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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Club1 Hotels – Free Membership for a year!

Access wholesale hotel rates and other services with a free one-year membership to Club1 Hotels

LuxuryTravelDocs joined Club1 Hotels, which is a luxury travel booking site for members only and Club1 Hotels are inviting you to join free too!  Club1 Hotels is a membership service which has been around for a few years and is continuing its free membership that has been offered in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Normally this membership costs $99.  It offers access to discount and wholesale rates at hotels globally.  LuxuryTravelDocs (LTD) has used this service in the past and saved money on hotels, especially at the last minute.  Club1 is trying to expand to other services and seems to be evolving what is offered but we still find the hotel options to be the best part of this membership.  

Why don’t you join too?  We gain nothing from you joining, our purpose is only to provide you with information!  It is free for a year, you don’t need a credit card to join and can leave at any time.  There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!  There is usually a fee of at least $99 for the membership, so sign up and enjoy this FREE One Year Membership deal.

We signed up last month and accessed the Members only site right away.  Last month for a trip to Austin, TX we were able to save over $50 per night for the JW Marriott, 1 month before traveling.  Regular LTD readers know that we love a luxury bargain.  Club1 Hotels offer real hotel deals with guaranteed savings.  Their search engine finds the deals with different promo codes.  It's pretty interesting how it works.

Club1 Hotels offer real hotel deals with guaranteed savings

PLUS Right now there are coupon codes to save you more on your luxury travel booking!
Booking Credits up to $500!

How to Redeem: Use discount code below at the time of checkout:
NM50  = $50 credit on bookings of $500 or more
NM100 = $100 credit on bookings of $1,000 or more
NM200 = $200 credit on bookings of $2,000 or more
NM500 = $500 credit on bookings of $5,000 or more

In Summary Here are some of the Top features of a Membership to Club1 Hotels:

  • Guaranteed Savings:  As a member, if you find a cheaper hotel rate elsewhere Club1 Hotels will beat the rate by $20 per night guaranteed savings at 4 star hotels up to $50 and $25 per night guaranteed savings at 5 star hotels up to $100.
  • Club1 Hotels offer more room types too, which is important for the luxury market, because you want the very best!  They have a Concierge Membership Service, which would cost you money at this time, but members can upgrade for a fee to earn Air Miles for every booking.  Look into it if you want but we are waiting and using Amex Platinum for now.
  • You will enjoy access to wholesale hotel rates never normally made available to the public, last room availability.  AND its not just hotels, for all you cruisers out there you will have wholesale rates on 15 luxury Cruise Lines.
  • Savings of up to 57% are available on a range of activities, attractions and Golf courses.
  • One of the things we find exciting about their website are the Villa offerings in Italy or other unique home away from homes all over the world.  The savings are listed at each offering.
  • They have tried to provide everything for the luxury market because you can enjoy exclusive discounts on car rentals, chauffeured services and large luggage pick up and delivery service to over 130 countries.  
  • You will also have a Free subscription to Business Traveler Magazine.  If you want, upgrade and earn airline miles with every dollar spent on hotels and car rentals.
  • Club1 Hotels have over 20 International Airline partners including United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Airlines, Alaska Airlines and many more.

Club1 Hotels has many luxury partners

Try it, you have nothing to lose!   In our opinion, we will try it for a year and see what happens for everything else, since the hotels seem to be a pretty good finding so far.  We love CostcoTravel and American Express Platinum for our luxury needs at good prices, but this will give us more options in 2019!

Sign up and learn more at club1 Hotels' website:

Make meaningful and healthy travel happen!

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