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Friday, July 28, 2023

Value and Service: Princess Cruises Introduces Enhanced Packages for “Unforgettable”Voyages

Princess Cruises, the iconic cruise brand known for delivering dream vacations to millions of guests worldwide, has taken their commitment to unmatched service and value to the next level. In a recent press release, Princess Cruises announced the expansion of their Princess Plus and Princess Premier packages, offering astonishing savings of up to 70% or more compared to purchasing items individually. These enhanced packages are designed to provide guests with an extraordinary experience, combining convenience, luxury, and indulgence at an unbeatable price.

BUT NOT EVERYONE FEELS THESE ARE FAIR UPDATES! These changes have been very controversial! The most common complaints are the up charge for popular pizzerias Alfredo’s and Gigis, and the $5 surcharge for room service without the Princess Premier package. Those passengers that are already booked will have access to the New Amenities provided, like unlimited internet, but will be subject to the new charges too. One social media user said:

“I think it's the way Princess made the changes that really bothers everyone.  No warning, no consideration for people who have already paid for their cruise.  What a slap in the face to your customers.  It looks like an act of desperation, which it may be.”

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Princess Plus Package:

For $60 per person per day, the Princess Plus Package now includes an array of exclusive services and benefits, showcasing savings of up to $668 on a 7-day cruise. Guests opting for this package will enjoy:

1. Plus Beverage Package: Covering drinks up to $15, including specialty coffees, smoothies, bottled water, and a 25% discount on bottles of wine.

2. Unlimited MedallionNet 2.0: Enjoy seamless and high-speed internet connectivity with Fleetwide Starlink and 5G for a single device, ensuring guests stay connected throughout their voyage.

3. Daily Crew Appreciation: Gratuity fees included, allowing guests to appreciate the hard work of the dedicated crew without any additional charges.

4. Two Prix Fixe Meals at Casual Dining Locations: Delight in delectable cuisine with two complimentary prix fixe meals at any casual dining venue during the voyage.

5. Free OceanNow Delivery Service Activation: Experience the convenience of onboard delivery service at no additional cost.

6. Complimentary Room Service: Relish in the comfort of your stateroom with complimentary room service for a truly pampering experience.

7. "Green Lane" Express Boarding: Effortlessly embark on your journey with free Medallion device delivery included, streamlining the boarding process.

8. Boutique Fitness Classes: Two fitness classes per voyage, including options like Pure Barre, YogaSix, and StretchLab.

9. Premium Crafted Desserts: Indulge in two premium crafted desserts daily, satisfying your sweet cravings throughout the cruise.

10. Unlimited Premium Fresh Juices: Stay refreshed with unlimited access to premium fresh juices onboard

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Princess Premier Package:

For $80 per person per day, the Princess Premier Package takes inclusions to the next level, providing guests with over 75% in savings compared to purchasing components individually. This package boasts everything from the Princess Plus Package and additional offerings:

1. Premier Beverage Package: Elevate your beverage experience with drinks up to $20, including champagne by the glass, specialty coffees, smoothies, bottled water, and a 25% discount on bottles of wine.

2. Unlimited MedallionNet 2.0: Enjoy high-speed internet access with Fleetwide Starlink and 5G for up to 4 devices, keeping everyone connected throughout the cruise.

3. Two Nights of Specialty Dining: Savor two nights of exquisite specialty dining experiences, offering a taste of culinary excellence onboard.

4. Unlimited Prix Fixe Meals at Casual Dining Locations: Revel in unlimited complimentary prix fixe meals at any casual dining venue during the voyage.

5. Reserved Seating in the Princess Theater: Experience top-notch entertainment with reserved seating in the Princess Theater, ensuring the best views of grand performances.

6. Unlimited Boutique Fitness Classes: Enhance your well-being with unlimited boutique fitness classes, featuring Pure Barre, YogaSix, and StretchLab sessions.

7. Unlimited Premium Crafted Desserts: Delight in an array of premium crafted desserts available throughout the cruise.

8. Unlimited Premium Fresh Juices: Stay revitalized with unlimited access to premium fresh juices onboard.

9. Unlimited Digital Photo Package / Princess Prizes: Capture every cherished moment with an unlimited digital photo package or earn Princess Prizes during your journey.

10. Complimentary Medallion Accessory: Receive a complimentary Medallion accessory for added convenience and style.

Of course the Standard rate without any packages like these is still available for a lower fare, but most feel it’s only a matter of time until princess becomes all inclusive for a higher fee or removes the standard option all together. 


Some feel they have been "grandfathered in" as below:

The counter argument is that "We’ve got a cruise for later this year. We booked the plus fare.

So we now have to pay to “upgrade” our plus package in order to receive basic inclusions that were included at the time of our booking… what we signed up for…. Beyond absurd. We shall be challenging this." So the question is, what are they missing now? Well there are things...

"We now have to “upgrade” or pay for Alfredo’s/other casual dining, room service, ocean-now." 

This is not completely true since each package has included room service and two included casual dining experiences (not unlimited any longer). But what are they gaining in this example? Unlimited internet and at $20 per day value per device (typical charge), this is a big benefit in our opinion.  

Booking and Conclusion:

In our opinion the deciding factor is whether you will be consuming many alcoholic beverages, how many port days on your cruise (because you won’t be using the amenities on those days) or whether you have a cruise with a lot of sea days. 

These enhanced cruise packages are available for booking online, through Cruise Personalizer, via professional travel advisors, or by calling 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237). Princess Cruises continues to set the standard for unforgettable voyages with their commitment to exceptional service, personalization, and simplicity. Whether you choose the Princess Plus or Princess Premier Package, you're guaranteed an extraordinary experience, creating meaningful connections and unforgettable moments in the world's most incredible destinations. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey with Princess Cruises!

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