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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Duravo Expandable International Carry-On - Our Perfect Companion for a Two-Week European Vacation


Luxury Travel Docs wants to be transparent with our readers. We received the Duravo International Carry-On at no cost from Duravo for the purpose of conducting an honest review. Our opinions and experiences shared in this review are entirely our own and have not been influenced by the provision of the product. Our commitment is to provide accurate and unbiased information to assist fellow travelers in making informed decisions.

Imagine a world where your luggage isn't just a travel companion; it's a reliable partner that enhances your journey at every turn. Welcome to our review of the Duravo International Carry-On, our perfect companion for a memorable two-week European vacation. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the background of the Duravo brand, explore the remarkable internal and external features of the carry-on, share our firsthand experience of how these features proved invaluable during our European adventure, address some frequently asked questions, and wrap up with a summary of our love for this exceptional travel companion.

Duravo: Our Ultimate Travel Partner When it comes to our travel needs, we're uncompromising. We want style, quality, and durability seamlessly rolled into one, and that's precisely where Duravo stepped in. Beyond the eye-catching design of the Expandable International Carry-on, it boasts the formidable strength of Flexshell™, a groundbreaking composite material. Duravo's suitcase isn't just any piece of luggage; it's a testament to innovation, tailor-made for travelers like us who desire nothing but the best features. And the cherry on top? It's not only incredibly lightweight but full of features that adapted to our needs on our recent trip to Europe.

  1. What to Expect in this blog post:

    1. Duravo Company Background: Pioneering Innovation in Travel

    • Insights into Duravo's founders and their partnership with Curv®.
  2. 2. Duravo's Remarkable Debut at SXSW 2023

    • Highlighting Duravo's presence at the SXSW event.
  3. 3. Duravo's Innovative Lineup: Flexshell™ Takes Center Stage

    • Discussing Duravo's innovative product lineup and the revolutionary Flexshell™ material.
  4. 4. The Rigorous Testing Process

    • Shedding light on Duravo's testing process to ensure product durability.
  5. 5. Flexshell™: Where Strength Meets Sustainability

    • Exploring the strength and sustainability of Duravo's Flexshell™ material.
  6. 6. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

    • Delving into Duravo's commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  7. 7. Exploring Italy: The Ideal Travel Companion - Duravo's International Carry-On

    • Setting the scene for the European adventure and the role of Duravo's Carry-On.
  8. 8. Duravo's International Carry-On Specifications and Exterior

    • In-depth details about the dimensions, capacity, weight, and material of the International Carry-On.
  9. 9. Interior Features

    • A look at the spacious main compartment, interior pockets, USB charging, device protection, and hidden compartments.
  10. 10. FAQs: Your Duravo Flexshell™ Questions Answered

    • Answering common questions about Duravo's materials and features.
  11. 11. Investing in Quality: Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On Price

    • A discussion of the pricing and value of Duravo's Carry-On.
  12. 12. Where to Buy Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On

    Providing a link for readers to purchase the suitcase.

  13. 13. Additional Information on Duravo's Promotions and Features

    • Details about discounts, payment options, warranty, returns, and the try-and-buy option.
  14. 14. Comparing Duravo to Other Luxury Brands

    • A comparison with other premium luggage brands and their prices.
  15. 15. Final Thoughts

Duravo Company Background: Pioneering Innovation in Travel

At the heart of Duravo's story lies a passion for exploration and an unwavering commitment to elevating the travel experience. Founded by travel enthusiasts Eric and Matt, Duravo is the manifestation of their shared vision for exceptional luggage.

What sets Duravo apart is its groundbreaking partnership with the creators of Curv®, a composite material renowned for its applications in ballistic gear, professional hockey skates, and EV auto components. This partnership led to the development of Flexshell™, a material that combines high-strength, molecularly oriented thermoplastic fibers with eco-friendly polymers. The result? A material that's 5 times stronger than traditional plastics while retaining remarkable lightweight qualities.

Duravo's journey to revolutionize travel commenced with the introduction of an innovative product lineup. Foremost among these offerings is the sturdiest and lightest carry-on suitcase in its class. This suitcase, constructed with Flexshell™, marks a significant leap forward in the travel industry.

