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Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Future of Crystal Cruises Unveiled: A Conversation with CEO Christina Levis

Crystal Cruises, an iconic name in luxury travel, has returned to the spotlight with renewed vigor and exciting plans for the future. In an exclusive interview aboard the newly refurbished Crystal Serenity, CEO Christina Levis discusses the company's bold strategies, the journey of revitalization, and the synergies between Crystal Cruises and Abercrombie & Kent.

A Vision Takes Shape: The Rebirth of Crystal Cruises: The interview begins with James Schillinglaw's introduction of Christina Levis, the visionary leader overseeing both Crystal Cruises and Abercrombie & Kent. Levis shares her personal connection to Crystal Cruises, dating back to her first impression of the ship's unique character and soul during a visit to Monaco in 2013.

Announcing a New Era: Crystal Cruises' Ambitious Expansion Plans: A major revelation is unveiled: Crystal Cruises' ambitious plans to build four new ships by the end of 2029. This includes two Expedition ships, each accommodating around 220 passengers, and two classic ships catering to approximately 650 passengers. Levis highlights the collaboration with lenders, credit agencies, and shipbuilding companies, revealing the advanced stage of planning for these remarkable additions to Crystal's fleet.

A Journey into Refurbishment: Restoring Elegance and Efficiency: Levis delves into the extensive refurbishment process undertaken by Crystal Cruises. She emphasizes the complete overhaul of suites, which involved transforming two suites into one to enhance passenger comfort. The ships' interiors were reimagined, and even the engines and power sources were updated for greater fuel efficiency and adherence to environmental regulations.

A & K Synergies: Elevating the Guest Experience: The conversation shifts to the synergies between Crystal Cruises and Abercrombie & Kent, highlighting the exciting pre and post-program opportunities for passengers to seamlessly experience the best of both worlds. Levis envisions a revolutionary concept where travelers can disembark from the cruise, engage in an A & K experience, and return to the ship, enriching their overall travel adventure.

The Heartbeat of Crystal Cruises: The Crew and Passenger Joy: Levis extends an invitation to travel advisors and passengers to engage with the exceptional crew members of Crystal Cruises. She emphasizes that the crew's passion, dedication, and personal stories contribute to the unique joy passengers experience during their journey.


Conclusion: Crystal Cruises: A Journey Beyond Expectations: The interview concludes with James Schillinglaw congratulating Christina Levis on Crystal Cruises' remarkable transformation and her role in steering the brand toward a prosperous future. With plans for expansion, innovative travel experiences, and a passionate crew, Crystal Cruises has returned as a beacon of luxury and adventure, inviting travelers to embark on a journey beyond expectations.

Disclaimer: This transcript has been transformed into a blog post format and paraphrased for clarity and coherence. The original interview has been restructured for storytelling purposes.

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