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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Review of The New American Express Centurion Lounge In Charlotte, North Carolina, CLT

American Airlines Admirals Club in Charlotte finally has some well-needed competition!  We welcome the Brand New American Airlines Centurion Lounge with open arms to relax, wash up and get a good cocktail and meal before our flight. 

When Traveling through CLT use your American Express Platinum Card to gain Access to the Centurion Lounge between gates D and E on the mezzanine level for a few minutes to freshen up.  But give yourself a few minutes to find it for the first time!  It is not easy and their are no overhead signs directing you to the entry elevator.   To get there head toward E concourse and before you descend the escalators to go down to E you will see the elevator for the lounge on the right.  If you are coming from E look for the elevator to the left of the escalator before you head up the escalator.  If you mistakenly go up the escalator an elevator will be on your left at the top.  

It is worth taking the people movers from your security checkpoint or gate to this location if you have time.  The closest checkpoint is E (the lounge will be straight in front of you after security) but the closest TSA Precheck checkpoint is D (take a left after security and head toward E concourse).  Allow 10 minutes walk and time for to get from the farthest points on A, B C or E.   If you are on D, allow only 5 minutes to get to the Centurion Lounge.

Our overall take is that this Centurion Lounge is not very different than what you may be used to.  It is more spacious than some, with a great deal of seating and several phone rooms for privacy or quiet.    Check in was sufficient with two agents present when we arrived and one when we left.  We suggest an additional agent since there is only one entrance to the club, and a line can form when the elevator lets off.  

Premium food compared to typical lounge fare is complimentary and a great way to energize when traveling! In our opinion the breakfast options that were available we typical of traditional North Carolina fare...not healthy.  Ham biscuits, eggs, bacon just to name a few of the offerings that support my point.  What we saw as healthy items were yogurt and a few whole pieces of fruit.  There was an arugula salad, which isn’t a typical breakfast food.  Some hot oatmeal and cut fruit, maybe some vegetables would be nice,  There were cold cereals, a sweet potato casserole (which was tasty but again, is it healthy) and a few tiny grapes.  We didn’t see any bread products.  Maybe they are still having growing pains....

There are no special amenities at this lounge like you may find in Dallas or Miami.  If you can't fit in a manicure, Essie gel Couture provides the best top coat for your travels.  It dries super fast and truly stays on for at least 7 days.  You can remove it with REGULAR nail polish remover.  We prefer the Nail Polish Remover Pads to travel with.  Click the photo below to find out more about Essie Gel Couture.

The bathrooms are the expanded size we are seeing at all Centurion Lounges with four stalls in the women's restroom to four and L'occitane products are still provided. What a great relaxation product for a hectic day of traveling. A shower is available on site.

Choices at the bar include mixed drinks with premium spirits including things such as Ketel One vodka or Botanist Gin.  There are plenty of coffee and spreads stations throughout the club!

The best part of the new lounge: there are seats and chargers galore!  How many of you have left a Centurion Lounge because no seats were to be found?  Think New York and Miami....

The new lounge could use some competition in the near future.  Maybe an Aadvantage Flagship lounge will open in CLT, but in our opinion, Centurion Lounges are still better.

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Bottom Line:

Charlotte was in need of a new lounge option.  The American Admirals club at C is the largest club at CLT but since it is the old US Airways Club, it is outdated and stale.  The new revised Admirals club at B is refreshing but crowded and uncomfortable.  The Centurion Lounge is comfortable and fresh with great amenities.  Our biggest complaint was finding it.  Some signage would be nice and is probably in the works, but if you use our guide you will find it.  The food options were weak for breakfast but this may be due to growing pains and/or maybe they will be better for other meals.

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