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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Your Cruise Fitness Challenge

A good challenge for yourself on a cruise is 10,000 steps per day and 10 flights per day.  

It is easy to track this in an activity app on your cell phone or Apple watch (make sure you keep your phone in Airplane mode to prevent roaming or international charges!).  On most cruise lines there is a fitness track, or a promenade deck for long walks outside.

Treadmills are available on all major cruise lines if the outside weather is not favorable.  If you are not a treadmill aficionado, how about walking the inside hallways and stairs?  I did this recently and it is interesting how many persons you see, how many cruise doorways are decorated (recently with Holiday decorations!), country flags, balloons and more!

Nike Fitness App

Many of us hate the elevators on cruises because they get crowded, take a long time and stop at every floor!  Why not take the stairs to stay healthy and save time?

How many calories does 10,000 steps and 10 flights per day burn?  Well, it depends on your weight, but count on around 500-600 calories.  Over the course of a week this is around 4000 calories.  This will put a dent in those extra pounds you always put on while cruising.

What is 500 calories?

A bagel with cream cheese
A large Belgian waffle with maple syrup
Two glasses of wine
Four slices of bacon

A Pina Colada is almost 700 Calories per 6 ounces!
A margarita is over 700 calories for 8 ounces!

This challenge will help with the guilt!

Remember to keep your cellphone in airplane mode.  Don't forget our post on using your cellphone for free overseas or on a cruise!

How to use your cellphone overseas or on a cruise for FREE!

For your cruise LTD recommends luggage tags and lanyards to keep your stuff safe while exercising!

Make Meaningful and Healthy Travel Happen!

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