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Monday, May 29, 2017

Review of Iberia Business Class Charlotte to Madrid

Iberia Business Class Service is Good And May Offer An Affordable Ticket Compared to Domestic Airlines!

We booked business class flights to Prague via American Airlines codeshare fare with Iberia.

We will start in Prague before a healthy Vermont Bicycle Tour with VBT to Vienna.

Since we travel from Charlotte always, we know everyone, but we will share our experience.  Checkin at priority line was easy with our bags checked through to Prague with priority labeling.  We have already planned on Iberia lounges in  Madrid so that we can freshen up during our layover in route to Prague. We checked in two hours early because it is a holiday weekend and we expected more traffic.  When you book a business class international flight, you are entitled to wait in the American Airlines lounge. You are entitled to 2 coupons each for complementary premium wine, beer, liquor, or bottle water in the lounge.  We had a Matanzas Creek Savignon Blanc and a Tito's black Russian. These are of the better quality then you can receive as a standard member. There is the usual way of soup, cheese, hummus, chips and vegetables at the lounge. At 4 o'clock they have freshly made guacamole to-taste available. There is an upgraded ability to have gourmet coffee of course by a machine.

 The TSA pre-check line was relatively short and quick today compared to usual business days. Charlotte does not have the Clear program in place as of yet.

In Charlotte they do not have showers available for rental, however they do have ample space in the lounges for changing and washing up. Bigelow products are the norm in the lounges.  Wi-Fi access is available and complementary, however during busy times this can be slow.

 The flight itself was comfortable. We started with a sparkling wine. We ordered our meals which were brought promptly to allow for rest. We had the fillet of beef and Prawns. The beef was overcooked but the wine selection was delicious. For dessert we had Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream which hit the spot. After my movie,  we went to sleep with the Bose noise reducing headphones on as well as my ear plugs. However, despite both we still couldn't sleep since we had a one-year-old in the seats behind us. After a few hours of trying to sleep we got up and watched Rogue One. Going through customs was easy in Madrid. Be aware that it takes quite a lot of time to get from the arrivals area to the connecting gates. You will have to go through security as well.

 The Iberia VIP lounge was difficult to find but it is above the duty-free. The selections of coffee or complicated but typical for European city. There was an array of yogurts, sodas, breads and cheeses but overall we thought breakfast was limited. Wi-Fi was difficult to pick up but once connected, it worked well.  Showers are available. The ladies lounge had soap, hand lotion, and towelettes to use.

Be aware that European Business Class is not like we are used to in the USA.  The seats are not larger, and a 3-3 configuration with the middle seat unoccupied.  This is pretty uncomfortable unless you are in the first bulkhead row, which may have slightly more leg room.  The only benefit that Europe Business class seating affords you is a meal and preferred boarding.  

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