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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Smart, Sexy, Secure but Accessible: Keep Your Small Valuables Discreetly Locked Away with TROVA Go

When privacy and security is a must, try TROVA, a smart storage device designed with equal attention on discretion, security and appearance – perfect for jewelry, medications, credit cards and more. Tightly sealed and attractive by using a sleek aluminum alloy, TROVA vessels range from pocket or handbag sized to larger containers that can be openly displayed, while concealing its contents from inappropriate audiences. Wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and accessible through biometric scanning, TROVA’s proprietary app allows only paired users to unlock it keeping TROVA and its contents secure.

"Keep your valuables secure, but not out of sight." That’s the intriguing premise behind Trova, a smart storage device designed by a team from Colorado. Its purpose is to protect small things from theft, snooping, children or any prying eyes.

Designed as “a discreet physical storage device”, the TROVA Go is definitely a device of the times in more ways than one. Portable, sleek, and finished in a contemporary palette that would easily blend in amongst a variety of modern lifestyle and tech products, the TROVA Go could be mistaken for an eyeglass case or portable battery charger. This is the premise that makes this security Bluetooth-enabled accessory perfect for stashing away small goods discretely – a purpose TROVA founders and Colorado-based husband and wife team, Scott and Jonell Loeppert, cite as the inspiration for its creation.


Credit goes to NYC design firm Aruliden for the TROVA Go’s minimalist pocketable portability, a form expressed using aluminum die forging, CNC machining, and an anodization process. The resulting product is a small, durable case intended to keep precious contents securely incognito, including aromas that might be emitted from other storage containers, thanks to the TROVA Go’s silicone over mold sealant.

The TROVA Go is an aluminum alloy box available in dark gray, light gray, olive green, or sandstone. It's slightly larger than an eyeglass case, measuring 1.0 by 6.0 by 2.9 inches and weighing 9.8 ounces empty.  Most who see it will confuse it with a power bank or eyeglass case, so we do not believe it will be an obvious target of theft out of your bag or hotel room, but we would love to see a way of tethering it to a fixed object or to your bag via a metal loop integrated into the exterior surface.  Through this a security wire lock could be attached. 

The right panel holds a power button with an indicator light ring around it, and a pinhole reset button that reboots the device but doesn't wipe its security code. The left panel holds a USB-C port for charging the battery, which according to TROVA can last up to 73 days.


The interior compartment of the TROVA Go measures 0.8 by 5.2 by 2.2 inches. It's lined in light gray plastic and rubber, with an elastic band across the top of the lid for holding folded documents and cards securely, and a smaller leather strap with a magnet to secure it against the larger strap for holding rings. TROVA says the internal compartment is built to conceal odors, with the silicone top pressing securely against the plastic lower half when closed.

The compartment is too small to hold anything like legal documents, passports, or wads of cash. However, it's an ideal size for holding memory cards with sensitive information, ID and credit cards, keys, medication, jewelry, or anything else small you'd like to stash.  With jewelry in mind, the upper lid strap was designed to conveniently hold rings via a magnetic closure.

Check out our live review of TROVA Go and TROVA Sleeve at YouTube by clicking below!


Technically, important contents can only be accessed using a Bluetooth app and with biometric verification (Face ID, pin, or thumb) using the TROVA app. 

The TROVA app pairs with the TROVA Go (for Android and iOS) for locking and tracking. After you create a free account in the app and pair the TROVA Go, you can unlock the box simply by tapping its lock icon in the middle of the screen, then using your phone's authentication system of choice. The app automatically brings up the same method with which you unlock your phone, whether it's a PIN code, finger, or facial recognition.

You can pair multiple TROVA Go boxes to your phone with the app. You cannot set up multiple user access to open the box according to TROVA, however we found more than one phone will pair with the TROVA, albeit only by using the same account settings. The much larger TROVA Home ($549) supports multiple users, but each TROVA Go can only be unlocked by its singular owner.

Besides unlocking the TROVA Go, the app enables a few other useful features. It provides a notification if you leave the box open for too long (your choice of 5, 10, or 15 minutes, or not sending a notification at all). It can also let you know if the box is disconnected (if the phone and the TROVA disconnect such as when the TROVA is removed from your possession) or has a low battery.

In addition, the app has a location tracking feature. The TROVA Go does not have built-in GPS technology, but the "never lost" feature in the app keeps track of your phone's GPS location whenever you connect to the box, showing you a Google Maps view of the last place you accessed it. Of course since it is using Google Maps, you can zoom for extreme detail.  We have our example below zoomed out. If your TROVA gets stolen, you probably won't be able to locate it since it is based on your phone's GPS.

When you open the app, your phone searches for your TROVA and seems to locate your TROVA within about 10 feet. If the battery loses charge you will have to wait to reopen the device because there are no emergency opening procedures.  Fortunately the app has an indication of remaining battery charge. 

The app will also instruct you what to do if your TROVA is "overstuffed", which is easy to do since the interior is on the smaller size and you travel with lots of valuables! 


TROVA SLEEVE is made of leather and crafted to protect the Aluminum of your TROVA Go.  We chose the Natural color but it comes in black also.  The sleeve is nice to make the device look less like a safe and more like a battery in our opinion.  The downside to the SLEEVE is that it is hard to remove the sleek TROVA Go initially until the SLEEVE becomes softer, probably because the aluminum is slippery! We found using a rubber jar gripper necessary to remove the TROVA Go upon the first several uses, and after that removal became easier.  


  • Because it is so sleek, it can be difficult to grip to remove from the leather cover - it's slippery!  Without the cover, the finish can get scratched. 
  • Limited size but this is helped with the TROVA Go+plus which has 60% more capacity with the same dimensions in length and width but increased depth of storage for portable use.  If not taking the safe with you the TROVA Home would be an option for discreet storage and would fit in with most decor for secure availability at any time
  • There is no emergency opening for the TROVA Go, so if you lose your phone, you may have some issues!
  • The TROVA Home can have multiple users, but for TROVA Go, you can have multiple users only by using the same account on each device. 
TROVA Home (courtesy of

Bottom Line:

TROVA has three products, TROVA Home, TROVA Go and TROVA Go+plus. The last two would be the ones to take when traveling to fit in your pocket, backpack, briefcase or purse and pick the size depending on your needs. We reviewed the TROVA Go and from this, it is easy to understand the utility of the other larger sizes. The sleek physical storage device prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing jewelry, vapes, prescription/recreational drugs, or any other private objects that require discretion. It has the appearance of a power bank and will likely not appear as a safe to those looking to steal from you. We would love to see a modification in design that would allow a wire loop to lock the device to a fixed object when possible.  The price has come down since its introduction at CES 2020, and with the option of the new roomier, TROVA Go+plus, that includes more storage space, the price may decline even further.  

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