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Friday, February 8, 2019

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

LTD recently made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile using the #GetOutoftheRed program. On our first flight we immediately gave the T-Mobile In-flight Internet and Texting a Try.

We can't set our location as 25000 feet above the Eastern Seaboard but we can assure you, that is where we are right now!

If you are or may become a T-Mobile customer, first check to see if your favorite airline or phone is compatible with this benefit.

According to the T-Mobile Website:

Not all flights offer in-flight texting service from Gogo. To check if your upcoming flight offers this service, contact your airline.

T-Mobile In-flight Texting is supported on the following US-based airlines:
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Line

1. Preflight 

Customer service made sure our phones were set up to use this service.  We had a lovely and cheerful agent in South Florida help.  The preflight set up is easily explained on the T-Mobile website and includes information such as making sure you have WiFi calling enabled.

2. Signing on

The interface was easy. First make sure that your plane is on Wi-Fi well being in airplane mode. Once the plane has reached cruising altitude you can connect to google in-flight Wi-Fi network.

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

Enter and a sign in page will appear.

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

After easily entering your telephone number as well has a security Captcha number, you will be connected. Here is what the screen looks like once connected.

How Well Does TMobile Inflight internet and Texting Work?

We were told and it is on the T-Mobile website that we would have 1 hour of Internet and unlimited texting but as you see, we have unlimited Wi-Fi and texting for the entire flight.  We thought signing on might be difficult but it couldn’t have been easier.   T-Mobile customer service was excellent yesterday at educating us about getting prepared to use this service over the phone.

We immediately sent texts to family members who does not have iPhones and these went through without difficulty. Likewise, receiving texts was not problem at all.  In fact one of us even received a phone call while flying apparently over WiFi calling because it was not over Whats App or another app!

 3.  Speed

The speed of the connection was remarkably good. Certainly faster than the old days of dial up modems and not as fast as cable Internet.  We are currently dictating this blog post from our flight. Easily we are able to upload photos to this post and can post photos to Twitter and Facebook without a problem.

For your flight with T-mobile, we love the Eagle Creek Nat Geo convertible carryon, that can be used as a roller or backpack!

Bottom line:  

If you are a frequent flyer on Delta, American or Alaskan air, T-Mobile May be a good option for you if you need to stay connected or get some work done.  The only con to this useful benefit is that all flights do not have GoGo in flight.  If you were planning to use in flight services and don’t have GoGo available, you may regret not getting your work done earlier!

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