Duravo's Remarkable Debut at SXSW 2023

In 2023, Duravo made an indelible mark at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference during the Artist For Artist (AFA) show. AFA, celebrated for championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in music while supporting critical foundations like Give A Note Foundation and Music Unites Us, provided the perfect stage for Duravo's unveiling. Headlining the event was none other than the legendary guitarist Robby Krieger of The Doors, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

Duravo luggage and backpacks were prominently featured alongside local tastings, interactive experiences, and world-class performances by international artists. In a thrilling twist, actor Dennis Quaid joined Robby Krieger on stage, belting out classic Doors songs while Robby's iconic guitar riffs filled the air. The night was not just a celebration of music but also a testament to innovation and the spirit of adventure.

In a heartwarming gesture, contest winners were awarded Duravo products, including guitars personally signed by Robby Krieger. Furthermore, the American Songwriter Contest winner, Dakota Cohen, was presented with the inaugural Duravo carry-on and Venture Backpack, marking an auspicious beginning for Duravo in the realms of music and exploration.

American Songwriter Contest winner, Dakota Cohen

Duravo's Innovative Lineup: Flexshell™ Takes Center Stage

Duravo's journey to redefine travel started with the development of its innovative product lineup. Foremost among these products was the most robust yet lightest carry-on suitcase in its class. The distinguishing feature of this suitcase? It's constructed using Flexshell™, a groundbreaking composite material inspired by anti-ballistic applications.

In collaboration with the creators of Curv®, renowned for its use in ballistic gear, professional hockey skates, and EV auto components, Duravo harnessed the power of Flexshell™. This material, known for being 5 times stronger than traditional plastics, enables the creation of remarkably slim and lightweight luggage, signaling a paradigm shift for discerning travelers.

Duravo, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is rapidly emerging as a pioneering startup focused on crafting travel products that merge unique materials with cutting-edge design. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Duravo's partnership with Propex Furnishing Solutions Inc. adds a rich dimension to its journey. Propex is distinguished for its technical fabrics and the widespread application of Curv composite material in tactical gear, sports equipment, automotive components, and luggage—a match made in innovation heaven. Duravo's remarkable journey is a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting products that redefine travel expectations. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..

The Rigorous Testing Process

Duravo's commitment to excellence doesn't stop at innovation; it extends to a stringent testing process. Duravo products have been subjected to extreme trials – from being run over to enduring harsh environmental conditions and even surviving falls from buildings with laptops securely stowed inside. The remarkable outcome? Products that not only looked pristine but also functioned flawlessly, with each test reaffirming their durability.

In an industry where cracks and permanent deformation are all too common, Duravo's exceptional resilience stood out. These rigorous tests solidified our confidence in our choice of luggage for our European adventure.

Flexshell™: Where Strength Meets Sustainability

Flexshell™ isn't just about strength; it's also about sustainability. This patent-pending composite material, manufactured in Germany, combines high-strength, molecularly oriented thermoplastic fibers with eco-friendly polymers. The result is a material that's highly impact-resistant and capable of resisting cracks or permanent deformation even under extreme conditions.

In fact, when used in bullet-proof vests, Flexshell™ stops bones from breaking and organs from bruising. In the world of travel, it provides a 2 to 5-pound weight savings over carry-on luggage made with current materials. This reduction allows travelers to pack more while staying within airline restrictions, enhancing the travel experience.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Duravo's commitment to sustainability extends to its manufacturing processes. Flexshell is created through an environmentally clean thermoplastic process that avoids harmful substances like solvents, VOCs, plasticizers, BPAs, or halogenated compounds. This process ensures that the material is fully recyclable in common polymer recycling processes, reducing its impact on the planet.

Now, let's delve into the core product that defines Duravo's commitment to innovation and excellence: the Expandable International Carry-on. As we share its exceptional features, we'll also comment on how we found each feature incredibly useful during our European adventure exploring Italy.

  1. Exploring Italy: The Ideal Travel Companion - Duravo's International Carry-On

    We had a two-week trip to Italy filled with cobblestone streets, long and short-haul flights, and scenic train rides. We know that the choice of luggage can make all the difference, and that's where Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On shined.


    British Airways

    American Airlines

    Our Duravo Expandable International Carry-On wasn't just about practicality; it was stylish too. We opted for the sleek Ice color, which looked modern and sophisticated, but you can choose from a range of captivating colors, including Ice, Carbon, Red, Blue, and Copper Brown. Beyond aesthetics, its tough Flexshell exterior could withstand the rigors of travel, including the bumps and jostles that often come with short and long-haul flights, taxis, and scenic train journeys throughout Europe.

