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Monday, August 7, 2023

Crystal Cruises is Back and Sailing Strong!

After facing the brink of extinction earlier this year, Crystal Cruises has made an incredible comeback with the relaunch of its flagship vessel, the Crystal Serenity. The ship, which underwent extensive refurbishment work, embarked on her first voyage since the cruise line's parent company, Genting Hong Kong, declared bankruptcy. This marks a new chapter for Crystal Cruises and a triumphant return to the seas.

The Crystal Serenity's 12-night cruise from Marseille to Lisbon promises to be a spectacular journey, taking travelers to various enchanting Western Mediterranean ports such as Cannes, Monaco, Portofino, and Barcelona. With a reputation for offering luxury cruises that rival the finest in the industry, Crystal Cruises has always been recognized for its exceptional onboard service, putting it on par with esteemed companies like Regent Seven Seas and Silversea.

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The revival of Crystal Cruises came into the capable hands of A&K Travel, which purchased the cruise line following Genting's bankruptcy. A&K Travel Group CEO, Cristina Levi, expressed her excitement about restoring the beloved brand and welcoming guests back onboard for its new gilded era. This revival was meticulously planned and executed, resulting in retaining 80% of Crystal's cherished crew members, ensuring the continuity of the high standards of service that the cruise line is known for. We've traveled with A&K, and were pleased when we discovered the luxury company was purchasing Crystal Cruises.

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The success of the Crystal Serenity's relaunch has only served to bolster the cruise line's ambitions. Plans have been unveiled to expand the fleet significantly over the next six years. While no formal shipbuilding contracts have been signed as of yet, Crystal Cruises intends to triple the size of its fleet by adding two more classic cruise ships, alongside two expedition ships.

Expedition cruising has become increasingly popular among luxury brands, offering a unique and immersive experience for adventurous travelers. These smaller ships are designed to access the most remote and hard-to-reach ports in the world's oceans, opening up new opportunities for exploration and discovery. With this expansion, Crystal Cruises aims to join the ranks of luxury expedition cruise providers, making its mark in this exciting and growing segment of the industry.

As Crystal Cruises continues to rise from the ashes, the future looks bright and promising for this iconic brand. The successful relaunch of the Crystal Serenity and the ambitious plans for fleet expansion indicate a renewed commitment to offering extraordinary experiences for discerning travelers. With a storied history and a dedication to excellence, Crystal Cruises is poised to reclaim its position as a leader in the luxury cruise market, setting sail into a bright and prosperous future. Bon voyage! 

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