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Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Top 15 Travel Faux Pas Revealed: What Grinds Your Gears on a Plane?

 Traveling by plane can be both exciting and exhausting. While most of us strive to be polite and considerate passengers, there are always a few individuals who seem to have missed the memo on airplane etiquette. From queue-cutters to seat-recliners and everything in between, a recent survey commissioned by Skyscanner has unveiled the top 15 travel faux pas that passengers just can't stand. So, what are the biggest bugbears when flying the friendly skies?

1. Excessive Drinking (48%)

Taking the top spot on the list of travel pet peeves is excessive drinking on flights. Nearly half of the 2,000 UK travelers surveyed expressed their disdain for passengers who overindulge in alcohol while airborne.

2. Queue-Cutting (43%)

Coming in at a close second is queue-cutting. Nobody likes a line jumper, and 43 percent of respondents ranked this behavior as a major annoyance.

3. Reclining Your Seat During Meal Service (43%)

Reclining your seat during meal service takes the third spot. It's hard to enjoy a meal when the person in front of you decides to go full-recline mode.

4. Reclining Your Seat at Any Point During the Flight (40%)

Not far behind, in fourth place, is the general act of reclining your seat at any time during the flight. For some, this is a major in-flight faux pas.

5. Using Gadgets Without Headphones (35%)

Fifth on the list is a modern annoyance – using gadgets without headphones. There's nothing worse than being subjected to someone else's music or videos on a long flight.

6. Standing Up as Soon as the Plane Lands (33%)

In sixth place is the rush to stand up as soon as the plane lands. While we all want to deplane quickly, some travelers just can't wait.

7. Leaving Bags on the Seat to Get Comfortable (31%)

Seventh on the list is leaving your bags on the seat next to you to get comfortable, making it difficult for others to find a spot to sit.

8. Double-Arm-Rest Hogging (31%)

Another armrest-related issue takes the eighth spot – the infamous double-arm-rest hogging.

9. Draping Hair Over the Back of the Seat (28%)

In ninth place is a grooming faux pas: draping hair over the back of the seat.

10. Taking Up Multiple Seats in the Departure Lounge (28%)

Tying for ninth place is taking up multiple seats in the boarding area, which can be frustrating for fellow passengers searching for a place to sit.

11. Not Separating Liquids Before Security (27%)

Eleventh on the list is not separating liquids before security, causing unnecessary hold-ups at the checkpoint.

12. Not Having Passports or Boarding Passes Ready (24%)

Travelers who don't have their passports or boarding passes ready and hold up the queue come in twelfth.

13. Taking Shoes or Socks Off on the Plane (22%)

Thirteenth on the list is the act of taking off shoes or socks on the plane, which not everyone finds appealing.

14. Blocking Escalators/Travelators (22%)

Blocking escalators or travelators and preventing others from walking past lands in fourteenth place.

15. Over-Packing and Holding Up the Queue (21%)

And rounding out the list in fifteenth place is over-packing, causing delays in the boarding process.

It's clear from this survey that passengers have strong opinions about what constitutes inconsiderate behavior on flights. From excessive drinking to reclining seats, these travel faux pas can certainly make a journey less enjoyable for everyone involved.

When it comes to proper plane-travel etiquette, the survey also revealed that 74 percent of respondents believe you should ask the person behind you if they mind your seat reclining before doing so. Additionally, 81 percent support a rule prohibiting passengers from reclining their seats while food and drinks are being served. And more than two-thirds (69 percent) wish for planes to be disembarked row by row, starting closest to the doors, to prevent chaotic stampedes toward the exits.

In the end, it's essential for all travelers to be mindful of their behavior while on board. After all, a little courtesy goes a long way in making the skies friendlier for everyone.

As you prepare for your next flight, take a moment to reflect on these travel faux pas, and do your part to make air travel a more pleasant experience for yourself and those around you. Safe travels!


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