    Let's delve into the specifications and explore why this suitcase was our perfect travel partner when we put it to the test.

    American Airlines in London

    Duravo's International Carry-On Specifications and Exterior:

    • Dimensions: Carry-on luggage size regulations can vary depending on the airline, the specific aircraft you're flying on, and whether you are flying domestically or internationally. At 21.3 inches in height, 14.6 inches in width, and 8.7 inches in depth (with an expanded depth of 10.7 inches), Duravo's International Carry-On is designed to fit most international and domestic airline cabin restrictions. We tested the size for American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia and even fully expanded, we met the requirements for a carry-on bag and it easily fit in the overhead compartments. It even fit on regional train overhead racks, which if you've been, you know can be challenging. We did not run into size-related hassles during your short-haul flights and train journeys. Plus the size and strength made for a good stool when waiting for the next leg of our journey.

      Regional Train Racks in Italy

      Santa Maria Novella Train Station in Florence

    • Capacity: With a generous capacity of 37 liters, the International Carry-On provided ample room for clothing, shoes (size 12), accessories, and travel essentials. The expandable design, which increases its capacity to 46 liters when needed, made a huge difference. This flexibility allowed us pack for a two-week adventure without leaving anything behind.

    • Weight: Weighing in at just 5.5 pounds, the International Carry-On is the lightest in its class (over existing polycarbonate and aluminum luggage). This lightweight construction made it incredibly easy to maneuver through cobblestone streets, stow, and carry on and off trains and airplanes. You'll appreciate this feature when you're navigating the charming but uneven pathways of European towns.

    • Material: The International Carry-On is crafted from premium Duravo Flexshell™ composite material. This is not your ordinary luggage material; it's a game-changer. Its high-strength, molecularly oriented thermoplastic fibers combined with eco-friendly polymers make it highly impact-resistant. We checked our bag once on a small commuter flight and we weren't worried about the bag and knew that we could keep our stuff safe. Plus we knew we could clean scuffs with a magic eraser when we returned home (see below). The surface of the bag has an almost "carbon fiber" pattern to it, making it look stylish all at the same time. We received many comments about how great it looked! 


      External Lock with Traveler-Friendly Design: One feature that truly stood out was the external lock on our Duravo International Carry-On. It was not only secure but also incredibly user-friendly, especially for travelers like us with varying vision needs. The lock was thoughtfully designed to be easily visible, even in the low-light conditions often found in some European hotel rooms. This attention to detail ensured we didn't struggle to locate or operate the lock, making our travel experience smoother and more enjoyable. With our Duravo International Carry-On, every moment of our Italian journey was enhanced. From navigating cobblestone streets to breezing through short-haul flights and train rides, this suitcase proved to be the ideal travel companion. Duravo's attention to detail, both in terms of specifications and user-friendly design, made our adventure in Italy unforgettable. The white numbers on the black dials make it easy for aging eyes like ours to read in poor lighting such as a hotel room.

      Wheels: Additionally, the suitcase offers premium features for ease of use and convenience. Its smooth-rolling, quiet-glide wheels ensure effortless movement, even on uneven surfaces like cobblestones. We tested this in the airport and walking on the streets. With no problems rolling the bag, our travel mates were a little jealous! 


      Handle: The three-stage telescoping cushioned handle was a true lifesaver. In Italy, where the terrain varies from narrow streets to bustling train stations, this adjustable handle allowed us to effortlessly adapt to the surroundings. Whether it was gliding smoothly along a picturesque Italian street or navigating through a crowded airport, the three-stage telescoping handle made maneuvering our Duravo International Carry-On a breeze.

      Side and Top Handles for Added Convenience: One more feature that significantly enhanced our travel experience in Italy was the presence of side and top handles on our Duravo International Carry-On. These handles were more than just convenient; they were essential for our adventure. The sturdy side and top handles allowed us to effortlessly lift our suitcase into overhead compartments on trains or stow it away in tight spaces. The robust construction ensured we could grab our suitcase securely, even when in a hurry. Their convenience and sturdiness allowed us to seamlessly transition between different modes of travel without any hassle. The handles are padded and very comfortable for carrying when not rolling.

