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Monday, January 23, 2023

Unique, Meaningful and Healthy Valentine's Day Travel Gifts for Home and Away: 2023 "We're Traveling Now" Edition

To say that 2020 and 2021 were unique years is an understatement. Since the pandemic was declared in March 2020, safety precautions and protocols have become the stuff of everyday life — at home and on the road. In 2022 most of us were back on the road again with those we love. For some, romance within the restrictions of a public health crisis will be worth it; for others it won’t. LTD comprised this list of some of our favorite gifts for these unusual times that will be helpful both at home and on the road to capture memories, inspire adventure and make life healthier and more meaningful! 

Let's face it - they may not have the time or knowledge to look for great traveling items themselves.  Fortunately, LTD can give you some outstanding selections for all budgets that will certainly put a smile on their faces!!  Our guide includes items that are fashionable, healthy, useful and practical for the traveling female.  Click on the product photo or links if you wish to learn more!  By clicking and/or buying, you support our blog and our mission to bring you information about meaningful and healthy travel!  Thank you so much!!!

1.  Dreaming of Tokyo?   

Aromatized with the finest essential oils, ESNA HOME natural scented candles are crafted from 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan soy wax. This carefully blended with the seductive scent of its soothing incense & aromas of Japanese cypress trees, before fashioning into a scent with hints of Peony & Lotus, ending with tones of Iris & Musk will offer consistent fragrance release during the long burn time of 50 hours. Light it up for a moment of indulgence this Valentine's Day for someone dear to warm their heart and home.  If Tokyo is not for you check out scents like Fresh Cut Roses & Berries!

2.  Give them the next best thing to holding their hand!   

Banish soreness, popsicle fingers and stiffness with a hand massager!  Comfier Electric Hand massagers are specially designed to use air pressure and compressed hot air to pamper every part of their hand and work on the fingers and knuckles to ensure total relaxation. 

3.  OOLER by Chili Technologies - This is our number one recommended product because it has been a "sleep changer" for us!

Give the gift of sleep!!!! Our number one recommended product of 2019, 2020 and 2021.  We first encountered Chili Technologies, now known SleepMe, at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in 2019!  In a matter of no time we became customers ourselves and can't say enough how much the OOLER and chiliBLANKET have contributed to our well-being and healthy travel! The latest release from SleepMe is Sleepme+! It is the first and only technology that provides you with a dedicated virtual AI sleep expert that continually creates the ideal sleep environment based on your current sleep activity. Plus, you'll receive a daily sleep report that allows you take control of your sleep and health goals.

Interrupted sleep is when our sleep is studded with prolonged periods of waking up throughout the night, usually at least four times over the course of eight hours. This condition can be caused by a sudden shift in routine (for example, a new baby in the house), travel, unexpected noises (such as a party at your neighbor’s house or a partner’s snoring), bathroom trips, menopause or other health issues or racing thoughts.  Temperature affects your baseline sleep quality and regulating temperature can help you phase shift your sleep for travel and help prevent jet lag. And do you know what we love best about the company? They stand by their product and you get a 30 day money-back sleep trialSee our full review of OOLER by clicking here! 

4. Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket!

If you're not sure a Chili weighted blanket is for them, start with a RelaxEden Adult Weighted Blanket with a Removable, Washable Duvet Cover. It is designed to provide the deep touch pressure support that can result in a calmer, more soothing night’s sleep and provide the best of both worlds with its cozy and cooling features. Its dual therapy features come from a flippable and removable duvet cover: one side blankets you in a traditional, ultra cozy warmth and security; the other side provides the tranquility of weight, coupled with an advanced cooling fabric. This makes for a great improvement to your current sleep experience or a great gift that your friends and family didn't know they needed!

    5.  Load Photos on this Digital Frame from Wherever you are! 

    It's easy to stay in touch with this highly-rated 10" digital photo frame. You send photos through the Nixplay app, Google Photos, Instagram or Facebook, and the images automatically appear in the frame, anywhere in the world.  Want a larger frame? Check out this 15.5 inch version

    6.  If they Love to Cuddle in the Cold   

    Cuddle on those cool nights at home! She can keep her side extra toasty, while he can keep his a little cooler, and no one has to fight over who gets the controller — because this heated blanket conveniently comes with two!

    7.  Cashmere Scarf   

    Winter is here, so help keep him them warm this season with a stylish cashmere scarf. It comes in lots of colors, so you can choose which one will go best with their style

    8.  Temperature Controlled Mug   

    Using an app on their phone, they can control the temperature of this sleek smart mug to ensure that their coffee or tea stays between 120ºF and 145ºF a.k.a. the perfect drinking temperature for nearly two hours. This is the newest Ember mug for those who enjoy a larger cup of java! 

