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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Traveling in Style with Ilse Jacobsen: Comfortable Tulip Shoes and a Reversible Tote Bag

Traveling is an exciting adventure, but the key to a successful journey lies in choosing the right gear. While comfort is a priority, style should never be compromised. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the world of Ilse Jacobsen, a brand that has seamlessly combined comfort and fashion, making it the perfect choice for travelers. From their iconic lightweight Tulip shoes to a reversible tote bag that suits all your needs, we'll explore why Ilse Jacobsen should be your go-to for stylish, functional travel gear.

Ilse Jacobsen: A Legacy of Style and Comfort

Since its inception in 1993, Ilse Jacobsen has drawn inspiration from the idyllic seaside resort of Hornbæk, Denmark. This unique location, surrounded by pristine nature and beautiful landscapes, has fueled the brand's commitment to creating products that reflect both style and functionality. Ilse Jacobsen's lifestyle universe now encompasses rainwear, rubber boots, women's clothing, shoes, and a beauty series.

Discovering Ilse Jacobsen: A Personal Experience

My introduction to Ilse Jacobsen happened during a trip to Iceland, just over a year ago. The brand's unique style immediately caught my attention, and the products looked incredibly comfortable. However, due to the constraints of a group tour, I couldn't thoroughly explore their offerings at the time. To my delight, Ilse Jacobsen products are now readily available in the United States.

The Iconic Tulip Shoe: Comfort and Style Combined

One of my first Ilse Jacobsen purchases was the iconic lightweight Tulip shoe. The name "Tulip" refers to the sole, and you'll find various shoe styles within this line, from sneakers to loafers and boots. What sets these shoes apart is the almost corrugated rubber sole with stitched connections to the upper, instead of glued, providing a cleaner and more durable finish.

I opted for the Tulip flat with a laser-cut gunmetal upper made from recycled microfiber. The insole offers excellent padding and support, ensuring unmatched comfort. The iconic Tulip sole is a blend of 75% natural rubber and 25% recycled rubber, making it environmentally conscious.

The Perfect Travel Companion: Why Choose Ilse Jacobsen

  1. Ventilation: Ilse Jacobsen shoes are perfect for hot days when you want the comfort of a closed-toe shoe without sacrificing breathability.

  2. Comfort: From the moment you put them on, you'll feel like you're walking on air. Their flexibility and soft, recycled microfiber construction make them a dream to wear.

  3. Lightweight and Compressible: Ideal for travel, these shoes are easy to pack and don't take up much space in your luggage.

  4. Variety: With nearly 100 variations for men and women, you can find a style that suits your preferences, be it classic or modern.

A Touch of Class: The Reversible Tote Bag

One of the standout products from Ilse Jacobsen is the reversible tote bag. It exudes a "bottega Veneta" vibe, making it a versatile addition to your travel gear. The spacious interior easily accommodates your essentials, and its reversible design offers multiple styling options.

Cons of the Tote Bag

  • It lacks an inside pocket for organization.
  • There's no zipper or closure, but we believe a magnetic closure could be added if desired.

In Conclusion: Ilse Jacobsen for Stylish Travel

In conclusion, Ilse Jacobsen products are the perfect companions for your travels. They blend comfort and style seamlessly, ensuring you look and feel your best on your adventures. Whether you opt for their iconic Tulip shoes or the versatile reversible tote bag, you'll find your perfect travel partner.

So, if you're looking for the ideal travel gear that's as stylish as it is functional, consider Ilse Jacobsen. I'm personally obsessed with their products, and I believe you will be too. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase, as all proceeds from our channel are donated to charity.

Discover the world of Ilse Jacobsen for yourself and travel in comfort and style. You can find links to my favorite shoes and bag in the notes below, and don't worry; you won't pay anything extra. Happy travels!


Monday, October 30, 2023

Tips for Keeping Travel Bottles from Leaking and A Guide to Silicone Bottle Covers

Traveling can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it often comes with the challenge of keeping your essential liquids from leaking inside your luggage. No one wants to open their suitcase to find shampoo, lotion, or other liquids spilled all over their clothes and belongings. That's where travel bottle covers, especially silicone bottle covers, can be a game-changer. In this blog post, we'll explore some valuable tips for keeping travel bottles from leaking and dive into the benefits of using silicone bottle covers to make your journeys stress-free.

