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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Your road to American Airlines Aadvantage Executive Platinum status or elite status on any Airline

 How do you find new unpublished fair specials when booking flights. This is very important when you were trying to continue your status with an airline. There are couple of websites where you can search for loaf price airfare for those long-haul flights.

One website that I use is

This is nice to see what sort of fares are available and how to book them  with particular fare codes. It is very good at telling you how to find the fair that you want online or when you’re speaking to a representative at the particular airline.

Another good website to use to look for low price airfares is

It has a very good search engine that allows you to specify what do you want nonstop, international, domestic, and even the airlines that you wish to travel on. This allows you to look for the particular airline alliance such as one world, star alliance, etc.

 For example, recently I searched for inexpensive airfare from Charlotte on airfare I found a trip to Dublin Ireland for $548. This results in Nearly 8000 elite qualifying miles for relatively inexpensive.  In Dublin is a great city to visit!

Let’s say you decide to travel to Europe 12-15 times in a year using fares like this, you would be at executive platinum status And only spend around $7500. That is certainly worth it and I am sure with other fares that you could find to places like South America, Central America, Alaska, or the Middle East, you could do this with even fewer trips.

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