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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

ALL USA Flights are Grounded until AT LEAST 9 AM January 11 After FAA System Fails

All flights across America have been grounded for the first time since 9/11 by an FAA systems failure that has left thousands of people stranded at airports. 

The problem is with the Notice to Air Missions System, which pilots use to access flight paths and communicate with air traffic controllers about hazards. 

So far 4,000 flights have been delayed by the outage - with more delays expected throughout the day. 

The FAA uses a system called NOTAM to access flight plans. This system has failed. The US Government states there is "no evidence" of a cyberattack.  Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is in touch with the FAA. 

The ground stop by the FAA systems failure has left thousands of people stranded at airports and that is threatening to tank US airline market shares. This follows a major travel headache for many Americans after Southwest Airlines failures last month. 

The cause of this failure is unclear and we will update as information becomes available. 

9:00 AM update:

FAA lifts ground order on flights after two-and-a-half hours: White House says 'no evidence of cyberattack' behind computer failure that delayed at least 4,000 flights and halted America's air traffic for the first time since 9/11.

10:00 AM 

Up to 4500 flights delayed and nearly 900 cancelled nationwide.

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