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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ten Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Person you Love who Loves to Travel!

We all know those men or women travelers who are hard to buy gifts.  However, you can't go wrong with buying dedicated travelers something unique that will make their travel easier, safer, or more rewarding.

Let the experts at LTD give you ten unique gift recommendations for the travelers you love! Click on the Links to take you directly to the recommended web location for the best prices.

1.  Travelon Anti Theft Classic Messenger Bag is comfortable with an anti-slash strap, lockable zippers and an RFID pocket.  

This comfortable bag has ample number of pockets and space fitting an iPad easily as well as much more and has an outside pocket for a water bottle.  This is LTD's bag of choice for every trip.  With 12 colors available, it is easy to find the perfect gift.  Not only is the material durable, it is cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

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2.  SEEHONOR Anti Theft Travel Backpack, with USB Charging Port and Anti-Theft hidden zippers and secret pockets.  

The SEEHONOR backpack is made of water resistant polyester, well-padded and made to carry a 15.6-Inch Laptop.  A friend of LTD used this on a recent trip to the Middle East and found it convenient and comfortable.  This is hard to resist.  It will look like you spent a lot more!

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3.  For those that travel with expensive valuables, such as watches, jewelry, cash or anything, buy them a lockable portable safe.  

The Pacsafe Portable Safe comes in 5L and 12L sizes and can be affixed to any fixture like a pipe, appliance or any secure site.  It comes with a TSA approved lock as well.  This is sure to please, because most travelers don't think about these!

4.  Do you know someone who likes to travel with wine or other bottles?  Buy them packing sleeves for their bottles!  

A wine lover can never have enough sealable padded bags and this is an option for 8 bags. 

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4.  For the active traveler, a fashionable but functional GPS watch is a must.  

The Garmin Fenix 5X is ultimate multisport GPS watch with full-color TOPO U.S. mapping, routable cycling maps and other outdoor navigation features.  It is fit for adventure with a rugged design that features a stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case. Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS capability that track in more challenging environments than GPS alone, as well as a 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter.

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5.  Sexy compression stockings.  Every traveler has experienced swollen ankles and tired legs and feet.  One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is by using compression stockings.  

What better gift than SEXY compression stockings!  Tramps hosiery offers a wide selection of compression stockings that is bound to satisfy even the most fashionable loved one.  Every length is available - including the ultra-sexy thigh high - as well as patterns and colors galore! Pregnant travelers are especially prone to leg swelling and Tramps' maternity compression hose styles for pregnant travelers are unique.  And for those Southerners, the open thonged toe design makes wearing peep toe pumps or sandals not an issue. Click Here to go to

Tramps has Ultra Sexy Thigh High hose for your Favorite Traveler!

Tramps Compression Hosiery is both healthy and sexy!

Tramps Maternity Style is call Emily and comes in Two Colors

6.  Lighted Magnification Home & Travel Mirror.  

Every avid traveler has experienced this.  You are trying to get ready for a great evening out.  The lighting is so poor that you worry you've put your makeup on too heavily and will be mistaken for a raccoon.  A free-standing lighted magnifying mirror is the ultimate solution.  LTD travels with this mirror and finds it lightweight, large and bright enough to see and versatile because of the two different mirrors included: 10X AND regular mirror.  The plastic cover makes it resistant to breaking and allows it to stand freely.  It folds closed to allow easy storage for travel.  

7.  Floppy Sun Hat.

If you are planning a tropical getaway, PLEASE use the US Department of State Smart Traveler App, and consider buying a floppy sun hat and UPF clothing.  The incidence of melanoma has been increasing steadily among Americans and one of the best ways to protect yourself is to wear hats and UPF clothing.  LTD loves this sun hat because of the cute message options available like "Hello Sunshine" among many more!

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8.  Noise Canceling Headphones and a Subscription to a Movie Download Service. 

If you have a frequent traveler as a loved one, ask them about the BABY dilemma.  LTD gave various solutions to this problem with the best being watching videos on your iPad or noise canceling headphones.  Beats are the most famous and sure to please, but LTD considers Bose to be the best.  Consider a gift subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime because subscribers can download a wide array of series, documentaries or movies that can drown out even the loudest of noisemakers on an airplane.  If you have two persons who need to watch a movie at once, splitters are available for two sets of ear buds.

9.  A Home Pants Press

For the Business traveler, nothing looks worse than leaving your house with unpressed clothing which only will get worse after hours of sitting in a car, at the airport or on a plane.  A very useful and unexpected gift is a pants press.  LTD uses this always for crisp looking pants before leaving the house.  This is a good gift for a man or a woman because who really likes to press pants?  This pants press has a beautiful walnut finish, an automatic cut-off plus manual cancel option, and it comes complete with feet, deep coin tray, jacket hanger and bracket.
The Colby Pants Press is sure to Please the Traveler and the Ironer in your Family!

10.  Two Dollar Bills

Last but not least if you are a last minute gift giver, and let's face forgot to buy something, go to the bank and get a stack of $2 bills.  These are great for any traveler to give as tips anywhere whether in the USA or overseas.  They are unique and lucky!  

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