  1. Invest in Quality Travel Bottles:

    Before we get into the specifics of silicone bottle covers, it's essential to start with the basics. Invest in high-quality travel bottles with secure and leak-resistant caps. Look for bottles designed specifically for travel, as they often have features such as leak-proof seals and airtight caps. These bottles are typically available in various sizes, so you can carry your favorite toiletries without worry.

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  2. Choose the Right Size:

    Overfilling your travel bottles is a common cause of leaks. Make sure you leave some space in the bottle to allow for changes in air pressure during your journey. This extra space will reduce the chances of leakage when the bottle is squeezed or jostled.

  3. Seal Bottles Properly:

    Properly sealing your travel bottles is crucial. When closing them, ensure the cap is screwed on tightly, and the seal is secure. Double-check that there are no gaps or twists in the bottle's threading that could compromise the seal.

  4. Place Bottles in a Ziplock Bag:

    Another smart tip is to place your sealed travel bottles in a resealable plastic bag, like a Ziplock bag. This provides an additional layer of protection against leaks, especially if there's a failure in the bottle's cap or seal.

  5. Embrace Silicone Bottle Covers:

    Now, let's dive into the star of the show: silicone bottle covers. These flexible, durable, and stretchable covers are designed to fit snugly over your travel bottles. They offer several advantages:

    a. Leak Protection: Silicone bottle covers create an extra barrier against leaks, preventing any liquids from escaping even if the bottle's cap isn't perfectly sealed.

    b. Shock Absorption: Travel can be rough on your luggage. Silicone covers act as shock absorbers, protecting your bottles from potential damage during transit.

    c. Improved Grip: Silicone covers offer a better grip on your bottles, making them easier to handle when you're in a hurry or have wet hands.

    d. Easy Identification: Silicone covers come in various colors and designs, making it easy to identify your products, even when you have several similar bottles in your bag.

    Here is how we use them, but we have only one color!

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  6. Properly Clean and Dry Bottles:

    Before refilling your travel bottles, clean and dry them thoroughly. Residue from previous use can lead to leaks or clogs in the cap. Regular cleaning will help maintain the integrity of your bottles and their seals.

  7. Avoid Overfilling: We've already mentioned this, but it's worth emphasizing. Avoid overfilling your travel bottles to leave room for expansion due to pressure changes during travel.

  1. Using Saran Wrap as an Alternative

    If you find yourself without silicone bottle covers but still want to prevent leaks and spills, there's a handy alternative you can use: Saran Wrap (or plastic wrap). It's a readily available household item that can help create an additional seal for your travel bottles. Here's how to use Saran Wrap effectively:

    Step 1: Gather Your Materials

    • Saran Wrap or plastic wrap
    • Your travel bottle with a securely closed cap

    Step 2: Cover the Opening

    1. Ensure your travel bottle's cap is tightly closed.
    2. Tear off a small piece of Saran Wrap, enough to cover the opening of the bottle.

    Step 3: Seal the Bottle

    1. Place the Saran Wrap over the opening of the bottle.
    2. Press the wrap down to create a snug seal, ensuring it covers the entire opening and cap interface.

    Step 4: Secure the Wrap

    1. If there's excess wrap hanging off the bottle, trim it with scissors for a neater appearance.
    2. Make sure the wrap is secured tightly, with no loose edges.

    Using Saran Wrap can help you create an extra layer of protection against leaks, especially if your travel bottle's cap isn't as secure as you'd like. While it may not be as durable or reusable as silicone bottle covers, it can certainly do the trick in a pinch.

    Remember to Remove Excess Air Before Flying

    One additional tip that's important to keep in mind when traveling is to remove excess air from your travel bottles before flying. Air pressure changes during flights can cause liquids to expand, potentially leading to leaks. To prevent this, follow these steps:

    1. Squeeze your travel bottles gently to expel any excess air, leaving just enough space for the liquid to expand without forcing the cap open.
    2. Seal the bottles tightly to ensure that they won't leak when the air pressure changes during the flight.

    By using Saran Wrap and removing excess air, you can add an extra layer of protection to your travel bottles and minimize the risk of leaks, making your travels more stress-free and enjoyable.


Leaky travel bottles can be a nuisance, but with the right precautions and the addition of silicone bottle covers, you can minimize the chances of accidents during your journeys. Invest in high-quality travel bottles, seal them properly, and consider using silicone bottle covers for that extra layer of protection. By following these tips, you'll ensure that your travels are leak-free and more enjoyable. Happy globetrotting!


