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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Unraveling a Mystery: Missing Organs in Tragic Carnival Paradise Cruise Ship Death of Crew Member in Freeport, Bahamas

In the aftermath of a distressing incident aboard a Carnival Cruise Line vessel, the sudden demise of 54-year-old carpenter Alfio Torrisi has left investigators and his family grappling with unanswered questions. What began as a routine medical emergency has evolved into a perplexing case marked by the absence of vital internal organs.

Alfio Torrisi, 54, worked as a carpenter on Carnival Paradise

The Tragic Circumstances: Alfio Torrisi, employed by Techni Teak, tragically passed away while receiving medical treatment at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Bahamas, sparking concerns and suspicions surrounding the circumstances of his death. His unexpected demise has sent shockwaves through his family and the community, prompting an investigation by the Catania Prosecutor's Office.

The Chilling Revelation: During the autopsy conducted on Torrisi's remains, forensic examiners made a chilling discovery—his body was devoid of internal organs. Instead, his body cavity was filled with wood dust and newspaper clippings, raising alarming questions about the events leading up to his death and the potential involvement of foul play.

The Investigative Efforts: Facing significant challenges in piecing together the puzzle surrounding Torrisi's death, the Catania Prosecutor's Office has embarked on a rigorous investigation. Despite efforts to obtain clarification from the Bahamas hospital regarding the missing organs, progress has been hindered by a lack of response. Provisional prosecutor Agata Santonocito has initiated international legal proceedings to secure crucial evidence in the pursuit of justice.

Allegations of Hazardous Working Conditions: Amidst the investigation, allegations of hazardous working conditions have surfaced, with Torrisi's family accusing Techni Teak of subjecting him to prolonged labor in extreme weather conditions. The company's legal representatives have refrained from commenting, pending access to case documents, further adding to the complexity of the situation.

The Family's Anguish and Determination: For Torrisi's loved ones, the pain and anguish stemming from his untimely death are immeasurable. His sister, Rosaria Torrisi, has expressed disbelief and sorrow, underscoring the family's unwavering determination to uncover the truth behind his passing. Their quest for answers serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of loss and the importance of seeking closure.

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The Enigmatic Absence: Unraveling the Mystery of Missing Organs

The absence of organs during an autopsy is highly unusual and raises suspicions of foul play or negligence. Several potential reasons could explain why Alfio Torrisi's organs were missing during his autopsy:

  1. Organ Harvesting: In some cases, organs may be intentionally removed for illicit organ trafficking purposes. Criminal organizations involved in organ trafficking may target individuals in vulnerable situations, such as those receiving medical care in foreign countries.
  2. Medical Malpractice: Negligence or malpractice by medical personnel could lead to the accidental removal or misplacement of organs during medical procedures or post-mortem examinations. Improper handling or documentation of organs could result in their disappearance.
  3. Criminal Activity: The deliberate removal of organs as part of a criminal act, such as murder or assault, cannot be ruled out. Organ harvesting may be carried out to conceal evidence of foul play or to profit from the sale of organs on the black market.
  4. Preservation Techniques: While uncommon, in certain circumstances, organs may be removed for preservation purposes. However, the replacement of organs with wood dust and newspaper clippings, as observed in Torrisi's case, suggests an abnormal and potentially sinister motive behind their removal.
  5. Natural Decomposition: In rare instances, natural decomposition processes may result in the deterioration or disappearance of organs before or during an autopsy. However, this explanation is unlikely given the unusual circumstances surrounding Torrisi's case, including the presence of foreign materials in his body cavity.
  6. Intentional Obstruction of Investigation: The removal of organs could be an attempt to obstruct or hamper the investigation into Torrisi's death. By eliminating crucial evidence, those responsible for his demise may seek to evade detection or prosecution.
  7. Misidentification or Miscommunication: Errors in communication or identification between medical personnel and forensic examiners could lead to confusion regarding the handling or whereabouts of organs. However, this explanation would require significant oversight and negligence within the medical and investigative processes.

The Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Grand Bahama (Photo credit: Tribune)

Family's Cry for Justice: Allegations Surrounding Missing Organs

The family of Alfio Torrisi, a man employed onboard the Carnival Cruise Line, is reeling with disbelief and anguish following his tragic demise at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama. 

  • The Torrisi Family's Plight: Rosaria Torrisi, Alfio's sister, voiced the family's distress to an Italian local daily, expressing their urgent need for answers regarding the circumstances of her brother's death and the unsettling absence of his organs. Alfio, a 54-year-old carpenter employed by Techni Teak, tragically passed away while receiving medical care at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport. The family's anguish is compounded by the sudden loss of a beloved family member, leaving behind a devastated wife, child, and shattered relatives.
  • Seeking Justice: In response to the alarming findings, the Catania Prosecutor's Office in Italy has launched an investigation into Alfio's death, suspecting involuntary manslaughter. Despite their efforts, including writing to the hospital for clarification and initiating an international rogatory commission to obtain crucial evidence, the family's quest for truth has been met with silence and frustration.
  • A Determined Resolve: Rosaria and the Torrisi family refuse to relent in their pursuit of justice, driven by a deep-seated determination to uncover the truth behind Alfio's untimely demise. Their unwavering resolve reflects a profound commitment to honoring Alfio's memory and holding those responsible for his death accountable for their actions.

In the face of tragedy and uncertainty, the Torrisi family's cry for justice echoes loudly, resonating with the shared hope that their pursuit of truth will ultimately bring closure and solace amidst the profound grief of losing a cherished loved one.

Conclusion: As the investigation unfolds, the quest for justice and transparency remains paramount for Alfio Torrisi's grieving family. The absence of his internal organs serves as a haunting reminder of the unresolved questions surrounding his death, highlighting the need for thorough and diligent inquiry into this tragic case. In their pursuit of truth, the Torrisi family stands united, determined to honor Alfio's memory and seek accountability for the circumstances that led to his untimely demise.


  1. this is a sad story. Organ harvesting is a real thing. 2 of my family members went missing for years with no trace. I believe their organs were sold on the black market. it great that you are bringing awareness about this problem; it happens more often than we think.

  2. It’s a sad story indeed. Definitely can’t travel abroad alone anymore. If the government was more competent these activities could be brought to justice.