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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Visit Cesky Krumlov In the Heart of Southern Bohemia to Enjoy Medieval Architecture and Vltava River

Cesky Krumlov, in Bohemia’s deep south, is one of the most picturesque towns in Europe and a short bus ride from Prague 

A Unesco World Heritage Site with a stunning castle above the Vltava River, an old town square, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and hordes of tourists milling through the streets -- you should get out of the town as well to see the people!  Maybe do your own thing for entertainment! There are plenty of bars and riverside picnic spots – in summer the river a popular spot for backpackers. It can be a magical place in winter when the crowds are gone and the castle is blanketed in snow and we saw many photos of that.  We went in the heart of summer.

The bus to Cesky Krumlov was comfortable and took three hours.  This was followed by a walking tour of the town with Stanislaw.  Cesky krumlov is medieval town on the vlatava river. The castle complex is the second largest in Czech Republic.  The town below is full of quaint shops and dining on the river.  Many tourists and locals enjoy the warm weather.  Kayakers and swimmers dot the water and the sound of the river is Mesmerizing.   Tour the castle gardens and grounds for free.  There is a Small fee to enter the castle and tower, but this isn't anything special.  There is a nice terrace half way up to the gardens where beer is about $1 and views of the town are phenomenal.

You will need a power converter for your international trip. Our favorite is the Unidapt for its ability to connect a larger number of electronics at once!  Click the photo below for more information.

Review of Hotel Bellevue

The hotel in Cesky Krumlov was not to my standards.  Small room with no air conditioning and little storage.  We asked for a fan immediately.  Beds were comfortable but without air it was hot and noisy with the windows open, so it didn't matter how comfortable they were. The tub was slippery and shower head small.  L'occitaine products were lovely, but overall we do not recommend the Hotel Bellevue except for its location.

Welcome to vbt dinner included champagne, salmon with grain and cheeses followed by a meal of trout, turkey or fried mushrooms at Svejk right below the Castle.  The meal was fair.  The appetizers with champagne were much better.  Fish in Czech Republic is whole with head and bones.  Be prepared.

Get out of the town and enjoy this fascinating culture and cycling is a great way to do that!  

Cycling the following day was warm and through the country side - 30 miles.  Swans and horses were seen everywhere.  Lunch was at a local farm.  This was the best meal we had in all of Czech Republic.  Schnitzel, fresh vegetables, home made soup and vegetable dip, spinach strudel and fried zucchini.  The best was apple strudel, coffee and plum liquor for dessert.  Peter demonstrated the 1950s tractor for us.  They had a lovely outside bedroom for hot summer nights.  The house was interesting and reminded us of an early 20th century motif.

Dinner by the river is a great view and there are several choices!

Dinner at the riverside hotel cafe Laibon was fair.  We enjoyed a good salad with sheeps cheese (feta) and olives and a Chardonnay from Moravia and pork ribs and beer. This was the best wine thus far. The waiter was a bit pushy and we found this unappealing.  The meal cost $45 with a tip.  We paid in euros.  Ask if credit cards are accepted first, but if you pay in cash ask if euros are accepted.  Czechs will convert to euros if you want, but ask ahead of time and be prepared to not receive change.  Tipping is customarily 10%.

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