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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Your Guide to Visit Ireland and Experience Unique Irish Culture and History

The Best Guide to Visiting Ireland is by LuxuryTravelDocs!

Don't go to Ireland without looking at this guide for the best things to do in Ireland.

Ashford Castle in Cong

LTD was asked by a member of our luxury travel group where to visit in Ireland.

Ireland is a complicated but rewarding country to visit.  There are some useful tips that LTD recommends reviewing before you travel to Ireland at The Culture Trip.  The most COMPLETE review of Ireland's sites with 100 recommendations and a very easy index to use is found at Jen Reviews.  LTD's review below is filled with many personal recommendations including photos of what personal experiences to find, hotels and photo opportunities.

But what to see?  It depends on where you are, but LTD has personally visited many sites in Ireland and based on personal experience we break it down into different interests:

1.  Do you like art?  

In Dublin LTD recommends viewing the Lost Painting at National Gallery of Ireland.  The Book of Kells at the Dublin Trinity College is a beautiful example of illustrated medieval gospels.

The Book of Kells in Dublin

The Lost Painting is a great story and you can view Caravaggio's masterpiece at the National Gallery for FREE!

2.  Do you like beer or whiskey?  

Drinking is a national pastime of Ireland and LTD recommends indulging safely, but tasting the favorite drinks of Ireland.  Guinness tastes completely different in Ireland than the USA.  Guinness is available everywhere, but a visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a must.

Guinness tasting

Next, a member of the Luxury Travel Group recommends a visit to the Jameson distillery for whiskey tasting.

3.  If you like Bars 

Pat Hurley of Fort Lauderdale, FL recommends Durty Nelly's in Bunratty established in the 17th Century.  Every village, town and city has an old bar that will be worth visiting and most will have authentic Irish music.  Don't miss the chance to listen to some local music!  LTD recommends the Prince of Wales Bar or the Drawing room at Ashford Castle in Cong.

The Drawing Room at Ashford Castle

The history of this bar, the beautiful castle and the views from the Drawing Room are beautiful.

4.  Castles!  

Of course kissing the Blarney Stone near Cork is cheeky but fun.  The castle grounds are magnificent and peaceful.

Kiss the stone but you may catch a cold!

Blarney Castle

Ashford Castle in Cong is a great place to stay or visit, and nearby Cong Village is quaint and full of history.  If you are a John Wayne fan, this town is a must-visit location.  If you schedule a dinner, entrance to the castle is included.  If you stay, don't miss the Irish Wolfhounds or the Falconry school!

Irish Wolfhounds in Ashford Castle

My Falcon at Ireland's School of Falconry, Ashford Castle

Dublin Castle is full of history and convenient to visit.

Dublin Castle has evidence of its witness to many centuries

 When you visit Durty Nelly's in the Shannon area, visit Bunratty Castle nearby.  Kyelmore Abbey is a peaceful and beautiful location in Connemara.  This is different than most castles in is a great site to visit, tour the gardens, hike and have lunch.

Kylemore Abbey is unique and worth a visit

Castles are everywhere, so once you decide where you will be look for the area castles.  The Travel Channel has a good review of the top Irish castles.

Dunluce Castle near Giant's Causeway

5.  Vistas!  

The views are abundant on coasts or Lakes.  Two coastal sites LTD recommends are the Cliffs of Moher in the Burren region near Shannon and Giant's Causeway near Belfast.  The Ultimate Vistas have been seen on the Television Series of Game of Thrones!  Take a Game of Thrones tour with -- you won't regret it! 

Cliffs of Moher

View from the Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway

The Burren National Park is a great place for hiking or cycling and at times makes you feel like you are on the moon.

The Burren

Neolithic Tomb in the Burren

Connemara National Park is another great location for outdoor views and activities such as cycling or hiking.  Learn and view the bogs and peat here.  Heather fields are abundant.

Heather Field in Connemara Park

Take a ferry to the Aran Islands from nearby the Cliffs of Moher.  These Islands are full of welcoming locals, and quaint inns.   This location is a great example of the history of fishing in Ireland.

Fishing Shack Aran Islands

Farm Animals are abundant in the Aran Islands

Just explore, get out into the countryside and ask questions, because the Irish are very welcoming and love to meet travelers!  LTD has rarely felt so welcome in any other country!

The locals are friendly!  He gave me his pipe.

LTD was asked to send some hotel recommendations:

1.  The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis is very charming and well situated near the town.  Ennis is great for shopping
2.  Sheedy's hotel in Lisdoonvarna has a great chef and has pubs with great music nearby and is well situated to tour the Burren
3.  The Schoolhouse Hotel in Dublin is a 10 minute walk to our recommended sites
4.  The Park House Hotel in Galway is well situated with great music across the street
5.  The Kilmurvey house on the Aran Islands is an charming old 18th century home, and is well situated to view the water and Dun Aengus, a famous Druid site.
6.  Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel is on the shores of Connemara’s sparkling Lough Inagh, and this elegant lodge boasts spectacular views.

Useful Travel Gadget for Ireland:

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Imagine has some great cottages to rent for your base of operations when traveling around Ireland also.  Click Here for more information! 

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  1. We are visiting to Ireland at the end of the year and it sounds like our Ireland Itinerary is very similar to yours except backwards. I've always wanted to go there, definitely I have bookmarked this for next time when we finally make the trip.