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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Review of Boston Logan American Airlines Admirals Club Renovation 2019

The new Admirals Club one of the common traveling locations, BOS Boston Logan Airport, is in full swing.

You still need a membership to enter and the American Airlines' Citi Executive credit card is the best way to gain entry.  Located near gate B-4, this club seems much larger than the old USAIRWAYS club acquisition.

Full of windows and plenty of seating options throughout, there are several pleasant updates and a few misses.  The format follows what is happening all over with Admirals Club renovations with a few unique Boston touches!

1. Seating

There are plenty of seats for this busy airport. We have never experienced trouble finding comfortable seats at this club for an extended or brief visit. Televisions are plentiful with varied programming.

When you are sitting for long periods of time at the airport and on a plane, we suggest compression socks of at least 20-30 mmHg.  These are reasonably priced and the stripes allow you to have a whimsical attitude which we all need when traveling!  Click the photo below to learn more, buy at Amazon or see other patterns.

2. Charging

Most seats or tables have charging via USB or plug. In the TV room, wireless charging is available on several tables.

3. Checkin

Improved with twice as many agents as the old club (hopefully staffed throughout the travel day). Every time we have visited there are adequate staff members to prevent a wait.

4. Bar

Bright and airy with personal touches like a Bruins' Jersey to remind you exactly where you are!

5. Showers

To answer a common question:  YES there are showers!

6. Children's Room

Small but new and located in a corner of the club to minimize noise, but near the bar? You fill in your own reasons for this...

7. Sleep area

Near the showers are lounge chairs in a dark quiet room to allow for some shuteye between flights.

8. Food and Beverage

Not different than the last 5 years except they do have clam chowder! Overall we like the soda machines that have been added to all new lounges but you shouldn't require an entire renovation to install one. It is time that the Admirals Club upped their food game - especially as more Centurion Lounges open and/or improve.

9. Phone Room

The separate phone room is a nice touch for those who need privacy or may be "loud talkers." You know who you are...

Bottom Line:

The renovated Admirals Club at BOS is definitely an improvement and we will give credit where credit is due: AA did a great job with this werefurbishment. There is still room for improvement in the food and beverage department and they are still miles behind American Express Centurion Lounge in this category.

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