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Thursday, December 14, 2017

YOUR Restaurant Recommendations for Tel Aviv

Plan for an excellent meal when visiting Tel Aviv!  There are many places to enjoy all kinds of fare!  

The first recommendation for a restaurant is Selva Vida which is about a 1 mile walk North of the Intercontinental.

The owner met us at the door and was very welcoming to our party of six. He said us by the entrance outside. Service was very swift and welcoming. We ordered a very nice is really bottle of wine that was about $100 in price. This was an outstanding Cabernet. Please see my post about is really winetasting from earlier in this trip. Following this the owner brought us out shots of tequila with lime, reflecting a margarita. We made a toast to our health and the mail began. First we ordered and I only ordered an appetizer is Ivan eating such a large quantity all week I did not want to have a large meal. Everybody else in my party ordered a main entrée. When my appetizer was brought out which was a roast beef, carpaccio appetizer, the owner sent over to additional appetizers, sashimi and shrimp. These were outstanding. Next, the main courses arrive which were generous portions to say the least. I shared Glenn‘s entrée with him and there were very few at our table they’re finished theIR Entrées. Also be owner sent out freshly made bread with the appetizers came out. This was served with homemade hummus. For dessert we ordered a crème brûlée dessert and the owner sent out a similar dessert banana bread made in the French toast tradition. It was delicious. We were more than satisfied with this meal.  

The next recommend a restaurant is Hamitbahon.  This is a little more difficult to find but was recommended by a family member who lives nearby.

Here we also enjoyed a very nice bottle of Cabernet. This was followed by an appetizer that consisted of four choices. We chose sweet potato, grape leaves, hummus, and eggplant. These were outstanding. Glenn and I split a dish of beef with vegetables and couscous. I think it is safe to say that this tasted like a beef stew with couscous surrounding it and was a generous portion. We decided to skip dessert and went to a local hang out to have a traditional Arab a dessert of mulhalbiyah with rose water.  

We toured a family members’ Bauhaus neighborhood, near the Rubin museum.  This was very peaceful and a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the area.

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