Monday, October 23, 2023

Storm Babet Delays Celebrity Silhouette's Return to Southampton and start of Transatlantic Cruise

The return of the Celebrity Silhouette to Southampton, England on Sunday, October 22, was eagerly awaited by passengers and crew. However, Mother Nature had different plans. Storm Babet, with its disruptive winds and adverse weather conditions, forced the cruise liner to alter its schedule, leading to an unexpected delay and overnight stays for some passengers.

Storm Babet's Impact:

Storm Babet wreaked havoc along the western coast of Europe, generating powerful wind gusts of up to 50 knots. From Scotland to Gibraltar, disruptions were felt far and wide. The Celebrity Silhouette's planned voyage was not spared from its effects.

Itinerary Changes:

Due to the storm, the Celebrity Silhouette was compelled to make significant alterations to its itinerary. The vessel had to skip its visit to Vigo, Spain, and spend an unexpected overnight stay in Lisbon, Portugal. This extended stay in Lisbon, in particular, caused delays in the embarkation process for the upcoming leg of the cruise.

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Passenger Updates:

Celebrity Cruises promptly informed embarking passengers about the situation, offering them boarding options between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM on October 22 or between 7:00 AM and 10:30 AM on October 23. To provide comfort to passengers facing an overnight stay in a hotel due to the delay, Celebrity Cruises will reimburse up to US$243 to cover their expenses.

New Itinerary:

As a result of these unforeseen circumstances, the Celebrity Silhouette is repositioning itself for a transatlantic voyage, bypassing its scheduled stop in Ponta Delgada, Azores. The revised itinerary now includes departures from Southampton on Monday, with planned ports of call at Kings Wharf, Bermuda, on October 30, and Nassau, Bahamas, on November 1. The voyage will conclude with its arrival at Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on November 2.

Weather-Related Disruptions:

This delay is part of a series of weather-related disruptions to cruise itineraries in recent months. Other cruise ships departing from New York City have also encountered issues, including substantial flooding, making it clear that adverse weather conditions continue to impact the cruise industry.

Looking Ahead:

Once the Transatlantic crossing is completed, the Celebrity Silhouette will spend the winter season serving destinations in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, offering passengers new adventures in warmer and more predictable climates.


The return of the Celebrity Silhouette to Southampton was met with challenges due to Storm Babet, highlighting the unpredictability of weather-related disruptions in the cruise industry. While these delays can be frustrating for passengers, cruise companies like Celebrity Cruises are making efforts to provide flexibility and convenience, ensuring a smooth transition to the next leg of the voyage. Travelers are undoubtedly hoping for calmer seas and smoother sailing as they continue their journey on the Celebrity Silhouette.


Saturday, October 21, 2023

Our Favorite Way to Save Valuable Cruise Dollars: Royal Caribbean's Gift Card Policy Updates and Exclusive Discounts

The holiday season is fast approaching, and Royal Caribbean International has a special gift in store for all the adventure and travel enthusiasts out there. They've recently unveiled exciting updates to their gift card policies, making it easier than ever to treat your loved ones to the gift of unforgettable voyages just in time for the holiday gift-giving season. Look for our favorite way to purchase these gift cards at a discounted rate and save valuable dollars at the end of this post.

Fewer Restrictions on Royal Caribbean Gift Cards

After an impressive evacuation of US Citizens from Israel last week, RCCL announces improvements in their gift card policy. Previously, Royal Caribbean gift cards came with a set of stringent terms and conditions that sometimes made them a bit tricky to use. One had to redeem them weeks before embarking on a cruise, and they couldn't be used onboard. But all that has changed now. Royal Caribbean has simplified the process, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of their gift cards without the old limitations.

You can now use these improved gift cards onboard by visiting the Guest Services desk, where the card's balance will be seamlessly applied to your onboard account. This means you can use your gift cards for spa treatments, specialty dining, drinks, souvenirs, shore excursions, and so much more, enhancing your cruise experience in various ways.

Please note that the onboard currency must be in US dollars (USD), which isn't a significant issue since most sailings, except those in China, operate with USD as the standard currency.

Easy Redemption Options

You have multiple options for redeeming your Royal Caribbean gift cards. You can redeem them pre-cruise via the Royal Caribbean website, by calling the cruise line directly, or by working with a travel agent to apply the gift card to a new or existing booking.

