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Sunday, October 8, 2017

American Express Platinum Insurance Coverage

American Express platinum has Accidental death or dismemberment coverage for travel that is paid for with the card.

1.  Travel Accident Insurance is a benefit of the Amex Platinum card.  This only covers accidental loss of life or dismemberment up to $500,000.  Key exceptions to note include lack of coverage for suicide, illness, stroke, heart attack or if you are traveling in a personal or rental vehicle.  Who is covered?  Covered Person means the Basic Card Member, each Additional Card Member, and each of these Card Member’s spouses or Domestic Partners and dependent children under 23 years of age.

Benefits changed 9/1/17.  Here are the updated policies for all Amex cards.

2.  Baggage insurance plan is a benefit of the Amex Platinum card.  For you, spouse, children lost checked or carryon luggage is insured for up to $3000.  High cost items, such as jewelry, are insured for a maximum of $1000 per item up to the limit.  This is for lost, damaged or stolen luggage.  I recommend always photographing your luggage before departure.  This is easy to do with a cell phone and photos can be deleted upon return.  

Benefits changed 9/1/17.  Here are the updated policies for all Amex cards.

All American Express cards have some form of insurance available to you and in my experience travel insurance does not cover this much.  The difference between the Amex coverage and travel insurance is that Amex does not cover delayed luggage, which is far more common than lost or stolen luggage.  


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