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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Luggage Solution for Your Next Luxury Shopping Vacation

Use a Carabiner to Carry Extra things on Vacation!

Have you ever Wondered How to Carry all of Your Purchases on Vacation?  This Is an Item You Should Never Travel Without!

Husbands can only carry so much!  Travel Carabiners are Useful for Many Travel Concerns:  Carrying, Sucurity and Mending...

A follower of LTD who loves to shop for high end souvenirs, gave the recommendation of carrying shopping bags when traveling.  He likes to use a carabiner to attach the bags to his backpack or shoulder bag.  Of course, be very careful doing this in less secure locations!  Keeping your hands free makes you better able to take pictures!!!!!!  Of course lightweight carabiners are good to throw in your luggage for many things:

  • Reattach a broken strap
  • Recinforce a zipper on that bag that you have stuffed to the max
  • For security, discreetly clip you shoulder bag or backpack to your belt loop.
  • Connect luggage pieces or other loose things, like jackets, together at the airport

LTD suggests different options.  There are colorful carabiners, tactical carabiners for the active vacation, or black and gold options for a more elegant appearance.  LTD likes the added benefit of the screw closure on the black or gold carabiners suggested below because of added security of you things.

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