      Luggage Tag: A leather luggage tag is included and the holder with its strategic external placement became essential during our Italian vacation, allowing us to quickly spot our suitcase in bustling train stations and airports. This durable and stylish accessory not only added a personal touch to our luggage but also served as a practical means of identification. Securely attached to the external side of our Duravo International Carry-On, it combined style with functionality, making our Italian adventure more enjoyable.

      A comparison to our existing hardshell carryon but the Duravo held more!

      A comparison to our existing hardshell carryon but the Duravo held more! 

    Interior Features:

    Now, let's explore the interior features of the International Carry-On:

    1. Spacious Main Compartment: On first glance, we thought the bag may be a little small, and we compared it to another carryon bag at home. But when we started to pack we were reassured that the heart of Duravo's luggage, the main compartment, provided ample room for our clothing, shoes and larger items. In fact we were able to fit more inside than our other hardshell carryon. The luggage opens up in a clam shell manner with one side having compression tie down flaps and the other a zipper flap. The built-in compression straps, ensured our outfits remained organized and wrinkle-free, even after long-haul flights.

    2. Interior Pockets: The interior features 3 pockets for dirty clothes, toiletries, socks, and accessories. These pockets made it easy to locate and access smaller items without the need to unpack our entire suitcase when we were only in a location for a short period of time or washing up in an airport lounge. The larger mesh pocket was great for dirty clothes and the smaller pockets were ideal for keeping essentials at our fingertips.

    3. USB Charging Pocket: Inside the suitcase, a specially designed pocket offered easy access to a power bank. We could charge our devices on the go without the hassle of unpacking luggage, and was perfect for staying connected during our Italian adventure.

      Exterior (top) and Interior (bottom) USB charging connections

    4. Flexshell Device Protection: Duravo's Flexshell components provide a layer of protection for your devices. Even in the unlikely event of a drop or impact, electronics remain safe and secure, a crucial feature for tech-savvy travelers. Fortunately we didn't put this to the test, but Duravo has! The Flexshell construction and strong zippers also assured that we wouldn't have an exploding suitcase!

    5. Compression Straps: During our two-week journey, the built-in compression straps kept our belongings in place and minimized shifting. Our clothes stayed neat and tidy, even after a long train ride and transatlantic flight.

    6. Hidden Compartments: Duravo's smart design includes hidden compartments for storing valuables, such as jewelry or important documents. These compartments provided extra security and ease of mind for our personal items.

      Interior Pocket

    7. AirTag Sleeve: The hidden sleeve for storing an Airtag® provided us peace of mind, knowing that we could track our luggage's location throughout our journey if needed.

      AirTag Sleeve

FAQs: Your Duravo Flexshell™ Questions Answered

Q1: How is Duravo Made? Duravo Flexshell™ is proudly made in Germany, using a meticulous process of combining woven layers of thermoplastic polymer with heat and pressure, resulting in a material that's as strong as it is lightweight.

Q2: Is Duravo Recyclable? Absolutely! Duravo shell material is fully recyclable, especially in places where polypropylene is recycled. This ensures that your Duravo luggage leaves a positive mark on the environment.

Q3: How to Manage Scratches and Scuffs? Maintaining your Duravo's pristine appearance is easy. To minimize scratches and scuffs, simply use a 'magic eraser' type melamine foam sponge and a bit of water. A gentle wipe, and your Duravo will look as good as new.

Q4: USB Charging and Airline Check-In? Duravo suitcases and backpacks do not come with built-in batteries, but they're designed with storage pockets and access ways for your personal power bank. Remember to remove lithium-ion batteries, often used for charging electronic devices, before airline check-in.

Q5: Setting the Combination Lock: Setting the combination lock on any Duravo suitcase is easy. Just follow these steps: With the zipper pulls released, make sure the dials are set to 0-0-0. Press the reset button, choose your desired combination, and slide the latch towards the dials. Your combination is set.

Q6: What's the Return Policy? Duravo offers a generous 100-Day return policy. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back within 100 days of placing your order, as long as it's unused and in its original condition with the original packaging.

Q7: What About the Warranty? Duravo stands by its products with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects in wheels, handles, zippers, nylon straps, and even cracks or breaks in the Flexshell material. It's a guarantee of durability and quality.

