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Friday, June 15, 2018

Review of the Grand Hyatt at DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

A review of the Grand Hyatt at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport (DFW).  This is an excellent option for any flights with an overnight in the Dallas Area and feels like a peaceful oasis at a busy airport.

Important issues to note:

  1. There are two Hyatt’s at DFW including the Grand Hyatt and the Hyatt Regency. They are on different concourses. The Grand Hyatt is much nicer than the Hyatt Regency for very similar price. The Hyatt Regency is located on C concourse and the grand Hyatt is located on D concourse. Both are accessible via the Skylink.
  2. When departing from Dallas it is important to realize that if the TSA security screening at the base of the escalator going to the Grand Hyatt does not have TSA pre-check.
  3. When you are walking through the D terminal at DFW look for signs for the Grand Hyatt and it should be easy to find.  The hotel entrance is located outside of security and there is an escalator that leads up to the lobby. Hotel elevators are available on the departure and parking levels.

Check in is not difficult and lobby level has a restaurant and bar.  complementary coffee is in the lobby from 4 AM.   There is also an Illy barista bar available from 5 AM to 11 AM.  You can request a coffee pot in your room if you prefer in-room complimentary coffee.

The rooms are remarkably quiet for being located on airport property but the decor is starting to appear a little dated. Maintenance has been good but style could be refreshed.  Every room has mechanized blinds with controls from wall switches or bedside switches.

Every room has mechanized blinds with controls available at bedside.

A yoga mat is conveniently placed in the closet with an additional bathrobe for use during your stay. There is a fitness center on site but it is very convenient to also have a yoga mat readily available in your room for stretching or other exercise programs while you travel.

A yoga mat is conveniently placed in the closet with an additional bathrobe for use during your stay.
The beds are very comfortable and the pillows are down but a little too firm for our tastes.

Double queen size beds are available

Separate shower and tub are in all rooms.

Bathroom amenities are June Jacobs Spa Collection, and are luxurious for an overnight airport stay.  Occasionally facial moisturize is left in your room but is available if you ask for it. There is a stand up walk in shower as well as a separate bathtub should you need it.

Bathroom amenities are June Jacobs Spa Collection.

Car service is easily available should you need to leave the airport for dinner plans or any other local activities. The prices for car service are very reasonable and the valet will help you as well as provide cold water as it gets very hot in Dallas in the summertime.

Overall this hotel is highly recommended as an overnight stay for any business needs in Dallas or trips that involve an early morning flight.  LTD was able to wake up at 3:30 AM for a 5 AM departure, make it from the Grand Hyatt, through TSA screening with pre-check, and use the Skylink to the C-terminal with nearly 20 minutes to spare before boarding at 4:30 AM.

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