One of the best features of these gift cards is that they never expire, and there are no monthly or annual fees or service charges. This makes them an ideal way to help someone save up for an extraordinary cruise or give them a guilt-free way to enjoy onboard experiences.

Additionally, these gift cards are versatile; they can also be used for Royal Caribbean's sister line, Celebrity Cruises. So, if you have different tastes or want to try both cruise lines, these gift cards have you covered.

What Gift Cards Cannot Be Used For

While Royal Caribbean gift cards open the door to numerous experiences, it's important to note that they can't be universally applied toward all expenses. They cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can they be used for "quasi-cash" purchases like gaming chips, foreign currency, or traveler's checks.

Before sailing, gift card amounts can only be applied toward the cruise fare and cannot be used for pre-payment of beverage packages, dining packages, shore excursions, pre-paid gratuities, and similar expenses. However, if you decide to make these purchases onboard, you can always visit the Guest Services desk to have your gift card applied to your account balance during the cruise.

Purchasing Gift Cards

Getting your hands on these gift cards is a breeze. You can purchase them through Royal Caribbean's website in various USD denominations, including $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,000. Unfortunately, you can't customize the exact amount at this time.

Recipients will receive their digital gift card via email on the selected date of delivery. You can schedule the delivery in advance to make it a thoughtful gift for occasions like birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, or any other special event. If you're running a bit behind, don't worry; you can also send the gift cards the same day.

It's important to note that these gift cards are available only in digital format, not as physical, hand-held cards. The digital format offers a wide range of attractive designs, including images of cruise ships, Royal Caribbean highlights like The Abyss slide and the Up, Up, and Away hot air balloon on CocoCay, and much more. You can even choose designs with special messages for occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and thank-yous, and you can add a personal touch with your own message.

To purchase these gift cards, you can use major credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal, making the process convenient and accessible.

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With the holiday season around the corner and the highly anticipated Icon of the Seas cruise just under 100 days away, Royal Caribbean's updated gift card policies are perfectly timed to simplify the joy of gifting for all the travel, cruising, and adventure enthusiasts in your life. It's time to share the love of adventure with a Royal Caribbean gift card!

Our favorite way to buy Gift Cards for Cruising: Discounted Royal Caribbean Gift Cards at AARP Rewards

Are you someone who loves the idea of cruising and is always on the lookout for ways to save on your next adventure? We've got great news for you! In addition to the recent updates to Royal Caribbean's gift card policies, there's a fantastic opportunity to buy Royal Caribbean gift cards at a discounted rate through AARP Rewards. You do not have to be a member of AARP to purchase some rewards, but we feel the $12 membership fee offsets the savings you can get! If you think these gift cards will help you save valuable dollars, join AARP.

AARP Rewards: Your Gateway to Smart Choices

We all have those things we keep putting off, promising ourselves that we'll get around to them someday. It's a common habit, but with AARP Rewards, you can transform "someday" into "today." AARP Rewards is designed to motivate you to learn, prepare, and get ahead in various aspects of life, ensuring you're well-prepared for whatever the future holds.

From focusing on health and fitness to taking charge of your retirement and mastering money management, AARP Rewards is here to simplify your journey, make your next steps rewarding, and add an element of fun to the process.

Now, here's where AARP Rewards becomes even more exciting for cruisers and travel enthusiasts. Among its many offerings, AARP Rewards provides a golden opportunity to purchase Royal Caribbean gift cards at a discounted rate, allowing you to save even more on your upcoming cruises.

How to Access Discounted Royal Caribbean Gift Cards

To get started, simply visit the AARP Rewards website, where you can explore the various rewards and benefits they offer. While browsing their extensive selection, you'll come across the option to purchase Royal Caribbean gift cards at a reduced rate (usually 10% off the face value). This is a fantastic way to make your cruise dreams more affordable while enjoying all the perks that Royal Caribbean has to offer.

Whether you're planning your next family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, saving on your cruise expenses is always a welcome bonus. AARP Rewards makes it possible for you to do just that, ensuring that you not only embark on unforgettable voyages but also do so with extra cash in your pocket.

So, if you're passionate about cruising and want to make the most of your travel budget, be sure to check out AARP Rewards and the discounted Royal Caribbean gift cards they have on offer. It's an excellent way to turn your cruise dreams into reality without breaking the bank.


With these updates to Royal Caribbean's gift card policies and the money-saving opportunities available through AARP Rewards, you can look forward to even more exciting and affordable adventures on the high seas. Happy sailing!