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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Exploring the Viking Mimir: A Detailed Review of the Veranda Stateroom


We’re excited to share our incredible journey on the Viking Mimir, a beautiful longship that took us from Budapest, Hungary to Amsterdam on the Grand European Tour. In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth review of our experience, including a detailed look at our cabin, onboard amenities, and some tips for making the most of your Viking River Cruise. 

Boarding the Viking Mimir

We boarded the Viking Mimir in Budapest, Hungary, eager to begin our 14-night journey through some of Europe’s most scenic waterways: the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers. Built in 2015, the Viking Mimir accommodates 190 passengers in 95 cabins and is staffed by 53 crew members.

Cabin 335: A Detailed Tour

Location and Layout

Our home for the journey was cabin 335, a Category A Veranda Stateroom located on the upper deck, starboard side. The main difference between Category A and B Veranda Staterooms is their deck placement, with Category A on the upper deck and Category B on the middle deck. For this Grand European Cruise, the price difference was about $200 per person. Category A cabins, like ours, are situated higher, potentially offering better views.

Cabin Features

Square Footage and Comparisons

Our Category A Veranda Stateroom, including the veranda, is about 205 square feet. In comparison, standard staterooms are typically around 150 square feet, while French Balcony staterooms offer a similar layout but without the extra space and veranda, averaging around 135 square feet. Veranda Suites are larger, approximately 275 square feet, and Explorer Suites can be even more spacious, reaching up to 445 square feet. The price of our veranda stateroom was significantly lower than a suite, making it a more economical choice while still offering more space than the standard and French Balcony rooms.

Sleeping Area and Storage

As you enter the cabin, the bathroom is on the left and the wardrobe on the right. The sleeping area is on the left, with cabinetry opposite the bed and a veranda that offers unobstructed views. The beds, officially queen size, can be arranged in either a queen or twin configuration. Each side of the bed is equipped with EU and US outlets, lighting controls, and nightstands with small pullout shelves and additional storage. The nightstand nearest the window is longer, providing more storage space.

Additional Storage

A long built-in cabinet at the foot of the bed includes a vanity with a small stool and mirror, although the lighting here is somewhat dim. This cabinet also houses a small refrigerator, which can accommodate a bottle of wine. Unlike some higher-category cabins, this refrigerator is not pre-stocked. The cabin also features a large wardrobe with ample storage: shelves, a full-length hanging area, and a large safe that can easily fit two 13-inch laptops, tablets, passports, jewelry, wallets, and phones.

The Veranda

The veranda, accessed via a sliding glass door, features two chairs and an occasional table. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the view, providing a nice retreat from the common areas. This space is what sets the veranda stateroom apart from the standard and French Balcony staterooms, which lack the outdoor seating area.

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Electrical Outlets and Lighting

The cabin is equipped with both EU and US outlets next to each side of the bed, providing convenience for charging devices. There are also lighting controls, large lights, small directional reading lights, and a night light located behind the headboard, which is not motion-activated.


The bathroom, though compact, is well-appointed with a vanity, shower with glass doors, and Viking’s own Freyja toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash. The antifog mirror is well-lit, and the bathroom floors can be heated, with controls located to the right of the sink. There are shelves next to and below the sink for storage, as well as hooks beside the towel rack and on one of the shower doors. The shower features a shower head that can be handheld or fixed, with two shelves for toiletries.

Other Amenities

The cabin includes a television above the desk, offering a range of programming including live TV, guest information, and on-demand movies. Filtered water is provided and replenished daily, and bottled water is available at every port. QuietVox boxes for tours are also provided, with EU, US, and USB outlets available at the desk. See our full stateroom review video for how we use our Airily transmitter to connect our wireless headphones with the QuietVox boxes. 

Onboard Experience

Dining and Beverages

The Viking Mimir offers a variety of dining options with beer, wine, and sodas included with meals. The daily menus are diverse, catering to various tastes and dietary needs.

Excursions and Activities

Each port includes one optional tour, generally offering a basic overview of the city. The ship also provides enrichment lectures and entertainment to enhance the cruising experience.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

While Wi-Fi is complimentary, we found it to be quite poor compared to other cruise lines like Seabourn, which uses Starlink. If you need reliable internet, we recommend using your cell phone whenever possible.


Our journey on the Viking Mimir was a luxurious and enriching experience. The Category A Veranda Stateroom provided ample space and comfort for the 14-night cruise, making it a great choice for those seeking a bit more room than a French Balcony room without the higher cost of a suite. At nearly half the price of a suite and significantly less than an Explorer Suite, the Veranda Stateroom offers a perfect balance of space and economy.

We hope you enjoyed our detailed review of the Viking Mimir and found it helpful for planning your own river cruise adventure. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more cabin reviews, excursion insights, and travel tips. Please like and subscribe to support our charitable efforts.

Always remember to make meaningful and healthy travel happen. We look forward to sharing more of our travel experiences with you. See you next time!

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