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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Innovators Attempt to Reduce Exposure to Germs on Airplanes with New Seatbelt Design

Even before COVID-19 began, germs were a problem at the airport and on planes.  LTD previously posted about how to be aware of the dirtiest spots at the airport and on an airplane.  Many travelers think it's the airplane bathrooms, and while they can host bacteria and other germs, airplane seatbelts are a big source of germs for fliers.  

Fortunately in response to this finding and the pandemic, companies are trying to find ways to make passengers feel better about stepping foot on an airplane.  Once company, AmSafe has just made a press release about their Sanitized Restraint that demonstrates a large reduction in viral and bacterial load.  In this era of worldwide health concerns related to the pandemic, many airlines are making changes in their policies ranging from blocking travelers in the middle seat to universal mask wearing and more.  Will new seatbelt systems like AmSafe's be implemented too?  Time will tell...

PHOENIX, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to concerns about health, safety and the need to help passengers feel more comfortable flying again, AmSafe has engineered, tested and produced a sanitized seatbelt that demonstrates a 99.9% reduction in viral/bacterial load. In a recent study, 88% of travelers indicated that an airline's effort and commitment to minimize the opportunity to be exposed to bacteria, viruses, microbes and pathogens is important and 65% of passengers indicated that they are concerned with being in contact with seats and seat belts, the two items that you can't avoid. 


Bill Gehret, AmSafe Vice President of Sales, stated, "in our research we are seeing that passenger expectations about cleanliness have changed.  They are also, in many cases, willing to change their preferences for an environment that gives them additional health safety benefits. In fact, our research has shown that 74% would be more likely to book a flight with that airline that has sanitized seatbelts versus one that did not."

Behind this breakthrough technology is embedded silver-ions that provide over two years of protection for passengers and boasts a 93% reduction in bacteria in the first 10 minutes of exposure.  AmSafe has tested this new product at high usage cycles to verify its longevity, tolerance to cleaning with alcohol disinfectants and compliance to TSO C22G and TSO C114 requirements.

To make it easy for airline adoption, they can maintain the same base part number as the original AmSafe restraint, allowing Airlines to treat the change from a standard seatbelt to a sanitized seatbelt the same as merely changing the color. 

Herb Mardany, President of AmSafe adds, "AmSafe has a long history of research, development and testing that inspires confidence in our products.  Add our commitment to helping customers improve safety, reduce cleaning costs and aircraft turn times and this is what enables us to be the world leader in restraint technology." 

The AmSafe Sanitized Restraint is available NOW in polyester or nylon and in any color.  Operator specified custom options such as identifying tags or buckles are also available.  Please contact your AmSafe sales representative or visit for more technical details. 


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  1. With everything going on in the world today, I wouldn't be even remotely shocked to see this become the standard across airlines around the globe. Not only would it protect all passengers, but it would potentially allow airlines to return to a more 'normal' state faster by minimizing risk.