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Thursday, March 19, 2020

13 Things To Do to Beat Cabin Fever during Social Distancing, Keep Your Life Meaningful and Mind and Body Healthy

From the familiar creaks in the floorboards to your favorite easy chair, there's no place like a  cozy home when you are engaging in social distancing.  But let's face it: Too much time inside doing nothing can make you stir-crazy.


Cabin fever can dampen your mood, energy level and motivation traditionally during the brutally cold winter months or when required to spend time at home more than you are used to. Not sure if it's happening to you? Here are some signs:

  • You feel cooped up and restless.
  • You have difficulty concentrating on what’s in front of you.
  • You feel lethargic or simply unmotivated to do anything.
  • You feel irritated and on edge for no apparent reason.

If you can relate to any of those signs... you’re probably dealing with cabin fever. But before you take up permanent residence on your couch or start to sleep out of sheer boredom, we have good news. Check out this list of fresh ideas to help you (and the whole family) beat cabin fever, once and for all.

1. Read a Book  

There are many free options using your public library or Amazon prime, but many don't want to wait for a title of need a larger number of options.  For those persons we recommend Kindle Unlimited Plan that you can read on any tablet or phone.  The free trial may get you through this period of social distancing.

2. Exercise

We talk all the time about figuring out exercise routines for healthy travel!  Use our guides to exercise at home!  You do not need equipment or you may want to get some small things to use at home that store easily like they would in your suitcase!  And remember, exercise is for your mind and body our guides below also include meditation.

Our guide to some general and different workouts on the road or at home!

Our guide to one of our favorite YouTube Channels BodyFit by Amy with links to specific workouts and gear you can use at home!

3. Declutter

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Best Resources for Your CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Questions in the United States

The US Department of State and CDC have no greater responsibility than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas, including providing information to help U.S. citizens make informed decisions about traveling abroad.

Bookmark this page to return to your best resources for questions about coronavirus during these uncertain times. 

The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to reconsider travel abroad at this time due to the global impact of COVID-19. Many areas throughout the world are now experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and taking action that may limit traveler mobility, including quarantines and border restrictions. Even countries, jurisdictions, or areas where cases have not been reported may restrict travel without notice.

For the latest information regarding COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website.  Click the photo below to take you directly to the CDC page.

More Resources:

Look for specific travel warnings at the Department of State website, or use the STEP app or CDC Safe Traveler app for quick access.

We put together a post about cleanliness of hotel rooms.  Check it out here!

What about germs at the airport?  Studies may surprise you!

The Bing COVID-19 tracker is a compilation of websites to give you the latest worldwide statistics on the pandemic.

VacationsToGo has a comprehensive list of cruise lines with links to their respective COVID-19 cancellation policies.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Is Your Hotel Room Really as Clean as They Say? Use Our Quick Steps to Check and Clean It!

Your hotel room is your home away from home, with a few exceptions: the hundreds or even thousands of strangers from every corner of the world who have slept there.  It can be hard to relax on vacation when you imagine that your hotel room is a petri dish of previous guests’ germs, even if there aren’t the usual telltale signs of uncleanliness.

Studies have shown that germs frequently lurk on places like light switches, television remotes, and telephone keypads, even in hotel rooms that otherwise appear clean—disturbing evidence of what might be waiting when you wheel your suitcase into a suite. 

Remember, if you have questions related to your health, always consult your doctor or medical professional. The information presented here is informative only and is not medical advice.