    9.  TUSHY Spa  

    Give them the gift of a clean hiney with this bidet toilet attachment. Choose from different colors that offer water pressure control. The TUSHY bidet gives you a high-end feel without compromising quality or the price tag. 

    10.  Custom Pet Portrait

    Send in one of the hundreds of pictures that they've taken of their pup or cat and get a printed digital portrait shipped straight to your door. There are so many styles to choose from, even if you don't order one take a look for a smile today!

    11.  Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

    Preserve Every Precious Detail!  Share the experience of life casting from the comfort of your own home. You can't go wrong with this gift of a priceless memory and with a satisfaction guarantee why not give it to all of your loved ones?

    12.  Handmade Wool Slippers

    Does she have popsicle toes? These slippers are handmade in a family studio with customizable size, color and soles.  These slippers have rave reviews for the quality and comfort! If you're shopping for him, check out the men's selection.

    13.  Handmade Caricature Drawing

    Hand-drawn caricatures are 100% proven to make a great gift. A perfect loving and fun gift for your special person. Just send a photo of the person you would like drawn and any instructions about what they should be doing in the drawing, such as from your favorite vacation!

    14.  Is that Silverware in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?

    These have become very popular during the pandemic, and what a thoughtful gift!  These portable utensils come in several different finishes so you know which set is which! They come with an elegant carrying case and include straws and chopsticks. 

    14.  Phones are Important for Travel, but How Can They be Clean??!  PhoneSoap is the answer!

    This is a customer favorite! AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK AND DISCOVERY CHANNEL. PhoneSoap's revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and tested and proven on the Discovery Channel.  Think of the germs we are exposed to during travel! Stay healthy and charge a phone all at the same time.

    15.  For the Traveler who Carries Tension (who doesn't???) or Experiences Pain

    Getting a post-flight massage can beat jet lag, improve circulation, and release tension. If they can’t make it to the spa, these palm-sized firm massage balls act like a portable foam roller to work out the knots and loosen tight muscles in feet, hips, back, shoulders, legs, etc. They could use a tennis ball, but the crevice in the middle of this design is more comfortable to use around places like the spine and come with a handy carrying bag. 

    16.  What Says Love more than Dreaming of Paris?   

    Picture yourself with Mojitos in a in a classic Havana Casino. Doesn't this travel poster for Cuba take you back and make you feel nostalgic and amorous? If you feel that way, your favorite explorer will too.  If Cuba is not for you check out other vintage travel posters by Canvas On Demand.

    17. Swap Travel Dreams Over A Beautifully Laid Out Cheese Board 

    We love this unique gift from Vintage Garden Art.  For anyone who loves to entertain, give them this set of Silver Plated Spoon handles which are hand stamped cheese markers for cheeses from around the World.  Even better, set up a special evening for them with wine and cheeses from around the world and use these markers to make the finishing touches!

    18. Build Famous Buildings!

    Longing to see some famous buildings? Inspire travel in the young Valentines in your life or the young at heart with a Famous Buildings 3D cut puzzles.  Choose from other cities including Moscow, New York, Notre Dame and Italy.

      19.  Watch the Most Romantic Movie of All Time and Dream of Morocco  

      Inspire travel to Morocco and give the gift of enjoying the most romantic movie of all time with your favorite Valentine....Casablanca: A jaded nightclub owner in war-torn Casablanca, whose loyalties are put to the test when his old flame, Ingrid Bergman, reappears to seek Rick's help in escaping from the Nazis.

      20.  OUR ADVENTURE Book PIXAR “UP” Scrapbook 

      Is there anything more romantic than the opening sequence to Up?  It’s the kind of devotion we all dream about.  So why not harness that same sentiment with the love of your life by creating a personalized Adventure Book?

      This vintage-looking scrapbook is perfect to showcase photos, mementos, and small keepsakes from travels with your special someone.  Because the gift of memories is priceless!

      21.  Personalized Sterling Silver Latitude Longitude Rings

      This pair of customizable rings features the latitude and longitude of a location close to your heart.  These beautiful rings are made of stainless steel and measure 3 mm width in silver for her and 8 mm in width in black for him.

      In addition, the coordinates can be stamped on the outside of the ring, or as a secret inscription on the inside.  Looking for even more personalization?  Then add a name or message to your rings as well!

