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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Review of Sherpani Soleil AT Multi-Way Anti Theft Bag as Backpack, Tote, Shoulder or Crossbody

Hey everyone how’s it going?!  We’re so happy you’re joining us today!  A backpack or crossbody equipped with various features that protect your belongings from criminals is an ideal bag for daily use and definitely traveling. The AT collection from Sherpani  have features that help in safeguarding their bags. 

The Soleil AT bag has all of these features like zipper locks, anti-slash bottom and strap, chair loop lock system and RFID protection but it has so much more.

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As we love to say, your vacation isn’t going to be what you expect if you get RIPPED OFF!  Thats where the Sherpani Soleil Anti-Theft bag that we’re gonna review today, comes in…We love this bag for its versatility and look! I will drop a link to buy this bag in the post below and remember that proceeds from links like this go to charity! So let’s get to it!

In today’s world most of us are carrying items that we probably feel are indispensable.  Things like wallets, debit and credit cards, passports and of course our smartphones and other electronics. Anything we can use to keep these items secure is pretty important to me and that’s why we always use antitheft bags.  In this post we'll go over 

  1. General Features
  2. Anti-theft Features
  3. Pockets
  4. Cons

In this post you can see our full video review by clicking the photo below or jump to specific parts of the video by clicking on our links throughout the post. 

General Features

This bag can be carried three different ways!  As a backpack, a crossbody or a tote! That’s great so you don’t have to bring too many bags with you on vacation.  

It has these adjustable padded shoulder straps to wear as a backpack or slung over one shoulder.  In our video review we show you how you can hide these when carrying the bag another way.  It has a long adjustable and removable top strap so you can wear the bag over your shoulder or as a crossbody.  And these two top handles allow you to use it as a tote.  

 Next it comes in 4 different colors so you can find the one you like best…the gray green, black and copper like I have here and they all have black accents.  The fabric is vegan and is water resistant. 

Anti-Theft Features

So what about the anti theft features.  Someone cutting the body of your bag or its straps is a real risk.  On one of my first trips abroad I witnessed a slash and grab in Athens when someone on a bike cut the strap of someone’s bag and just kept going with all her stuff! You don’t want this happening to you! 

The body of this bag is lined with Extreema-900 cut resistant fabric.  Compared to a wire mesh, this makes the bag lighter weight than some antitheft bags!  The straps are made of a very tight weave that make them resistant to cutting or slashing.  It is really hard to cut these!  I tried once with a sharp pair of scissors to shorten strap on another Sherpani AT bag and it was NOT easy.  

The next important feature are the locking zippers. The top compartment has this clip locking mechanism.  Attach this red clip to the zipper to lock the main compartment. 

There are two front compartments with this pass through locking mechanism.  This mechanism is obviously not a metal lock like the top compartment has or on travelon bags, making it a little more attractive in my opinion.  Just thread the zipper through this little loop and it is pretty difficult for a pickpocket to get access to your bag. 

The last antitheft feature is this hidden wire loop.  I love wires like this to lock your bag to fixed object if you can’t keep your eye closely on your bag like at a restaurant or waiting at the airport or where ever.  See us secure our bag in our video review. Loop this wire around a fixed object and attach the loops to your bag!


Let’s go over the pockets.  The main interior pocket has a 14 L capacity and a smooth lining.  Here is what you’ll find.  There is a hook for attaching your keys. Then there is a padded sleeve where you can put a full sized iPad or a 15 inch computer easily.  

On the other side are a few open pockets for stashing a phone, pens, or other things like a portable battery.  There is one last slip pocket inside for putting a bottle

The front side of the Soleil bag has two front pockets with the tunnel pass through locking zippers.  The upper pocket is about the depth of my hand, so it’s good for stashing a few things like a phone or money.  

This lower zippered pocket has RFID protection and is perfect for your wallet and passport. 

On the backside is a Velcro sleeve pocket that can be used as a pocket, but if you open the bottom of it, using this zipper, it becomes a trolley sleeve to put this over your suitcase handle. 

Remember that I told you about stashing the backpack straps?  See here how you would do it!  Just release the bottom of the strap and tuck them into the back slip pocket if you want to use the bag as a tote or crossbody. 

Lastly, on the sides there are pockets great for stashing a water bottle or umbrella.  Sometimes I even put sunglasses in one of these sleeves. 


Now what do I NOT like about this bag? 

First, I actually like metal locking zippers and I find the locking mechanism on the main compartment a little unattractive. I don’t understand why this has to be painted red.  Why not make it black to make it blend in better for appearances and not draw anyone’s attention to it.  

Next, I would love waist of chest strap to help distribute the weight when wearing it.  However that would make this bag a lot more “strappy” which leads me into my next comment.  On me the straps hang down a little way and if I don’t tuck they shoulder straps away, they hang down.  

Inside the RFID pocket I would really like to see a slots to hold my passport and credit cards.  I hate to just have to “throw” them in there. 

And finally It would be really nice to have a zippered pocket near your body to stash things that you really want to conceal from potential thieves.  

In general we love the look of this bag and the versatility of carrying it 3 different ways! We really love the size because it is big enough to fit essentials when you travel, like a computer, iPad, wallet, water bottle, a light jacket and lots more.  But it does have some limitations and we’ll leave it up to you whether those are that important to you! See our full video review by clicking on the photo below! 

Always remember to make meaningful and healthy travel happen and we hope you’ll love your Sherpani Soleil AT bag  bag as much as I do! Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time! 

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