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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vermont Bicycle Tours Cycling Prague to Vienna Review VBT Czesky Krumlov to Passau and Review of Altstadt Hotel

Vermont Bicycle Tours offers and Excellent Tour from Prague to Vienna.  This is an excellent Healthy and Meaningful Vacation!  

Here is our crossing from Czesky Krumlov to Passau which was one of the Highlights of the Itinerary!

We started with the morning train to Nova Pec.  The train is individual cars with drapes, much like in old movies.  It was comfortable and nostalgic.

After leaving Czesky Krumlov here are our Thoughts on the Czech Republic 

1. Locals eager to have you visit.
2. Most speak some English except elderly.
3. Food is inexpensive but not exceptionally tasty
4.  Beer is plentiful and inexpensive. 
5.  Wine is marginal.
6.  Bread is dry 
7.  Hotels have minimal amenities and space is limited.
8. Walking is safe
9. Prague is lovely.

We recommend Compression bags for the Active Vacation where changing hotels is regular.  This allows you to separate your clothes for easy access compared to packing cubes and pack more.  Click Below to View.

The route to Passau was a challenging bike ride.  We crossed the Czech Republic/Germany border where there are remnants of the "Iron Curtain".

Lunch was delicious in a biergarten.  The bread is much better in Germany.

The afternoon consisted of many hills and headwind. After only a few seconds after arrival in Passau we realized the Altstadt Hotel was 50 yards from where our Uniworld boat was parked 5 years earlier.

Room was spacious.  A vanity was present, but no air conditioning again. Why do European rooms not use Air Conditioning?  We discuss this in our review of Innsbruck Penz Hotel.  Rooms were noisy too with street noise from students and tourists was abundant.  There are many universities in passau so it is akin to staying in a college town.  Dinner at wagners was fair.  Breakfast at wagners was included and a beautiful view of the three rivers was beautiful with breakfast.

Rx fitness Tip:  

Run along the Inns river.  There are very few cobble stones with a beautiful view of churches and water.  It is 5 miles to the dam Roy trip from the point of the three rivers convergence.

We recommend dining at the Scharfrichterhaus Restaurant in Passau.  

The food is excellent with many gin, beer and wine choices from Germany and Austria we enjoyed an appetizer, entrees and drinks for 45 euros including the tip.  Outside or inside are both nice with jazz playing overhead.  Many locals were there.

We cycled to Schärding.  On the way don't forget to stop for a photo op.  One foot in Germany and one foot in Austria.

In Schärding, we recommend gelato at Eiscafè PUROGELATO on the square for 2.5 euro.  It is a nice break during a day of cycling.

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