      22.  Personalized Passport Holder Travel Wallet 

      These personalized passport holders not only look fantastic, but they also double as a travel wallet!  Made from scratch resistant faux leather and a sturdy interior, they hold a standard US or EU sized passport along with two credit cards.

      Customize each with your initials or names for a truly unique gift!

      23. Personalized Couples Travel Quote Luggage Tags  

      Easily identify your bags with these unique, personalized luggage tags.  Each includes an inspirational quote and a last name (as well as an optional date).  Tags are engraved with a high-quality laser machine, resulting in clean cuts and fine detail.

      Each tag measures 2.75″ x 4.25″ 

      24. Hearts World Map Canvas Wall Art

      Artist Michael Tomsett created a masterpiece with this world map composed of multi-colored hearts.  This canvas wrapped contemporary design is the perfect addition to a world traveler’s home decor. Made in the USA and three sizes are available.

      25.  Protective Luggage Cover With Hearts

      Show your Valentine's baggage a little love too with this stylish luggage cover.  Because it’s made with high-quality fabric and a sturdy zipper, this durable protector will keep your bags safe on the journey so they arrive looking just as fantastic as the cover itself.  Three sizes are available for small to large suitcases.

      26.  When They Don't Hear Your Voice Enough

      Say what you want to say to them, or put the words to your song, are just some ideas for this customized sound wave art.  This is available framed or unframed and has rave reviews for the customer service. 

      27.  Track Adventures With A Scratch Off World Map

      This Scratch-off Map is the World is Inspirational: Where will your next adventure take you? The Bucket List at the bottom of your travel poster gives you exciting scratch-off goals.  Track And Record Travels, Trips And Globetrotting Adventures With This Scratch-off Map.

      28.  ScentoGo Refillable Perfume Spray

      This is one of our favorite items!  Why spend huge amounts of money for travel size scents?  Just refill from your large bottle.  A special touch is to fill this with their favorite fragrance before you give it to them! Their fragrance, their journey. ScentoGo is a compact, carry-on friendly portable perfume holder with interchangeable cases and a leak-proof design.

      29.  Personalized Travel Mirror

      A compact makeup mirror is almost essential for anyone's travel bag a reminder that they are fabulous is sure to bring a smile. For aging eyes, one of the two mirrors inside is magnified. 

      30.  Handmade Lavender Sachets with Linen and Embroidery

      Place a few of fragrant, lavender-filled travel sachets in a suitcase to keep their luggage smelling great when traveling. They can use them to relax at their destination too!

      31.  For Anyone Who Swears They Can't Sleep On A Plane or in a Car

      With road trips being more common flying these days, make sure they are comfy sleeping when they can! Meet Infinity Pillow – the most versatile travel pillow.  If an infinity scarf and a bamboo-covered pillow made a baby, it would be the Infinity Pillow.  Take the perfect power nap for restored energy and boosted creativity on flights, layovers and on the road. Twist, wrap and bundle with its versatile Möbius shape and transform it to fit the needs of the space.

      32.  Personalized Leather Latitude Longitude Custom Coordinates Bracelet 

      Create your own one-of-a-kind coordinates leather bracelet for teens, men or women, feature the coordinates that mean the most to you and your Valentine!  Not only is the location customizable, so is the length.  

      33. Our Favorite Smart Watch for the Active Traveler just got better with the convenience of making and taking phone calls from your wrist!

      The Garmin Venu has an enormous number of features, a long-lasting battery and an attractive build. The original round version was introduced in 2019 with an amazing response from users and in 2020 Garmin introduced a less expensive square version that has all of the same features at a fraction of the price. But in late 2021, Garmin made the Venu even better when it introduced the Venu 2 Plus. For serious outdoor travel or fitness enthusiasts, it's hard to beat. The GPS features of this watch are unrivaled and work all over the world. The beautiful AMOLED display brings Venu 2 Plus to life, even under bright sunlight. A built-in microphone and speaker make it easy to take calls on the go when connected to your compatible smartphone. And from the durable glass to the sleek stainless steel bezel and comfortable silicone band,
      this smartwatch is ready for anything. This is a high-performance timepiece that meets big challenges and there is even a version without voice control that fits smaller wrists. During the pandemic many Venu users are happy to have their pulse oximetry tracked on their wrist! There is a white version too. Don't like the band color? There are plenty of replacement bands available

      34.  Uin Footwear Shoes Are A Testament To Their Passions — Love, Travel And Art

      UIN Footwear is the brand of travel canvas shoes with artistic Spanish design.  Warm their heart with these soft shoes that have antibacterial Ortholite insoles for a correct absorption of moisture that allow for dry and healthy feet. These super lightweight slip-ons will make them feel like they're walking on clouds! 


