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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Exploring Accessibility and Comfort: ADA Compliant Cabin on Viking Ocean Cruises Jupiter

Welcome aboard the Viking Ocean Cruises Jupiter, where accessibility meets luxury and comfort. In this blog post, we take you on a tour of Cabin 6020, a penthouse junior suite (PS3) that boasts American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, ensuring an exceptional experience for all travelers, regardless of mobility needs. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable cabin that combines thoughtful design, spaciousness, and stunning views. We highly recommend that you look at the "Fit To Travel" form from Viking Ocean Cruises prior to booking your holiday. We have provided images of that form below.

A Private Oasis: ADA Cabin 6020

Located on Deck 6 forward, Cabin 6020 offers a tranquil retreat with its inviting interiors and accessibility features. Designed with travelers with disabilities in mind, this cabin provides an unobstructed view of the breathtaking surroundings, making your voyage a feast for the senses.

Spacious Design and Modern Elegance

Upon entering ADA Cabin 6020, you'll immediately sense the spaciousness that sets it apart from other cabins. The soft color palettes and modern design elements create a serene ambiance, setting the stage for a relaxing cruise experience.

The penthouse junior suite layout provides 50 percent more square footage than other cabins, offering ample room to move around comfortably. The option to configure the beds as either a king-size or twin setup ensures a customized sleeping arrangement tailored to your needs.

A Private Veranda Retreat

One of the standout features of Viking Ocean Cruises is their private verandas, and Cabin 6020 is no exception. Accessible through a ramp at the sliding glass door, the veranda provides a perfect space for savoring a morning coffee or toasting with a glass of champagne while enjoying sunsets and the natural beauty around you. The veranda offers two chairs, a table, and a small pane glass window that lets you enjoy the outdoor view even when indoors.

Thoughtful Amenities

Cabin 6020 is equipped with a range of amenities designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. The cabin features a shortened desk compatible with a wheelchair, making it easy to stay organized. A 42-inch flat-screen TV offers entertainment options, including on-demand features like enrichment lectures and guest speakers.

The bathroom is a shining example of accessibility and luxury combined. The well-lit vanity and sink area include grab bars for stability, and the shower features a flat entrance, grab bars, a shower chair, and Freya bath products. There is a retractable clothesline to rinse and hang your items in the shower but fortunately in this category of cabin, PS3, complimentary laundry, dry cleaning, pressing, and shoe shine services keep you looking and feeling your best. The heated floors add an extra touch of indulgence.

Unmatched Storage and Accessibility

Storage space is abundant in ADA Cabin 6020. The closet is designed with open shelves for easy access, and there's ample room to navigate a wheelchair between the bed and closet. Drawers and shelves throughout the cabin offer convenient spaces to store personal belongings.

Thoughtful Service and Considerations

Viking Ocean Cruises places a strong emphasis on guest satisfaction, and ADA Cabin 6020 reflects this commitment. Complimentary laundry, dry cleaning, pressing, and shoe shine services cater to your needs and ensure you're looking and feeling your best throughout your voyage.

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We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "Fit to Travel" form required by Viking Ocean Cruises (the River Cruises have a different form). This form can be requested from Viking Cruises or ask your travel agent to supply you with a copy. 

The "Fit to Travel" form for Viking Ocean Cruises is a crucial document designed to ensure the safety, well-being, and comfort of passengers with specific medical conditions or mobility needs during their cruise. This form plays a vital role in facilitating communication between the passengers, their healthcare providers, and the cruise line's medical and guest services teams. Let's delve into the details of the Fit to Travel form for Viking Ocean Cruises.

Purpose and Importance:

The Fit to Travel form is intended to gather essential medical and mobility information from passengers who have certain health conditions or require special accommodations due to physical limitations. By providing accurate and comprehensive details, passengers help Viking Ocean Cruises make informed decisions to ensure their safety and comfort while on board.

Information Collected:

  1. Medical History: Passengers are asked to provide details about their medical history, including any existing conditions, recent surgeries, ongoing treatments, and medications. This information allows the cruise line's medical team to understand the individual's health status and needs.

  2. Mobility Needs: Individuals with mobility challenges can specify their requirements for accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility, assistance with embarkation and disembarkation, or any other mobility-related assistance.

  3. Special Equipment: Passengers who rely on medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks, CPAP machines, or mobility aids, can indicate their equipment needs on the form.

  4. Dietary Restrictions: If passengers have dietary restrictions or allergies, they can detail their dietary preferences and requirements.

  5. Emergency Contact Information: In case of emergencies, the form asks for the contact information of an individual who can be reached during the cruise.

  6. Healthcare Provider Information: Passengers are required to provide contact information for their healthcare provider, including the name, address, and phone number.

Submission and Approval:

The Fit to Travel form is typically provided to passengers at the time of booking or shortly thereafter. It is essential to complete the form accurately and thoroughly. After completing the form, passengers are often required to return it to Viking Ocean Cruises within a specific timeframe, usually two weeks from receipt. The cruise line's medical team reviews the information provided, and based on their assessment, they determine whether the passenger's needs can be accommodated safely and effectively during the cruise.

