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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Delightful and Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts For Moms Who Love to Travel in 2020

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to splurge on your mom, or any loved one who is a mom, and give her something extra special!

Delightful and Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts For Moms Who Love to Travel in 2020

❤️❤️There is still time to order for Mother's Day. Remember, all proceeds from our links go to charity like the Navy SEAL Foundation that helps GOLD STAR MOTHERS who have lost their Military Sons and Daughters and for whom Mother's Day is not the same. Please SHARE this post to help...❤️❤️

Let's face it - she may not have the time or knowledge to look for great traveling items herself.  Fortunately, LTD can give you some outstanding selections for all budgets that will certainly put a smile on her face!!  Our guide includes items that are fashionable, healthy, useful and practical for the traveling female.  Click on the product photo if you wish to learn more!

1.  One of Our Favorite Travel Pants are Unitop Women's Quick Dry Cargo Hiking Pants with Drawstring  

With a high level of breathability and flexibility, unitop’s Quick Dry Hiking Collection are designed for daily cragged adventures. They are always actively seeking soft fabric that is both lightweight and suitable, but with durable elements to adapt to a range of terrain, so the key element of these pant’s versatility is functional motion which results in a relaxed aesthetic and dynamic movement. They can be worn everyday too, providing a balance of outdoor activities and casual life when she needs versatility.

2. The MIZOO 140db Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain is perfect for Self Defense.  

While some may use their car key alarm as a safety when walking to your car, what do you do when you're traveling or away from your car?  This compact alarm has a flashlight and a loud Alarm.  Test it outside because it is LOUD.  

3. Wide Brim Paper Straw Fedora 

With an adjustable drawstring, this positively pink hat won't fly off when the beach breeze hits. Multiple colors are available.

4. MORE MEANINGFUL THAN A CARD! I Love You Mom: And Here's Why

After all she's done, your mom deserves an entire book spelling out all of the ways she shown her love to you over the years. Take a night to fill this book with all of the memories, inside jokes, and characteristics that the two of you share. Put photos of your travels together or places you want to see with her!

5.  Steam Compact Travel Steamer 

Ever hear of a Mom who doesn't have time to Iron?  This is a great steamer for the price and is lightweight and effective. It's also easy to pack for a quick get away. Did we mention it's pink?

6.  Essential Oils for Travel, Travel Diffuser and Aromatherapy Bracelet

Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Why not give your favorite Mom a variety of oils to take with her to help her well being?  Not only can you give her the gift of relaxation, but we love this rechargeable, wireless travel diffuser that doesn't require water!  It can be used in her car, hotel room, office or wherever she needs to rejuvenate.  Or if that is too bulky give her an essential oil diffuser bracelet. With this "tree of life" bracelet, she can stay cool, calm, and collected while she's running from one place to the next. When she needs a relaxing fix, she can apply two to three drops of her favorite essential oil, secure the bracelet to wrist, and reap the benefits.

7. Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Made with real flowers straight from Taxco, Mexico, these teardrop earrings lean on Mother Nature's beauty to make a statement. Opt for the wildflower treatment or monochromatic blooms in yellow, blue, or off-white.  These are perfect for travel and there are options to compliment any travel style! 

8. "Bring Me Some Wine" Socks

No truer words have ever been spoken, at least that's what your mom would say. But be prepared: When she puts on these fuzzy socks after a long work journey, she'll expect you to serve her a glass of wine. 

9. Astrology Constellation Necklace

With this dainty necklace, she can show off just how proud she is to be an ambitious Capricorn or sensitive Cancer. Make it more special by buying a couple with yours and your siblings' signs for a layered look and she will dream of you while on the road. 

10.  Jewelry Is Always Great For Your Mother, But Give Her A Beautiful Bracelet Reflecting A Meaningful Place In The World!

A unique way to remember a special place.  Never get lost when you have the city of her heart right on her wrist!  What a great idea for a cuff bracelet!  The bracelets are created by "printing" on to aluminum cuff.  The light weight of the bracelet makes it a perfect gift for the favorite traveler in your life. Doreen from December Moon Designs creates bracelets with maps from all over, so no matter where she goes, she will always have a guide right on her wrist. Click the link to find more locations!

Check out our video review our favorites of Doreen's travel-inspired items!

11.  Heart Shaped Handbag Light 

What a great idea!  This is perfect for the Mom who is always searching for something in her purse.  Give her the perfect bag light to cut down on The Great Purse Search. She will find everything she needs in her large purse with ease using this handy bag light!

12.  ONEHOPE Glitter Bottles.  Wine with a purpose 

Buy these famous glitter bottles at great prices & support important causes with each bottle purchased. Enjoy wine & give back today!  LTD tasted this sparkling wine from California and it tastes delicious and makes you feel good about giving back! You must be 21 to purchase (see restrictions at  Wineskins are great if you think she will want to travel with this great looking bottle of bubbly! Or see another carrying suggestion which is our #12 recommendation!

Buy at

13. Solo Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush 

Know a Mom who uses a Clarisonic?  This is a great travel alternative that is lightweight and holds its charge for nearly a month.  

14. Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Detachable Cooler

According to fans on Amazon, you can squeeze up to four beach towels into this one. It features two external pockets and an insulated cooler compartment that stores beverages and snacks. 

