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🎯7-night Caribbean cruise on Norwegian from $399! February 8, 2019

🎯Packable winter Jacket at for $39.99 with free shipping!  January 15, 2018

🎯Chase and Southwest have teamed up!  Spend $4000 on Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card in 3 months and receive a companion pass good until 12/31/2019!  This pass allows travelers to bring a companion along on their flights for free during all of 2019!

🎯The Pink Sale for Bermuda will save you 50% for a limited time!  January 5, 2019

🎯 Paris and Barcelona including air starting at $749! November 21, 2018

🎯Fly to London from NYC peak summer months for around $400! October 22, 2018

🎯This is a great women's Garmin. On sale for Prime Day from Garmin. It's been on backorder - great to see it back! July 17, 2018

🎯Very useful space saving travel bags!!! May 14, 2018

🎯Highly rated travel steamer is a lightning deal at Amazon! May 5, 2018

🎯Nespresso Deluxe Espresso machine with Milk Frother for $99 at Bloomingdale's! Sale Ends May 28, 2018

🎯American Tourister 4 piece set on eBay with free shipping for $69 May 2, 2018, while supplies last

🎯This Samsung watch is $100 less than at Amazon today. April 20, 2018

🎯Oil diffusers are great price at Amazon! April 17, 2018

🎯Lots of colors for this women’s RFID wallet! Great price at Amazon! April 15, 2018

🎯LTD favorite packing cubes on sale at Amazon today. April 14, 2018

🎯Know anyone with back pain or sciatica?  Great cushion at Amazon! April 14, 2018

🎯Hike to the Pulpit Rock!  Great fare to Stavanger Norway! April 14, 2018

🎯Purell Essential Oil Jelly Wrap Bottles at Amazon. The most germs at the airport are on the check in kiosk and seatbelt! April 13, 2018

🎯This is a great Egypt Itinerary at a great price! April 5, 2018

🎯Portable Battery is a Deal at Amazon Today. Slim, great for trips and charges two devices at once. April 4, 2018

🎯LTD favorite Travelon Messenger Bag Stone color at Ebay with 15% discount coupon PSPRINGBF available March 29, 2018

🎯Charlotte to Dublin Mid-May to Mid-September under $500 on United. March 29, 2018

🎯These are great to keep the sun or rain off of you, compact and are very convenient to carry! March 28, 2018

🎯Great for gifts or for your own travel.  This charger can illuminate your bag at night and will give your phone a charge for those long traveling days! March 20, 2018

🎯 Air France – $681: Miami – Mumbai, India. Roundtrip, September through November, including all Taxes March 19, 2018

🎯A digital Luggage scale will help you avoid Overweight Luggage fees! This is very easy to use and EASY to read. March 16, 2018

🎯LTD had credit card #s stolen in China by RFID scanning. This RFID wallet for men is great! March 15, 2018

🎯This is a great opportunity to see a beautiful city. You will need a visa but summer business class fares at $1800 to St Petersburg Russia!  March 15, 2018

🎯Dry Bags are great for your Beach or pool Vacation and this pack of two is a great deal! March 14, 2018

🎯These are expensive in department stores! Essential Oil diffuser is great if you have trouble sleeping or dry air in hotels this can help! March 14, 2018

🎯This is a great opportunity to see Thailand at $1099 pp including Air. Thanks to our member who contributed this! March 13, 2018

🎯You can never have enough of these and if you travel with heavy things, the last thing you want to see is your stuff falling out of your bag on the baggage claim carousel! This strap locks. March 13, 2018

🎯Silicone Rings are great for the Male Traveler and these are Good Looking ones from Thunderfit! March 10, 2018

🎯 Hydration BackPack at Amazon! Runners and hikers look!  March 9, 2018

🎯Money belts are Important to have! March 8, 2018

🎯These are Highly Rated Hiking Binoculars at Amazon. These are great for Sightseeing to see the details or nature watching while Hiking! March 8, 2018

🎯 Bluetooth Headphones with Good Product Reviews! Great for flights! While Supplies Last, March 7, 2019

🎯 Business Class Airfare to Sao Paolo if You are a Soccer Fan! United Mileage Run for $1627 Until it's Gone!

🎯 Silicone Travel Bottles to take Your Toiletries are Great and this is A good Set. While Supplies Last

🎯A coccyx pillow is great for car or plane if you have pain.  While supplies last.

🎯Packing cubes at Amazon are essential! March 5,2018

🎯If a backpack is not for you, a sling bag is great for hiking and cycling. This Bag is a really good one! March 4, 2018

🎯Packing cubes are very important for those trips that you will be changing hotels frequently! These are highly rated! While Supplies last.

🎯As seen on TV! This is a great item for the Elderly traveler who may get disoriented with international travel. It is small and stays closed compared to many pill organizers.  While supplies last.

🎯Tramps Hosiery Liquidation Sale! Valid while supplies last.

🎯 Highly rated Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless Headset In-Ear headphone Earpiece Valid March 3, 2018

🎯Tablet Stand Adjustable, iPad Stand : Desktop Stand Holder Dock Valid March 3, 2018

🎯Fly First Class on Lufthansa to Albania for less than $1700. Great way to get 18000 Star Alliance EQM and see the birthplace of Mother Teresa and a country rich in Ottoman History.  Valid until gone!

🎯Keep an eye on your thermostat or home while you're away. $20 off Cloud Cam for Prime Members. Valid Feb 25 - Mar 11, 2018

🎯It's National Reading Month! $20 Off! Get a Kindle to take along when you travel. You won't find this price often. Valid March 3 - 10, 2018


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