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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Review of the Scot's Hotel Tiberias, Israel Sea of Galiliee

We checked in without difficulty and was met by the hotel manager. Immediately we received a welcome drink which consisted of apple cider and we were asked if we wanted to add a shot of whiskey to that. It was a nice Scottish touch!

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The manager welcome to stay at a hotel they gave us information regarding breakfast, the bar, pool, and workout room.

Our room was located in the Herbert building. Each building has a plaque outside discussing how it was used when the location was a hospital. For example the breakfast area was located in the previous surgical theater!

The grounds of the Scott’s hotel are magnificent! The landscaping is beautiful and well-maintained. The view from the hotel over the sea of Galilee is unmatched.

There are ancient ruins located on the site next to a koi pond.

The Lakeview double room we had at the Scot's hotel was good. The hotel is in the European style with European shower, European wall dryer, and comforter only on the bed. The pillows were down and on the firmer side. They have an espresso maker in room which is a nice touch. The view from my room was perfect. We were able to see the Sunrising over the sea of Galilee every morning.

RxFitness: Glenn swam in the pool, training for a swimming event, and the lap pool was a welcome excited for him. The problem with visiting here this time of year is that the sunsets around 6 o’clock and the pools and beaches frequently close prior to sunset. Glenn could swim in the sea of Galilee however with traffic and without light that wasn’t safe. Swimming in the Sea might be something good to do during the middle of the day for exercise. The gym at the Scott’s hotel was small and warm.  It had an adequate number of treadmills and other equipment and water and towels available. There are not many locations to run around the Scot’s hotel except on the sidewalk.

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To Check other reviews of the Scots Hotel, rates and book at TripAdvisor Click Here!!

We enjoyed the wine tasting in one of the old storage rooms of the hospital which has been converted into a wine cellar. This was conducted by a local sommelier who was very Enthusiastic about the Israeli wine “scene”. We tasted approximately eight wines, Since I’ve been here I have been very impressed with the quality of his really wine. In the past I have only experienced their wine at Passover and it is always a “Kosher” wine. From the first night in Tel Aviv when I had a glass of Cabernet at the restaurant, to our wine tasting, I was extremely impressed. My favorite that we tasted was a white wine called Tulip that is made by handicapped individuals. This is a very interesting white wine that was a mixture of Cabernet Franc without significant maceration to add a pink color and Sauvignon Blanc. It was very dry. It cost approximately US$30.  My favorite was the Zinfandel. It was very smooth and cost US$40. These wines were not kosher. We learned about kosher wines. With kosher wines, everybody who touches the wine during manufacturing or even the grapes have to be kosher. That has not been the nature of most of the new wineries in Israel, however some of them are growing sections of kosher vineyards. You can ship the wind home at the cost of US$20 per bottle which I thought a little bit excessive. We bought four bottles and we will carry them home in our suitcase. The gentleman wrapped the bottles in bubble wrap and paper and I feel they were very secure. I also travel with large Ziploc bags which is helpful for purchases like wine. I highly recommend drinking wine in Israel which is not something I would’ve anticipated!

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