Investing in Quality: Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On Price

While the $375 price tag might initially raise an eyebrow, it's essential to consider what you're getting with the Duravo Expandable International Carry-On. This suitcase isn't just a piece of luggage; it's a travel companion designed to enhance your journeys.

Price: Exceptional Value, Especially with Launch Promotion

When comparing prices, it's evident that investing in Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On provides exceptional value, especially considering the current launch promotion. While some comparable premium brands, like TUMI's Tegra-Lite International Expandable Carry-On priced at $895, come with a significantly higher price tag, Duravo stands out as a more budget-friendly choice.

Popular brands like Monos and Away, with prices in the same range as Duravo, often use heavier polycarbonate shell material in their suitcases. For instance, Monos' Hybrid Carry-On and Away's The Bigger Carry-On, both in a similar price range, may offer style and durability but can be heavier due to their materials.

By choosing Duravo, travelers get the perfect balance of quality, style, and functionality at a competitive price point. Plus, Duravo currently offers significant savings through its launch promotion, making this investment even more appealing - USE CODE MEETDURAVO FOR 25% off all orders. PLUS, with flexible payment options, a lifetime warranty, a generous return policy, and a risk-free try-and-buy option, Duravo ensures you get the most out of your purchase (see below for more details).

So, while the initial price of $375 for Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On might seem steep, it's a worthy investment when considering the features, durability, and value it provides, especially when compared to some other luxury brands on the market.

Beside the 25% off discount code MEETDURAVO, here's more detail of what makes the price more palatable:

Flexible Payment Options: Duravo understands that budgeting for travel gear is a real concern. That's why they offer flexible payment options, allowing you to choose between 4 interest-free installments or a monthly payment as low as $33.85. It's a practical way to invest in a top-notch travel experience.

Lifetime Warranty: Duravo's commitment to quality is unwavering. They back their products with a lifetime warranty covering defects in wheels, handles, zippers, nylon straps, and the Flexshell material itself. This speaks volumes about the durability and longevity of their suitcase.

100-Day Free Returns: Worried about making the wrong choice? Duravo has your back. They offer a 100-day return policy, so you can travel with confidence, knowing that if it doesn't meet your expectations, you have the option to return it hassle-free.

Risk-Free Try & Buy: Duravo understands that you need to feel the difference to truly appreciate their product. That's why they invite you to try your Duravo suitcase risk-free. Experience the travel revolution firsthand and discover why investing in quality luggage is worth every penny.

When you compare the features, quality, and added value of Duravo's Expandable International Carry-On to other luxury brands, you'll find that the price is not just competitive; it's a smart investment in your travel comfort and convenience.


In conclusion, our Duravo International Carry-On proved to be an absolute game-changer during our two-week European adventure. From the charming cobblestone streets of Italy to short and long-haul flights, taxi rides and scenic train journeys, it effortlessly met all our travel needs, leaving us with not a single negative to report. The only suggestion for Duravo would be a bigger sibling to use as a checked bag.

Its specifications, including the versatile dimensions, spacious capacity, lightweight construction, and premium Duravo Flexshell™ composite material, ensured that packing and navigating through European cities was a breeze.

The exterior features, from the stylish Ice color to the smooth-rolling wheels and hidden tracking sleeve, added a touch of sophistication and practicality to our travels.

But it was the interior features that truly wowed us. With dedicated compartments for clothing, transparent mesh pockets for smaller items, an integrated shoe compartment, laptop storage, USB charging, device protection, and hidden compartments, Duravo thought of everything a traveler could need.

And let's not forget the user-friendly external lock, which was easily visible even in low-light hotel rooms, making securing our belongings a hassle-free task.

Our Duravo International Carry-On became an essential part of our European journey, enhancing every moment of our adventure. Its exceptional design, thoughtful features, and expandable capacity ensured that we didn't have a single negative experience.

So, if you're planning your own European getaway or any adventure for that matter, we wholeheartedly recommend the Duravo Expandable International Carry-On. It's a travel companion that exceeded our expectations, making our journey truly unforgettable.

If you're as excited about the Duravo Expandable International Carry-On as we are and ready to embark on your own adventure, you can find this exceptional suitcase right here: 

Duravo Expandable International Carry-On

Happy travels! 🌍✈️🧳


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