      Staying calm these days isn't easy for everyone! Why let them worry about their pillow too?  Give the gift of this pillow mist that is an all-natural formula designed to relax them using natural fragrances and essential oils.  And it smells great too! 

      36. Shokz OPENCOMM Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Noise-Canceling Boom Mic

      COVID has definitely changed how we communicate. For the active Valentine who likes to stay connected, Shokz newest bone conducting headphones are a great item to them her entertained and safe all at the same time!  They allow the user to have situational awareness by keeping the ear clear.  Each side is fully adjustable with your phone to allow sound in only one ear for special circumstances like listening for traffic approaching on only one side. They are perfect for those with hearing aids too!  The battery life, sound and mic have rave reviews. 

      37. Jewelry Is Always Great For Your Favorite Valentine, But Give Them A Beautiful Bracelet Reflecting A Meaningful Place In The World!

      A unique way to remember a special place.  Never get lost when you have the city of your heart right on your wrist!  What a great idea for a cuff bracelet!  The bracelets are created by "printing" on to aluminum cuff.  The light weight of the bracelet makes it a perfect gift for the favorite traveler in your life. Doreen from December Moon Designs creates bracelets with maps from all over, so no matter where your favorite traveler goes they will always have a guide right on their wrist. Click the link to find more locations!

      38. If you had one wish... 

      A heart-wrenching story about discovery and loss, The Wish is a reminder that time with those precious to us is the greatest gift of all.

      39. Compact Power Bank

      We love this pocket sized battery pack that doesn't need cords! This small Body has a Big Capacity: 4500mAh that is big enough to fully charge an iPhone 8 1.5 times or an iPhone X 1 time.

      40. Chocolate Passport Set

      Chocolate is always a good idea, all the better when you get loads of it. That’s what makes this chocolate passport set from Trader Joe’s SUCH a perfect travel-inspired Valentine’s Day gift.  Give them 
      high quality chocolate from premier cocoa growing locations around the world

      41. One of the MOST Popular items in a Large Online Travel Community

      The reimot luggage cup holder lets them fly through the airport without spilling their drink all over themselves! 

      42.  AirTags

      You must of heard of "Luggage Gate 2022." With the contraction of Airline staff, labor shortages and personnel strikes worldwide, piles of luggage were sitting for days without anyone to connect them back with their owners. Apple released their AirTags before that and who knew at the time what a lifesaver they would be for so many travelers. Use AirTags to track your luggage, loved ones (yes this can be helpful when traveling in case you get separated!), purses, wallets keys, pets and more. The reason AirTags work so well is that whenever a person with an iPhone gets close to your AirTag the network displays the tag's location. We use these to hold our AirTags in a discrete location in our luggage and we transfer these to whatever we need to track once at our location. 

      Not an iPhone user? Samsung has the best trackers because they also use the Samsung network to ping your tracker and display its location. 

      43. Osmo Mobile 6

      We just bought this upgraded version! If you’re the sort of person who regrets how little video footage your Dad shot of you growing up, or how poor his video was, then perhaps you could get him the Osmo Mobile 6, from the drone company DJI, so they can shoot ultra-steady videos of you and the grandkids.  The Osmo Mobile 6 is an electronic gimbal, like the one you’d find stabilizing the camera on a drone, except it’s handheld and holds a mobile phone rather than a camera.  This newest version has a motorized selfie stick. We love the combo kit for just a little extra and useful accessories like a light.

      44. Everything But the Toast: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes by Haley Broyhill

      After studying Holistic Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the cutting-edge leader in holistic nutrition education, Haley created this Anti-Inflammatory recipe book that is designed to benefit anyone, but especially those with risk of auto-immune diseases, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.  She has learned that Inflammation can be very sneaky in our lives, and it has been inappropriately vilified. She created her book to educate people about what role inflammation can commonly play in our bodies. It explains what the most common symptoms are, why they happen, and how to heal through dietary holistic and lifestyle choices. Readers will discover the deleterious roles that gluten & other inflammatory foods play in our bodies, and how our environment can make a drastic impact in our overall health. Haley says, "I grew up in a small town where living holistically was not common. The incentive for writing my book came from my love for my family and hometown. My hope is to help the people that suffer from limited resources learn how wholesome choices can change their lives."

      Didn't find anything that interests you?  You can always find some other recommendations at our  2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

      Don't forget your pets who miss us so much when we leave for a vacation!  Click below to remember them!

      Remember, if you have questions related to your health, always consult your doctor or medical professional. The information presented here is informative only and is not medical advice.

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