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Thursday, August 3, 2023

P&O Cruises Teams Up with Beloved Toy Brands, Including Barbie, to Enhance Family-Friendly Experience

P&O Cruises, known for its exceptional cruising experiences, is taking family vacations to a whole new level with its recent partnership with some of the most beloved children's toy brands. In a bid to cater to the younger audience, P&O Cruises' ships, Iona and Arvia, are transforming their retail areas to offer an array of popular toys, making it an irresistible shopping experience for kids and parents alike. The highlight of this collaboration is the inclusion of the iconic Barbie brand, further capitalizing on the massive success of the latest Barbie movie featuring Hollywood stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Alongside Barbie, other popular brands like Lego, Hot Wheels, Keycraft Pocket Money toys, Jellycat, and TY plush toys are also making their way to the shelves.

A Shopper's Paradise for Kids

As young travelers explore the retail areas on board Iona and Arvia, they'll be met with a treasure trove of exciting toys that will undoubtedly spark joy and endless fascination. The addition of Barbie products is sure to draw the attention of both children and collectors, given the brand's enduring legacy and appeal. Parents can expect a chorus of requests as kids eagerly add these coveted toys to their wish lists.

Unleashing Creativity with Themed Family Zones

P&O Cruises recognizes the importance of creating memorable experiences for the entire family. Apart from the enticing retail offerings, the cruise line is introducing new family zones on five of its ships: Iona, Arvia, Ventura, Azura, and Britannia. These designated zones will be brimming with activities designed to captivate the imagination of young minds.

One exciting feature of the family zones is the giant Barbie box, inviting kids (and even grown-ups) to step into the world of Barbie and indulge in fun-filled photo opportunities. Additionally, Rubies Masquerade UK will provide an array of fancy dress costumes, allowing families to dress up and capture the magic in unforgettable snapshots.

Family Bonding Through Play

The family zones go beyond shopping and photo sessions. P&O Cruises aims to foster family bonding and shared moments of joy. A variety of interactive activities, such as coloring competitions, will keep kids entertained while encouraging their creativity to flourish. But it's not just for the kids! Parents are invited to participate in these activities alongside their children, making it a delightful opportunity for family members to connect and create cherished memories together.

Enhancing the Family-Friendly Experience

While the Barbie partnership is undoubtedly one of the most exciting additions to P&O Cruises' family-friendly initiatives, the cruise line already boasts several fantastic experiences for families. Onboard Arvia, the newest ship in the fleet, families can cool off in the splash pad, enjoy a tropical-themed mini-golf course, and be entertained by the first-ever Wallace and Gromit show at sea, titled "All Hands On Deck!" The introduction of the family zones and the expanded retail offerings are a testament to P&O Cruises' commitment to providing a truly unforgettable vacation for families of all ages.


With P&O Cruises' recent collaboration with some of the most cherished toy brands, including the iconic Barbie, family vacations are about to get a lot more exciting and memorable. The retail areas of Iona and Arvia will be transformed into a shopper's paradise, while the family zones will offer interactive activities that encourage creativity and family bonding. P&O Cruises continues to raise the bar in family-friendly cruising, ensuring that both kids and parents will have an extraordinary time on board. So, pack your bags, set sail, and let the adventures begin with P&O Cruises!

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