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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review of the 2019 Newly Renovated Atlanta Georgia ATL Full Service AirPort Marriott Hotel

Stay where Most Airlines' Crew stay!  This is a Friendly, Modern and Clean Hotel Option for Your Next Layover near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. There are some limitations with two better options literally at the terminal, but you won't find a better off site hotel.

1. Shuttle to Hotel

The shuttle is shared between Marriott courtyard and the Atlanta airport Marriott. If you want to hurry this may slow you down. Of course you always have to take into account the heavy Atlanta traffic!

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2. Check in

Check in was easy. There is an elite line. Tip is to be first person off of the shuttle as there typically will be a lot of people checking in. I was greeted as a elite Bonvoy member.

3. Rooms

The Atlanta airport Marriott has recently undergone a renovation of its rooms. It now has the standard Marriott layout with wood finished floors, adequate space to place a single carry-on suitcase, and open space to hang clothing which in the humid climate of Atlanta is welcomed. There is a close segment on the end of the clothing area that contains a ironing board. There are many shelves throughout the closet area to store shoes or additional items.

The beds had comfortable linens and well weighted comforters. However, the pillows were extremely thick foam.

While it is nice not to be sleeping on a paper-thin pillow sometimes a thick pillow is just as uncomfortable as I found it to be.

In room coffee is provided as a standard for all Marriott and has no in room water provided for elite members. The noise from the airport was present throughout the night since Atlanta is a very busy airport and unfortunately the Marriott renovations did nothing to minimize the noise from planes throughout the night and this was noticeable to us even while wearing earplugs. Surprisingly, there is no in-room safe. A refrigerator is in the rooms should you need one. We love the HBO and Showtime on-demand or other app options on the large television!

4. Bathrooms

For a carry-on trip, it is important to keep the weight of your bag down and it can be difficult to keep your liquids limited to one quart-sized bag.  We recommend using solid toiletries as much as possible since they don't count as a liquid and weigh less than liquids. Ethique is our favorite line!  Click the photo below to learn more or purchase our favorite solid face moisturizer - perfect for men or women!

The Marriott bathroom renovation is a big positive for this hotel. The showers now have shower doors rather than curtains and drain very well.

There could've been more thought into providing either a towel bar or more shelving as the single metal shelf looked dirty and doesn't hold much. The shelf is probably made of stainless steel which can be difficult to shine - this is probably why it appears soiled. The usual THANN toiletries are provided including body wash. We suggest a second bar of soap for the shower which wasn't provided.

5.  Dining

There is a and on-site restaurant called Voya. This includes a sushi bar which notably there were travelers going specifically to the Marriott to enjoy sushi while waiting for their next flight. In the morning there is coffee available in the room or at Starbucks in the lobby.

6. Shuttle to the airport

We prefer to stay at the Gateway Renaissance or Marriott when needing an ATL airport because of the ease of getting to a flight in the morning. However if those hotels are full, as is frequently the case, The Atlanta airport Marriott may be an option for you. Be prepared to give more time to getting to the airport as you will be on a schedule for shuttle ride and then getting to the terminal via the SkyTrain. It was approximately 30 minutes from the time we arrived to wait for the shuttle until arrival at the terminal. Also note that TSA pre-check and even CLEAR can be time-consuming at the Atlanta airport. The TSA pre-check and clear lines merge as they do at many airports and CLEAR is highly utilized at ATL.

7. Fitness

There is a fitness room on site should you have time to utilize it. This is not an area of Atlanta that we would recommend running or walking outside. In addition to using the fitness center, if you want to get more exercise, take the pedestrian tunnel rather than the SkyTrain at ATL.

Bottom line:

The Atlanta airport option is not the best option for an airport hotel at ATL. However if the gateway hotels do not meet your budget for our fall, it is a good alternative to the gateway hotels. It is clean and since the renovations has modern amenities that you may find useful. The negatives are that the pillows were uncomfortable and the airplane noise may be disturbing to some. Make sure that you plan extra time for getting to and from the airport via the shuttle which is extremely crowded and getting through security at ATL.  Always remember to look if there are any American Express Offers available to reduce the cost of your stay, and if you have not signed up for complimentary Gold Elite Status with AMEX Platinum, call them to do it!

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