15.  Her Eyes Deserve the Good Stuff and Eyebobs have the most awesome glasses!  

For the Mom who just wants to read at the beach, why not get her a great pair of reader sunglasses?  We like this bifocal pair because she can read her book but still see the Sea through the top lens without looking like Grandma Moses looking over her spectacles!  The entire collection can be found at or you can find select pairs at Amazon.

16.  Beautiful Swimsuit Cardigan Coverup for the Beach or Pool

A breezy coverup does so much—it protects you from the sun's rays if you're starting to burn, or it adds a little extra warmth when the sun goes behind the clouds, providing the coverage you need to pop into a store or a sit down at a boardwalk cafe for a meal. This lightweight bohemian swimsuit coverup will leave her looking stylish for summer get togethers at the beach or pool.  There are many patterns and colors available!

17.  WineHug provides safe passage for air traveler with wine bottle

We've used a variety of travel bags, including neoprene and those that involve adhesives, but the WineHug is easy to use — and RE-USE. Its self-inflating action, provides precise protection. This is great for the Mom who travels with wine or comes home with bottles of wine or olive oils!

18. Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray

This is one of our favorite items!  Why spend huge amounts of money for travel size scents?  Just refill from your large bottle.  

19.  A Great gift For the Coffee Lover Mom

What Mom doesn't love coffee or need coffee? Cold brew on the go a portable and vacuum insulated way to brew coffee.  Cold brew is the next generation of the typical iced coffee. Using hot water on your coffee granules creates a more acidic bitter drink while using cold water with coffee and allowing it to steep as with the Asobu cold brew creates 80% lower acidity, deeper and smoother, naturally sweet taste and also gives it that extra punch of caffeine. Not having any heat in the process also preserves antioxidants making the cold brew coffee a healthier more natural choice.

20. Give Her the Perfect Portable Hair Styling Appliance

With its mini lightweight size that’s perfect for purses and dual voltage that works worldwide, this half-inch flat iron can be her constant companion where ever she goes.  The titanium plates allow for even heat that’s gentle on hair.  The 3D Floating plate provides better contact and straighter results.

It is a fully portable travel size, with 100-240V Dual voltage design for worldwide use.

Negative Ions to make her hair shiny and healthy.

Max Temp 410F within 60 seconds, helping hair retain natural moisture for silky shiny free styles.

21.   Everyone needs a good Anti-theft bag when Traveling and this Newest one by Sherpani is A Perfect Roomy Travel Bag

Spend less than $100 on this important and practical item that looks amazing!  Work, Travel, Everyday - The Geo is designed to accompany her wherever your day takes her. The simplistic, modern shape fits all daily essentials and tablet without weighing you down. Wear as a tote or crossbody with the removeable, adjustable strap. This bag is designed with RFID lining and Anti-slash fabric. These materials not only disable anyone from stealing her credit card information from the exterior, but also helps protect her belongings from thieves trying to slash her bag . All products in this AT collection are fully equipped with anti-theft features including zipper locks, anti slash bottom and strap, chair loop lock system and RFID protection.

Check out our review of this bag and see some of the features for yourself! 

22. Women's Travel Shawl

Designed in Spain and the perfect travel companion. Ideal for any and all seasons, this lightweight shawl easily dresses up a casual shirt and jeans combo. Or if she catches a chill at the airport or on the plane, it can be draped over her shoulders for added warmth.  This shawl is made of bamboo material and many colors are available to find her favorite! 

23.  Our Favorite Smart Watch for the Active Traveler just got better with a New Display!

The Garmin Venu has an enormous number of features, a long-lasting battery and an attractive build. It's expensive, but for serious outdoor travel enthusiasts it's hard to beat.  The GPS features of this watch are unrivaled and work all over the world.  This is a high-performance timepiece that meets big challenges and fits smaller wrists. This new Venu model comes in four finishes and holds about 500 songs.  The new AMOLED vibrant display is perfect for aging eyes and rivals the Apple Watch display! Anyone would love to receive this special gift!

24.  Bluetooth Headband Sleep Headphones

This Bluetooth headband will bring her great sound quality, style and comfort to wash out noise and light while sleeping on the plane or in a hotel.

25.  Diva AntiBacterial Pillow Mist

When traveling, there are so many surfaces that are full of germs!  Why let her worry about her pillow too?  Give her the gift of this pillow mist that is an all-natural formula designed to fight bacteria and kill germs that cause acne.  And it smells great too! 

26. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips

For the active, cycling or walking mom, these bone conducting headphones are a great item to keep her entertained and safe all at the same time!  They allow the user to listen out for oncoming traffic or other noises by keeping the ear clear.  Each side is fully adjustable with your phone to allow sound in only one ear for special circumstances like listening for traffic approaching on only one side.  Multiple colors are available.

These are water resistant and connect via bluetooth. Is he a swimmer too or doesn't like to carry his phone while training?  Check out our review of Aftershokz Xtrainerz (pronounced "Cross Trainers") for Aftershokz newest FULLY waterproof option with internal storage for podcasts and music!

Didn't find anything that interests you?  You can always find some other recommendations at our sister website Travel Gadget Depot or you may find something at our Valentine's Day Gift post.

Delightful and Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts For Moms Who Love to Travel in 2020

If you don’t find any of our ideas perfect for your favorite mother, Amazon always has a sale page for every upcoming holiday! Click below!

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