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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Review of Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class 787 Chicago ORD to Amman AMM

Royal Jordanian crown class 787 Chicago to Amman and Return

The first offering is not Champagne, but Turkish coffee, water and juice - The couple across from us complained and questioning if there would be alcohol!  Yes, be patient.

Seats narrow and a hair on the opening next to me

Viewing screens very large but limited options for movies were available.  For example in late October of 2017, the only movie that interested me was King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and on the return 2 weeks later was War for the Planet of the Apes was added. I do not know if this was due to lack of access, lack of paying for better programming on the part of the airlines, or religious concerns.  Fortunately I had 5 seasons of Downton Abbey downloaded on my iPad.  

Arrangement is 2-2-2.  This is awkward for the window seats since you would have to crawl over a stranger potentially to get to the bathroom and with lie-flat seats, this is difficult.  Fortunately we had center seats. Suggest reserving these early.

See what I packed for Jordan and Israel.  LTD suggests being respectful and protecting yourself from the sun! 

Good selection of wines and meals options.

Barista espresso selections is a nice touch

Flight attendants very helpful and courteous and even allowed me extra pillows and blankets.  Try asking for that on an American flight!!!

Poor overhead storage.  I had to store my bag two rows ahead as did many business class passengers on the flight to Amman.  I made sure I was on the flight quickly for the return to secure overhead space.

They use mirrors everywhere to make spaces appear larger.  Never seen a full size mirror in a bathroom but the bathrooms are small for a 787.  For example the rear business class bathroom is very large on the American Airlines Dreamliner.  I don't like the smell of the products in the bathroom, but this brand appears to be a common middle east brand.  

Slow service
No hook for jacket/sweater in cubicle.  The amenities case was adequate.

Dinner service is a la carte. They ran out of most food by our row 3.  Only pasta or chicken with vegetable and rice left out of four choices.

Pasta and vegetables were good.  Desert was fair.  

A small bottle of water was provided at each seat prior to departure.  This could not be replenished but could be refilled from a larger bottle.  This does not seem very sanitary!!!   I did not feel that snacks or drinks were readily available for this 13 hour flight.

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