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Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Problem with Sunbed or Lounge Hogs on Vacation and Collective Efforts to Combat it, Including Cruise Ship Initiatives

Picture yourself on a luxurious cruise ship, ready to embark on a journey to breathtaking destinations. As you step onto the deck, you envision days filled with relaxation and sun-soaked lounging. However, just like on land, the issue of sunbed or lounge hogs persists even on these floating paradises. Recognizing the importance of providing an exceptional vacation experience, cruise lines have taken proactive measures to address this problem. In this blog post, we explore the issue of sunbed or lounge hogging on cruise ships and highlight the collective efforts being made to ensure fairness and enjoyment for all passengers.

Sunbed Hogging at Sea:

Despite the vast availability of sunbeds on cruise ships, a certain number of passengers still engage in the practice of reserving them for extended periods, leaving others without a chance to enjoy the outdoor spaces. Similar to the land-based scenario, towel placements and personal belongings are used to claim sunbeds, making it challenging for fellow passengers to find available loungers.

Cruise Ship Initiatives:

To combat the problem of sunbed hogging and create a more equitable experience for all passengers, cruise lines have implemented several initiatives:

1. Staff Monitoring and Towel Removal: Cruise ship staff members actively monitor outdoor areas to identify unattended sunbeds. If a sunbed remains unoccupied for an extended period, staff members are authorized to remove towels and personal belongings, freeing up the loungers for other passengers. P&O has these notifications, but as you will see in the video toward the end of this post, enforcement is not fleet wide as was our experience on the Maiden Voyage of Arvia.

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2. Time Restrictions: Some cruise lines have introduced time limits for reserving sunbeds. Passengers can enjoy the loungers for a reasonable duration before their reservation expires, allowing others to have the opportunity to relax in the sun. Like this notice on Norwegian:

3. Educational Campaigns: Cruise lines prioritize educating passengers about the negative impact of sunbed hogging. Through announcements, onboard newsletters, and informational materials, guests are made aware of the importance of fairness and consideration for fellow travelers.

4. Additional Sunbeds and Spaces: In response to passenger feedback, cruise ships have increased the number of sunbeds and created additional outdoor spaces for relaxation. By expanding the available options, cruise lines aim to reduce the competition for limited seating and provide a more enjoyable experience for all guests.

5. Poolside Staff Assistance: Some cruise lines employ dedicated staff members to assist passengers in finding available sunbeds. These helpful crew members help direct guests to vacant loungers, ensuring everyone has a chance to relax and enjoy their time onboard. See what some hotels are doing in this video. While cruise ships have methods like you seen, enforcement is the real problem.

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Sunbed or lounge hogging remains an ongoing challenge for cruise lines, as it does for land-based resorts. However, the cruise industry has recognized the importance of addressing this issue to enhance the vacation experience for all passengers. Through vigilant staff monitoring, towel removal policies, time restrictions, educational campaigns, increased seating options, and dedicated poolside assistance, cruise lines strive to foster an atmosphere of fairness and consideration. By implementing these initiatives, cruise ships aim to provide an exceptional and inclusive environment where every passenger can enjoy their well-deserved getaway to the fullest.

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