube channel go directly to charity. Join us in our mission to make a difference by giving us a thumbs up or subscribing. Now, let the journey begin with the hidden gem of cruise ship experiences – The Retreat on Seaborn Ovation.

Exploring The Retreat:

Situated on Deck 12 mid-forward, The Retreat is more than just a location; it's a sanctuary where pampering meets paradise. Picture a tranquil setting under a distinctive flower-shaped canopy, shielding guests from the sun and wind. The focal point is a central whirlpool surrounded by 15 private cabanas, designed as individual luxury living rooms.

Cabana Comforts:

The cabins face a central area equipped with sun loungers, outdoor seating, dining tables, and a mesmerizing whirlpool. Unique to The Retreat, the starboard and portside cabanas boast windows, providing guests with a distinct view. Indulge in the world of comfort with amenities like large HD flat-screen TVs, complemented by Bluetooth headphones for an immersive experience. Refrigerators stocked with personalized upgraded beverage selections, ceiling fans, and complimentary flip-flops add to the lavish experience.

Special Perks and Thoughtful Touches:

The Retreat offers special perks, including premium champagne like Bollinger and an ever-changing selection of premium wines. The dining menu features healthier choices, from the Beet drink with beet juice and vodka to an avocado martini with avocado puree. Each suite comes with a $50 spa credit for the private spa cabana, and guests receive thoughtful gifts, like facial moisturizer and lip balm, showcasing the staff's attention to detail.

Check out our YouTube Video Walkthrough and review for an actual look inside!

Events and Celebrations:

Beyond being a hideaway, The Retreat serves as a venue for special events like weddings or parties. Guests can coordinate these memorable moments with guest services at the Seaborn Square once on board.

The Cost of Luxury:

As with all things opulent, The Retreat comes at a cost. Priced at $149 per port day, $129 for the afternoon of a port day, $249 for two port days, and $249 for an at-sea day, it's a premium experience. Full voyage packages range from $6.99 for a 7-day journey to $33.99 for a 16-day adventure. Booking in advance through the Seaborn app, Cruise Personalizer, or directly with Seaborn is recommended due to limited spaces.

Is it Worth It? The Debate:

The burning question on many minds – is The Retreat worth it? Opinions vary. Many passengers believe the extra pampering and serenity justify the expense, especially for special occasions like weddings. However, some argue that plenty of quiet spaces exist throughout the ship, challenging the need for exclusive retreats. Ultimately, the decision hinges on personal preference and the desire for privacy amid luxury.


Our journey into The Retreat on Seaborn Ovation concludes. Whether seeking ultimate relaxation or planning a special celebration, this exclusive space caters to every whim. Look out for more reviews, including detailed cabin insights and information about sailing on the Seaborn Ovation. Don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more from Luxury Travel Docs. Until next time, make meaningful and healthy travel happen – we'll see you on the next adventure!

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