As physicians, we can stomach a lot when it comes to grossness, but even we get a little queasy when we think of the germs that we may be exposed to when traveling. A recent article that was published by the New York Post asked scientists about the issues that hotels and their small rooms can cause to occupant’s health, especially when it comes to bacteria and germs that are present within this space even after its routine cleanings. The article found that the average hotel room contains more harmful bacteria than what is typically found in a home, school, or even airplane.  And maybe you heard about the hidden camera investigation done in Atlanta.  Improper cleaning practices included not cleaning glass cups, using same gloves to clean bathroom and other areas of the room, and even using used guest towels to clean down areas in the room. And although not all viruses and bacteria will live in an environment for a long period of time it can still be a risk to humans that are exposed to airborne germs. Some of the most common infections that can be spread in indoor spaces like a hotel include cold viruses, flu, rotavirus, norovirus, staph infection, and e. coli and fungal pathogens found on surfaces like soft furniture, floors, door handles, remote controls, light switches, carpets, and bedding just to name a few.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Steps from Central Park, Rockefeller Center, MoMA, and the Theater District the Conrad Midtown offers Tremendous Value for and Boutique Suite New York City Experience.

The Conrad NewYork Midtown is a new offering from Hilton's boutique luxury line. It reopened in late 2019 after a full renovation and rebrand of the property formerly known as The London NYC.

Known as the "tall skinny building" on West 54th Street, it has stood since 1990 and changed management several times. The Conrad renovation was announced in 2017 and doesn't disappoint. Space is a luxury in Manhattan. How many times have you opened the door of a Manhattan hotel room to find a tight, viewless square? It is refreshing to enjoy space and small luxuries in a busy noisy city all while being steps from the heart of the action.

1. Location

For visiting the Manhattan, we love to be close to Central Park. Generally, it is quieter and depending on which side of Central Park you pick, you will be able to get to most destinations with ease on foot or subway. The Conrad offers a perfect location, within a 10 minute walk to either Times Square or Central Park in the north or south direction and 5 minutes to Fifth Avenue for the best shopping if you head east. A subway stop for most trains is located within a five minute walk allowing easy access to lower Manhattan. For most, there can't be a better location. Of course getting to Manhattan from New York area airports is one of the easier destinations to navigate, and you have many options depending on what is important to you:  comfort, ease, security, price or peace of mind. We chose Uber which was easy and economical.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Review of The New American Express Centurion Lounge In Charlotte, North Carolina, CLT

American Airlines Admirals Club in Charlotte finally has some well-needed competition!  We welcome the Brand New American Airlines Centurion Lounge with open arms to relax, wash up and get a good cocktail and meal before our flight. 

When Traveling through CLT use your American Express Platinum Card to gain Access to the Centurion Lounge between gates D and E on the mezzanine level for a few minutes to freshen up.  But give yourself a few minutes to find it for the first time!  It is not easy and their are no overhead signs directing you to the entry elevator.   To get there head toward E concourse and before you descend the escalators to go down to E you will see the elevator for the lounge on the right.  If you are coming from E look for the elevator to the left of the escalator before you head up the escalator.  If you mistakenly go up the escalator an elevator will be on your left at the top.  

It is worth taking the people movers from your security checkpoint or gate to this location if you have time.  The closest checkpoint is E (the lounge will be straight in front of you after security) but the closest TSA Precheck checkpoint is D (take a left after security and head toward E concourse).  Allow 10 minutes walk and time for to get from the farthest points on A, B C or E.   If you are on D, allow only 5 minutes to get to the Centurion Lounge.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

DEAL ALERT! Clear Airport Security Free Trial Promotion: 3 Months Free

Save precious time and dollars with this deal!

If you Travel all the time and you hate long airport security lines, you might want to sign up for Clear. Clear is a service that helps you “Speed through security in 5 minutes or less,” by being pre-screened before you even get to the airport. (See how it works here.)

Normally, Clear is $179 per year with an additional $50 per family member, but with promo code LEAPDAY3, you can try three months for free!
Clear is not available in all airports yet, but it is available in quite a few. If you don’t wish to continue the service, you will need to cancel before the trial is up to avoid being charged. This deal expires on February 29, 2020!

When breezing through security and that doesn’t have clear available, consider using solid toiletries like this solid shampoo and conditioner that is safe for color-treated hair. This works for men and women alike and smells great!  Click the photo below to buy at Amazon and support our blog!  Thank you so much!!!

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