Collaboration and Communication:

The Fit to Travel form encourages collaboration between passengers, medical professionals, and the cruise line. It ensures that passengers receive the necessary assistance and accommodations, and it helps the cruise line allocate appropriate resources to meet the specific needs of each traveler. Clear and open communication is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable cruise experience for everyone on board.

The Fit to Travel form is a vital tool that exemplifies Viking Ocean Cruises' commitment to passenger safety and satisfaction. By completing this form, passengers provide essential information that enables the cruise line to create a welcoming and accommodating environment for individuals with medical conditions or mobility challenges. This proactive approach ensures that all passengers can embark on a cruise with confidence, knowing that their well-being is a top priority.

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Since this is a penthouse junior suite, lets review the benefits of this cabin category:

The Splendor of a Penthouse Junior Suite on Viking Ocean Cruises

Imagine stepping into a world of refined luxury, where every detail has been carefully crafted to provide an extraordinary experience. The Penthouse Junior Suite on Viking Ocean Cruises is a sanctuary of elegance and indulgence, offering an array of exclusive amenities and personalized services that redefine the meaning of opulence. In this segment, we explore the remarkable offerings that come with a Penthouse Junior Suite, making it an unrivaled choice for travelers seeking the pinnacle of comfort and sophistication.

Spacious Serenity

As you enter your Penthouse Junior Suite, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer magnitude of space. With 50 percent more square footage compared to other cabins, this suite allows you to spread out, unwind, and relish in the feeling of unrestricted freedom. The thoughtful layout encompasses various distinct areas, from the lavish bedroom to the inviting living space, each exuding an air of refined sophistication.

Priority Privileges

In addition to the abundant space, Penthouse Junior Suite guests enjoy a host of exclusive privileges that enhance their overall cruise experience. Priority shore excursion reservations ensure you secure your spot on the most sought-after adventures at each port of call. Dining reservations become a breeze with priority access, allowing you to savor exquisite culinary creations in the ship's acclaimed restaurants at your preferred times.

A Toast to Welcome

Upon arrival, you'll discover a welcome bottle of champagne awaiting you in your Penthouse Junior Suite. This delightful gesture sets the tone for a voyage filled with celebratory moments and unforgettable memories. Raise your glass to the beginning of a truly exceptional journey.

Personalized Veranda Bliss

The Penthouse Junior Suite boasts a private veranda that transcends ordinary balcony spaces. This outdoor haven is an ideal spot to indulge in quiet mornings with a cup of coffee or bask in the golden hues of sunset with a glass of champagne in hand. The veranda is furnished with two chairs and a table, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating sights and sounds of the open sea.

The Perfect Night's Sleep

Choose your preferred sleeping arrangement – a king-size bed or twin beds – and sink into the embrace of plush linens and sumptuous comfort. For those seeking an extra layer of indulgence, your room steward can provide a feather mattress topper, ensuring a restful slumber that rejuvenates you for each day's adventures.

Entertainment and Enrichment

The Penthouse Junior Suite is equipped with a 42-inch flat-screen TV, offering a wide range of entertainment options. Tune in to informative enrichment lectures or catch up on the latest news from channels like MSNBC and Fox News. Delve into the world of National Geographic or explore the ship's collection of recorded programs tailored to enrich your journey.

Exquisite Bathing Experience

The luxurious bathroom within your Penthouse Junior Suite is a haven of comfort and relaxation. Heated floors create a cozy atmosphere, while the well-lit vanity area features an anti-fog mirror and ample storage for your toiletries. The shower is designed for ease of use, with grab bars, a shower chair, and Freya bath products that elevate your bathing ritual.

Impeccable Service

Throughout your voyage, the dedicated staff of Viking Ocean Cruises ensures that your every need is met. Complimentary laundry, dry cleaning, pressing, and shoe shine services keep you looking and feeling your best. It's the thoughtful touches like these that set the Penthouse Junior Suite experience apart, ensuring that you can focus on indulging in the pleasures of your journey.


Cabin 6020 on the Viking Ocean Cruises Jupiter stands as a testament to the cruise line's dedication to creating an inclusive and luxurious experience for all guests. Its ADA-compliant design, spacious layout, and thoughtful amenities ensure that every traveler can enjoy a memorable and comfortable journey. As you plan your next cruise adventure, consider ADA Cabin 6020 for a remarkable and accessible escape on the high seas.


  1. Thanks. Very helpful. Do you know how wide the bathroom entrance is? Also, are elevators and public areas generally wide for a normal size wheelchair? The Viking website says 22" maximum, which is very narrow. Thanks!

    1. We didn't measure the bathroom entrance but a normal wheelchair should fit. Regarding the hallways, a wheelchair should fit but it won't roll well due to the elevated fire door frames. We can't say for the elevators, since we rarely took them. You need to know that Viking must approve the wheelchair and you will have to submit dimensions to them ahead of the cruise. Some cruisers have successfully taken one this size.