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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Pendry Spa Park City Canyons Review, Guide, & How to Book in 2023 in Utah near Deer Valley

We have frequented hotel spas around the world, places like the Four Seasons in Chicago, Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas and Boston, Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai, Ritz Carlton Ranch Mirage and the Langham Hotel in London, just to name a few.  Montage International is a newer brand that stands out. Featuring a distinctive collection of hospitality brands, Montage International encompasses the ultra-luxury brand Montage Hotels & Resorts, the new luxury hospitality brand, Pendry Hotels, Montage Residences, and Pendry Residences. Pendry Hotels is a collection of new luxury hotels for today’s world traveler located in existing destinations including: Pendry San Diego, Sagamore Pendry Baltimore and Pendry West Hollywood, with Pendry Manhattan West and Pendry Park City opened in early 2022 and Pendry Natirar opening in 2022. While staying at a private residence in Park City, Utah, we were pleased to try the newest hotel spa in this ski Mecca and get some much needed TLC for our bodies after a long ski week. 

Pendry Park City, the brand's first year-round mountain resort located in the heart of Canyons Village at Park City Mountain and opened in January of 2022. It is always a pleasure to experience brand new facilities, which we hope will have the newest amenities and clean crisp facilities. We spent a few evenings at the Pendry Park City, enjoying it's apres ski offerings, rooftop views, cocktails and Kita, its Japanese-inspired upscale restaurant. 

From the greetings received from the Valet, to the Spa Pendry reception and technicians...service and amenities are wonderful but the facility is small and not very warm, considering it's mountain location. Overall our experience was excellent, but we expected more. 

1. Location

The location is near the ground level of hotel, but the layout of the hotel is a little odd as is the case with many Canyons hotels, having multiple buildings and levels connected by enclosed walkways and elevators. After a long walk confusing walk, for which a map would have been nice, we arrived at the Spa Pendry reception. Our suggestion is to provide signage with directions in the building and consider an external entrance since the fitness center and spa are located directly on Canyons Resort Drive. 

2. Reception/Locker Rooms

We can't say enough about the reception staff who were pleasant, efficient, welcoming and professional. Immediately we were greeted by additional staff to bring us to the gender separate changing rooms and gave us our much anticipated tour. Lockers with robes and shoes are provided. One of my favorite parts of the Spa Pendry is their ridiculously soft robes. They are like clouds! There are no private changing rooms, but plenty of brushes, combs, toiletries, hair care items, and plush towels are provided. In the locker rooms are showers and a large steam room. Products are by Momento by Min New York, and have a unisex scent. Vanity space was not plentiful but worked for us. Lockers had an awkward physical lock security, but digital locks are planned in the near future. We have come to expect facilities to include a large jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and rainforest shower - everything you need to get completely relaxed for your spa service! We oftentimes arrive 1-2 hours early for service just to can take advantage of amazing heat experience features, and in a mountain location, we would welcome this even more. Unfortunately, the Spa Pendry at Park City does not offer these amenities. 


3. Fitness Center 

Since our private residence did not have a fitness center, we were looking forward to using the Pendry Fitness Center prior to our relaxation time. This fitness center did not disappoint. It helps to be the only persons working out, but we found the fitness center to be clean, well-equipped and spacious. It had everything we needed from Peloton bikes, multiple treadmills with large AV screens including great channel options, and many weight lifting options. The center is bright due to many large windows overlooking Canyons Resort Drive. 

4. Waiting Area

Once it comes time for your service, you'll sit in a small waiting area combined mediation room where a friendly staff member will come find you. This is definitely one of the areas that could use some redesign in our opinion. Follow us here...your spa is located in a cold (cool in summer) mountain location. Why have a large room with concrete walls and tiled floors??  We understand the crisp and clean feeling of tile, but it is not very warm, quiet or relaxing. Consider using wood which is quieter or add some carpets for sound and heat insulation. Maybe the room wasn't finished but it needs some help. Tea and snacks are provided and replenished often. There are separate cubbies for you to wait with relative privacy. Each cubby has an ottoman and a super-soft blanket like one from barefoot dreams. 

They can take it with them or use it at home, we tried the Barefoot Dreams throw blanket—and it’s just as good as Chrissy Teigen says!  This has been dubbed the "softest blanket ever," and after trying it, we agree!  This sells out often at Nordstrom but Amazon usually has some in stock! 

5. Treatments

One of us got a High Altitude Glow Facial which was INCREDIBLE. It was 60 minutes of skin care that started with an exfoliating cleanse, two mask applications and included with a hand, neck and scalp massage. The other of us had a Pendry Signature massage which was also INCREDIBLE. It was 90 minutes of pure bliss that started with an exfoliating back scrub (seriously, when was the last time someone scrubbed your back for you?) and ended with a foot massage and scalp massage. 

By the time your service is over, you'll never want to leave - and you don't have to just yet! You'll be gently escorted to the meditation room, a quiet sanctuary to decompress after your service. It features cozy blankets and a beautiful view of the Inner Harbor. 

After a week of skiing and dry climate this was just what the doctor ordered! 

By the time your service is over, you'll never want to leave - and you don't have to just yet! You'll be gently escorted back to the meditation room, a quiet sanctuary to decompress after your service. It features cozy blankets and comforting hot tea. We just wish it was a little more of a warm room.  

The price is as expected in a mountain resort such as the Canyons, however compared to the facilities that you may experience at other luxury hotels in the area, such as the St. Regis in Deer Valley, the prices are high. Scheduling was extremely easy by phone. Since we were not guests, a credit card was required for making a reservation with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required to cancel or re-schedule to avoid a 50% charge for the service. All no-show appointments will be charged at full value. To schedule, please email at or call 435.800.1990.

One thing that is notable about staff is their sense of comradery, family and purpose. For much of the treatment, we discussed the meaning of working for the Pendry. This was a similar interview to when LTD had the opportunity to sit down with manager Susann Gruenberg and head concierge, Rashid Ali to discuss how The Langham Hotel in London would meet our goals of inspiring meaningful and healthy travel. The staff at the Pendry Park City are paid well, satisfied, have fitness challenges and donate to the local community.  This sense of purpose is shared by all, and all members of the staff, from the spa, restaurants and lounges said the same things to us. 

6. Rooftop

A visit to the spa or of course a stay at the Pendry gives you access to the rooftop pool and bar. The bar was not yet open when we visited, but the rooftop facility for which Pendry is rapidly becoming known for does not disappoint. If you plan to visit the rooftop while attending the spa bring a swimsuit. This is not a clothing-optional facility that you may find at some spas. You will encounter guest, revelers and children, but in addition you will have comfortable furniture and incredible views. We are certain this will be a great attraction when the bar opens! 

Bottom Line:

If you're staying near Canyons Resort in Park City Utah and love to have spa treatments after a week of rigorous outdoor activities, consider the Spa Pendry. For those that desire no nonsense and clean facilities, this is the place for you.  Plan to use the fitness center and enjoy the rooftop facilities. But if youre planning a long session of spa facilities such as lunch in the spa, sauna, whirlpool, and meditation, this is not the place for you.  The spa is small and cold, but the staff and technicians are the true highlight providing the anticipated excellent service that we have come to expect at all Pendry Hotels. Clearly the chain, and Park City location have employees that are content and find meaning in being a member of the Pendry staff. The sense of comradery and health goals was reassuring to us in our quest to find meaningful and healthy travel. 


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